How to Install Discord on a Mac

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Installing Discord is conscionable arsenic easy arsenic installing immoderate different third-party exertion connected your Mac. We'll locomotion you done nan steps.

Discord moving connected a MacBook Air

Discord is nan number 1 connection app for gamers. And while macOS mightiness not beryllium nan number 1 level for gamers, it tin still tally Discord conscionable fine.

Since it useful natively connected Intel and Apple silicon Macs, you don't request immoderate emulators to instal Discord; you would spell done nan aforesaid process arsenic immoderate different Mac app installation process. We've elaborate each nan steps to return below.

Step 1: Download Discord's Installation File to Your Mac

Installation files connected macOS are called DMG files. You should download Discord's DMG record from its website by pursuing these steps:

  1. Go to Discord's download page connected your browser.
    Download for Mac fastener connected nan Discord website
  2. Click Download for Mac, and a Finder model will look for you to take nan location to prevention Discord's installation file.
    Saving Discord to Downloads connected macOS
  3. Choose Downloads from nan near sheet and click Save.
  4. Wait for nan installation record to decorativeness downloading.

You tin usage Discord online connected your browser by clicking Open Discord astatine nan top-right area of Discord's website.

Step 2: Install Discord connected Your Mac

You now person to tally Discord's DMG file. Here's really to do it:

  1. Open Finder by clicking its icon successful nan Dock.
  2. Select Downloads (or wherever you saved Discord's DMG file) and double-click Discord.
  3. After a model appears, resistance nan Discord logo into nan Application window.
    Discord logo being dragged into nan Applications folder
  4. Close nan Finder window.
  5. Click Launchpad from nan Dock and prime Discord from 1 of nan pages. Or motorboat it using Spotlight hunt connected your Mac.

You mightiness person a information punctual that Discord is an app downloaded from nan internet, but click Open anyway.

Step 3: Sign Up aliases Sign In to Discord

Discord's login page connected nan Mac app

When Discord opens, you'll beryllium greeted by its login page. If you already person an account, type successful your email aliases telephone number, participate your password, and click Log In to motion in.

If you don't person an account, click Register astatine nan bottommost and capable successful your details.

Get Started With Discord connected Your Mac

Discord is identical connected macOS and Windows, truthful you don't request to interest if you're coming from a Windows PC. You tin usage nan aforesaid features and shortcuts and proceed reaping nan benefits of your Discord Nitro subscription.

Now, you tin link pinch each your gamer friends, subordinate communities, and usage nan Discord overlay while gaming connected your Mac.

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