How to Keep Your Laptop On With the Lid Closed on Windows 11

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Use your laptop much for illustration a desktop PC - pinch nan lid closed.

A closed laptop. Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Change your laptop's settings to forestall it from shutting down erstwhile you adjacent nan lid by accessing Windows Settings and selecting "Change what closing nan lid does."
  • Choose "Do Nothing" nether nan "On Battery" file if you want your laptop to enactment awake while unplugged and pinch nan lid closed.

If you'd for illustration to usage your Windows 11 laptop pinch an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard, it's often bully to support nan lid closed. Here's really to adjacent nan lid without putting your PC to sleep.

Prevent Your Laptop from Shutting Down When You Close nan Screen

First, unfastened Windows Settings by pressing Windows+i connected your keyboard. Or you tin right-click nan Start fastener and prime "Settings."

In Windows 11, right-click nan Start fastener and prime

In Settings, click nan hunt barroom and type "lid," past click nan "Change what closing nan lid does" consequence that appears beneath it.

In Settings, type

A "System Settings" model will unfastened (this is portion of Control Panel, which is nan bequest setup programme for Windows.) Under "Power and slumber buttons and lid settings," you'll spot respective options that fto you take what happens erstwhile you property nan powerfulness aliases slumber buttons connected your device.

Near nan bottom, you'll spot "When I Close nan Lid." If you want your laptop to enactment awake while not plugged successful (and connected artillery powerfulness only), take "Do Nothing" nether nan "On Battery" column. If you want your laptop to enactment awake pinch nan lid closed only while plugged in, usage nan drop-down paper successful nan "Plugged In" file and prime "Do Nothing."

If you let your laptop to enactment powered connected pinch nan lid closed while connected artillery power, you whitethorn accidentally tally down your artillery without realizing it, truthful beryllium careful.

In nan

After that, click nan "Save Changes" fastener astatine nan bottommost of nan window.


These changes will use to each of your power plans. When you're ready, adjacent nan "System Settings" and "Settings" windows. To trial it out, plug your laptop into an outer show and adjacent nan lid. If nan video stays on, you'll cognize that you configured it properly.

Does Keeping Your Laptop Running Hurt nan Battery?

It can, but it astir apt won't matter. Batteries do degrade pinch use, and keeping your laptop moving while closed, 24/7, will decidedly impact nan optimum lifespan of nan battery. However, truthful agelong arsenic you unopen it disconnected erstwhile you're not utilizing it and don't accidentally time off it moving you shouldn't person a problem.

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