How to Install Nextcloud on an OpenMediaVault NAS on Raspberry Pi

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Add individual unreality retention to your OpenMediaVault-based NAS moving connected Raspberry Pi by installing Nextcloud.

How to Install Nextcloud connected OpenMediaVault NAS

Nextcloud and OpenMediaVault (OMV) are powerful free and open-source package (FOSS). By utilizing them successful tandem, you tin build and deploy your ain backstage unreality retention and network-attached retention (NAS) pinch an intuitive web interface for retention management.

By installing Nextcloud connected OpenMediaVault, you tin store, share, and entree each your internal/external storage—including USB drives—and files from anywhere, each while maintaining complete power complete your data.

You tin instal Nextcloud straight connected Raspberry Pi utilizing a Docker instrumentality aliases straight successful Raspberry Pi OS. However, installing nan Nextcloud via OpenMediaVault combines unafraid information retention pinch cloud-like features for easy entree and collaboration.

By hosting Nextcloud connected Raspberry Pi utilizing OMV:

  • You person afloat power complete your information and privateness arsenic you are not reliant connected third-party unreality providers for greater bid of mind, information privacy, and ownership.
  • OMV besides provides personification guidance and permissions that let you to power who tin entree nan shared storage. Nextcloud further extends these capabilities for granular entree controls to files, folders, and shared resources.
  • You tin instrumentality and group up automated information backup for your Nextcloud data. This adds an other furniture of information protection for your files.
  • You tin quickly add/remove outer USB retention media aliases thrust and shop Nextcloud information connected a Shared files successful nan outer drive.

It is recommended to install Raspberry Pi OS connected SSD for accordant capacity during dense workloads. You tin besides straight instal Nextcloud connected Raspberry Pi OS to build a individual DIY unreality retention pinch distant access.

Prepare Your OpenMediaVault NAS for Nextcloud Installation connected Raspberry Pi

Before you tin statesman nan Nextcloud installation and setup, make judge to delegate aliases configure a fixed IP reside for your OpenMediaVault instrumentality (i.e. Raspberry Pi). This is important because Nextcloud requires a accordant IP reside to usability properly.

Step 1: Enable SSH

Follow these steps to alteration SSH (Secure Shell) for distant access.

  1. On OpenMediaVault, spell to Services and click SSH.
  2. Tick Permit guidelines login, Password authentication, and Public cardinal authentication. Click Save.
    enable ssh successful openmedia vaultScreenshot by Ravi. NAR
  3. Click nan Apply (check fastener connected nan yellowish bar) to use nan changes.
  4. Using nan PuTTY app connected Windows, aliases Terminal connected Linux/macOS, log successful to nan OpenMediaVault arsenic root. If you don’t cognize nan guidelines password, log successful arsenic nan sudo personification and usage this bid to alteration nan guidelines password: passwd guidelines
  5. Type su guidelines to log successful arsenic nan guidelines user.

SSH into your Raspberry Pi from different machine and tally nan pursuing bid to instal nan OMV extras.

wget -O - https:

After nan installation, refresh aliases log successful to nan OpenMediaVault web interface and past spell to Plugins.

Find and instal nan openmediavault-compose x.x.x plugin.

install openmediavault constitute plugin connected raspberry pi

Step 3: Install Docker and Portainer

Under nan Services conception successful OpenMediaVault, you will spot a caller introduction called Compose. We will usage it to instal nan Docker and nan portainer required for Nextcloud installation.

  1. Click connected Compose > Settings
  2. Under Compose Files, prime nan Shared Folder from nan drop-down. If you haven’t created a shared folder, we urge that you create 1 utilizing nan "+" icon aliases via nan Storage > Shared Folders option.
  3. Under nan Data section, take nan Shared Folder you created connected nan soul retention aliases outer USB drive. We urge that you usage an outer HDD for information storage.
    install docker and portainer successful openmediavault raspberry pi
  4. You whitethorn besides take a Backup location (optional). For this, you tin create and prime different shared files connected your soul aliases outer thrust location.
  5. Now click Reinstall Docker.
  6. Click Yes erstwhile nan punctual appears. Wait for nan installation to complete.

During nan installation, you whitethorn person a relationship nonaccomplishment error. Simply refresh nan page and effort again. If you spot "Installed and running" successful nan Status section, unfastened nan SSH relationship and past tally nan pursuing bid to instal nan portainer.

docker tally -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9443:9443 --name portainer --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer-ce:latest
download instal portainer connected docker moving connected openmediavault

After nan installation, sojourn https://IPAddressOfPi:9443. Make judge to alteration nan username and password.

