How to Install Hyper-V on Windows 11 Home

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Hyper-V comes pinch each versions of Windows 11... isolated from Home. However, don't fret; location are ways to alteration Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home.

enable hyper v Windows 11 Home

You tin alteration Hyper-V successful Windows 11 arsenic an optional characteristic included by default pinch nan operating system. It lets you create virtual machines to instal and tally nan impermanent OS connected virtual hardware. However, Hyper-V is only disposable for nan Pro, Education, and Enterprise version of nan OS. If you are utilizing nan Home edition, you person to trust connected a third-party virtual instrumentality manager.

If you don’t want to usage a third-party virtual instrumentality manager, present is really to instal Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home utilizing a batch book hack.

How to Enable Hardware Virtualization successful Windows 11

enable hardware virtualization bios hp laptop

Hyper-V is simply a bare-metal hypervisor and requires Hardware Virtualization enabled successful BIOS to work. Most modern systems support Hardware Virtualization, and you tin alteration it successful BIOS.

The beneath steps are for an HP laptop. Refer to nan personification manual aliases Knowledge Base resources connected nan machine manufacturer's website for different systems.

To alteration Hardware Virtualization successful BIOS:

  1. Shut down your PC if it is powered on.
  2. Press nan Power button to move connected nan machine and past commencement pressing nan F10 cardinal to participate BIOS. The BIOS setup cardinal varies depending connected nan manufacturer. So, usage F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL and spot which 1 useful for you.
  3. Once successful nan BIOS Setup utility, unfastened nan Configuration tab.
  4. Use nan down arrow cardinal and highlight Virtualization Technology.
  5. Hit Enter and past prime Enabled. Press Enter again to make nan selection.
  6. Next, property F10 to prevention nan changes and exit BIOS.
  7. Your PC will restart pinch nan Hardware Virtualization enabled. Now you tin proceed to instal Hyper-V connected your system.

How to Install Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home

The adjacent measurement is to create and tally a batch book to instal nan required files to alteration Hyper-V successful Windows 11 Home.

Before you proceed pinch nan adjacent group of steps, create a reconstruct point. This will thief you reconstruct your machine to its existent authorities if thing goes incorrect during nan process.

To alteration Hyper-V successful Windows 11 Home:

1. Open a caller Notepad file. To do this, press Win + R, type notepad, and click OK.

hyper v instal windows 11 location script

2. In nan Notepad file, transcript and paste nan pursuing script:

pushd "%~dp0"
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\*Hyper-V*.mum >hyper-v.txt
for /f %%i in ('findstr /i . hyper-v.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i"
del hyper-v.txt
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V -All /LimitAccess /ALL

3. Press Ctrl + S to unfastened nan prevention dialog.

4. In nan record sanction field, type hyperv.bat. The .bat hold astatine nan extremity of nan record sanction is important to execute nan script.

save hyperv instal script

5. Next, click nan drop-down for Save arsenic type and prime All Files.

6. Click nan Save button to prevention nan file.

run hyperv bat book administrator

7. Next, right-click connected the hyperv.bat record and prime Run arsenic administrator. Click Yes if prompted by User Account Control.

8. The scrip will commencement executing successful nan Command Prompt to instal Hyper-V. It whitethorn return a while, truthful hold till nan process is complete.

9.Once completed, you will spot nan Operation completed successfully message.

install hyper v instal windows 11 home

10. Type Y to corroborate and restart your PC. If not, participate N to exit nan Command Prompt.

Note that you will request to restart your PC to use nan changes. After nan restart, you should person Hyper-V installed successful Windows 11 Home. Type Hyper-V successful Windows hunt and click connected Hyper-V Manager to create caller a virtual machine.

If it is still not available, you tin enable Hyper-V utilizing nan Windows Features dialog, Command Prompt, and Windows PowerShell.

Here's really you tin quickly adhd Hyper-V to Windows 11 utilizing Command Prompt:

  1. Press nan Win key and type cmd. Then right-click connected Command Prompt and prime Run arsenic administrator.
    enable hyper v bid prompt
  2. In nan Command Prompt window, type nan pursuing bid and property Enter: <code>DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /All /FeatureName:Microsoft-Hyper-V
  3. The supra bid uses nan Deployment Imaging Service and Management (DISM) instrumentality to alteration Microsoft Hyper-V and nan basal limitations connected your Windows computer. The cognition completed successfully connection intends you person successfully enabled Hyper-V.

How to Disable Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home

disable hyper v windows 11 windows features

You tin disable Hyper-V successful Windows 11 Home utilizing nan Windows Features dialog.

To disable Hyper-V:

  1. Press Win + R to unfastened nan Run dialog box.
  2. Type optionalfeatures.exe and click OK.
  3. In the Windows Features dialog, find nan Hyper-V option.
  4. Uncheck nan Hyper-V option and click OK. Wait for nan uninstallation process to complete.
  5. Next, click connected Restart Now to restart your PC and use nan changes.

Apart from Hyper-V, nan Windows OS features different nifty virtualization solution, Windows Sandbox—a lightweight desktop situation to tally applications successful isolation. You tin enable Windows Sandbox from Windows Features, but only connected nan Pro and Enterprise version of nan OS.

Unlike Hyper-V, location is nary batch book hack to instal nan sandbox app connected nan Home version of Windows 11. Instead, you tin usage 1 of nan Windows Sandbox Alternatives for Windows to tally and trial applications successful isolation.

Run Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home

Microsoft has officially restricted nan usage of Hyper-V to nan Pro, Education, and Enterprise version of nan OS. However, a small tweak successful nan BIOS and a useful batch book tin thief you instal Hyper-V connected Windows 11 Home.

Once you person Hyper-V up and running, you tin instal Windows, Ubuntu, and different supported operating systems successful a virtual machine.

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