How to Lock an Image in Microsoft Word

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If you’ve ever struggled to support your cautiously positioned images from moving astir erstwhile editing Microsoft Word documents, you’re successful nan correct place. Images thin to move aft you adhd text. If your image moves, it tin alteration nan full layout of nan archive and ruin each your formatting.

Knowing really to fastener an image successful Word is simply a game-changer, particularly erstwhile you want to support precise layouts, create professional-looking documents, aliases protect your content’s ocular integrity.

1. Lock an Image successful Microsoft Word pinch nan Position Anchor Tool

The anchor instrumentality virtually anchors nan image to nan fixed position successful nan Microsoft Word file. Once anchored, nan image won’t beryllium capable to move, not moreover if you effort to move it manually. You’ll first person to region nan anchor.

Follow these steps to fastener an image into nan position pinch nan anchor tool:

  1. Open nan Microsoft Word record you’re moving connected and spot a cursor wherever you want to insert nan image.
  2. Select Insert from nan Ribbon astatine nan apical of nan document.
  1. Select Pictures, and take to insert an image from your device, aliases from banal images.
  1. Once nan image is successful nan document, right-click it and prime Wrap Text from nan menu.
  1. Choose nan matter wrapping style, it tin beryllium immoderate isolated from In Line pinch Text (the default setting).
  2. Select nan image truthful that the semi-circle icon shows up.
  1. Click connected nan semi-circle icon and tick nan Fix Position connected Page option. This will guarantee your image stays fixed successful nan position.

You’ll announcement a small anchor to nan bottom-left broadside of nan image each clip you prime it. It intends that nan image is anchored to this circumstantial position successful nan Word document.

2. Lock an Image successful Microsoft Word pinch nan Watermark Feature

This method is preferred if you person an image group arsenic nan inheritance of your document. The Watermark characteristic will unafraid it successful place, and forestall you from accidentally dragging nan inheritance image around. Here’s really you tin usage nan watermark characteristic successful MS Word to group an image arsenic locked background:

  1. Launch your Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Select nan Design action from nan Ribbon.
  1. Select Watermark from nan Page Background section.
  1. Select Custom Watermark from nan drop-down menu.
  1. A dialog container will pop-up. Select nan Picture watermark and past click connected Select Picture just underneath.
  1. Choose nan preferred image root (file, Bing, aliases OneDrive) from wherever you’ll import it.
  2. Click nan OK fastener erstwhile nan Watermark characteristic records nan chosen way to nan image.

The selected image will now beryllium displayed arsenic a locked Document inheritance image.

3. Lock an Image successful Microsoft Word pinch Restrict Editing Feature

If you want to protect an image truthful that different group who person entree to your archive can’t move it around, you tin usage nan Restrict Editing feature. This will put password protection connected nan selected image. However, different contented of nan archive will besides beryllium locked. That’s why you should usage this characteristic if you intend to share your archive pinch others, but don’t want them to make immoderate changes.

Here’s really you tin password-protect your archive pinch Restrict Editing feature:

  1. Open nan MS Word archive you are moving on.
  2. Select Insert from nan Ribbon.
  3. Select Pictures, and find nan image you want to insert successful nan document.
  4. When nan image is placed successful nan document, prime the Review tab from nan Ribbon.
  1. Select Restrict Editing in nan Protect group.
  1. From nan broadside sheet that conscionable launched, tick nan Formatting Restrictions and Editing Restriction checkboxes.
  2. Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection action astatine nan bottommost of nan menu.
  1. In nan dialog container that opens, participate nan password of your choosing and click OK to prevention it.

Make judge to retrieve nan password you conscionable group truthful you tin edit this MS Word archive astatine a later time.

4. Lock an Image successful Microsoft Word pinch Developer Tab’s Picture Content Control Feature

The Developer tab is disposable successful Microsoft Word versions 2010, 2013. 2016, and 2019. It’s besides disposable connected Word for Microsoft Office 365. If you don’t spot it connected your ribbon, possibly you conscionable request to group it to beryllium displayed. Here’s how:

  1. Open nan Microsoft Document you are moving on.
  2. Select File from nan Ribbon.
  1. Go to nan Options, astatine nan very bottommost of nan MS Word.
  1. Select Customize Ribbon from nan broadside menu.
  1. Check nan container adjacent to nan Developer successful nan correct file called Main Tabs, and prime OK astatine nan bottommost to prevention nan change.

Now that you person nan Developer tab connected nan Ribbon, you tin proceed to usage it to fastener an image successful your Microsoft Word document. Here’s how:

  1. Select nan image successful nan archive you want to lock.
  2. Select nan Developer tab from nan Ribbon.
  1. Select Picture Content Control from nan Control Group. It’ll beryllium represented by an image icon.

This is capable to fastener nan image successful nan fixed spot successful nan document.

5. Lock an Image successful Microsoft Word pinch Header and Footer

You tin usage Header and Footer options successful Microsoft Word documents to fastener an image successful place. If you do that, you request to understand that your images will beryllium displayed astatine nan very apical aliases nan very bottommost of nan page, and you won’t beryllium capable to move them around. That’s because nan header is nan topmost area of nan page and nan footer is nan bottommost area.

This is simply a bully method of locking an image successful spot while still being capable to manipulate different contented arsenic you want.

  1. Launch your Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Double-click nan Header aliases Footer area to unfastened it. Place your cursor wrong nan Header aliases Footer, wherever you want your image to be.
  1. Go to the Insert tab connected nan Ribbon and prime Pictures.
  2. Proceed to insert an image arsenic explained successful nan first described method.

Your image will look wrong Header aliases Footer, depending connected which 1 you placed your cursor in.

Close nan Header and Feature by double-clicking nan archive page. This will let you to proceed moving connected your Microsoft Word file.

And that’s it! Always fastener your images successful Microsoft Word to forestall messing up your page layout later on. Manipulating images successful Word has ever been tedious, but it doesn’t person to beryllium immoderate longer if you use nan steps above.

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