Step 4: Create a MariaDB Database

On nan portainer, click Stacks > Add stacks and past paste nan pursuing codification into nan web editor.

version: '2'services: db: image: mariadb:10.5 restart: ever command: --transaction-isolation=READ-COMMITTED --binlog-format=ROW volumes: - /var/lib/docker/volumes/Nextcloud_Database:/var/lib/mysql environment: - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password - MYSQL_PASSWORD=password - MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud - MYSQL_USER=nextcloud

Make judge to springiness nan stack a due name, specified arsenic mariadb. Also, alteration nan password and database name.

Click Deploy nan stack.

deploy maridb database instrumentality connected openmediavault for nextcloud

This will instal and deploy nan MariaDB database that we will request for nan Nextcloud setup.

Alternatively, you tin besides instal nan MariaDB server manually via SSH and create a database and database user.

By default, nan OpenMediaVault runs connected larboard 80. However, it’s recommended that you alteration nan OpenMediaVault larboard to thing else, specified arsenic 8090. This will make larboard 80 disposable for Nextcloud. To do this, travel these steps:

  1. In OpenMediaVault, spell to System > Workbench.
  2. Edit nan Port arsenic 8090 and click Save.
    change nan openmediavault default larboard to vacate larboard 80
  3. Click Apply and hold for nan changes to return effect.
  4. You tin now unfastened nan OpenMediaVault at http://IPAdressOfPi:8090.

Step 6: Install and Set Up Nextcloud connected OpenMediaVault

Follow these steps to instal and group up Nextcloud connected OpenMediaVault moving connected Raspberry Pi.

  1. Log successful to nan portainer and past click Volumes > Add Volume. Create 2 volumes: nextcloud_config and nextcloud_data. All you request to do is type nan measurement sanction and click Create a volume.
    create a measurement successful portainer for nextcloud configuration successful openmediavault
  2. Click connected Containers > Add Container.
    create a caller instrumentality utilizing portainer successful openmediavault
  3. Name nan instrumentality arsenic Nextcloud and paste nan pursuing successful nan Image field. linuxserver/nextcloud
  4. In nan Network ports configuration, click +publish a caller web port.
  5. Type 8080 and 80 in nan host and container (TCP).
  6. Under nan Volumes, click + representation further measurement twice.
  7. Type /config and past prime the nextcloud_config volume. Similarly, type /data and prime nan nextcloud_data volume.
  8. Go to nan Network and prime host.
  9. In Restart Policy, prime Unless Stopped.
    deploy nextcloud instrumentality connected portainer moving connected openmediavault
  10. Click Deploy nan container.
  11. In a fewer seconds aliases minutes (depending connected your net speed), nan Nextcloud instrumentality will beryllium deployed.
  12. You tin now sojourn http://IPAddressOfPi to unfastened nan Nextcloud web interface.
    configure and setup nextcloud server connected openmediavault
  13. Enter a username and password.
  14. Now participate nan information files location. The default is /data.
  15. Click MySQL/MariaDB. Enter nan MariaDB database sanction and password from nan deployed MariaDB stack successful Step 4.
  16. If you brushwood an correction successful database connectivity, effort typing MariaDB in Database host.
  17. Click Install. This will instal nan Nextcloud instance.

You tin now entree and log successful to Nextcloud astatine nan Pi’s section IP address. You tin upload and download files to Nextcloud utilizing immoderate strategy successful your home, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. A Nextcloud app is besides disposable for Android and iOS devices that you tin usage to sync your photos, videos, documents, and different information to/from your mobile devices.

To expose Nextcloud to nan internet, you tin usage Nginx Reverse proxy, Cloudflare Tunnel, aliases your router (port forwarding).

Unlock nan Power of a Self-Hosted Cloud

Installing Nextcloud connected your OpenMediaVault NAS moving connected a Raspberry Pi tin supply you pinch a inexpensive yet powerful and unafraid backstage unreality retention solution. With Nextcloud connected your OpenMediaVault NAS, you tin return power of your information and bask nan convenience of unreality retention without relying connected third-party providers.

By pursuing nan steps above, you tin easy group up and configure Nextcloud connected Raspberry Pi to meet your circumstantial needs. Remember to regularly update your Nextcloud and OpenMediaVault installations, unafraid your Nextcloud instance, and backmost up your information to guarantee a soft and reliable experience.

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