How to Install and Use VirtualBox on Your Chromebook

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VirtualBox lets you run aggregate operating systems connected your computer successful virtual machines. The virtualization package supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, and FreeBSD devices. Although VirtualBox doesn’t support ChromeOS, you tin tally nan virtualization package connected Chromebooks done nan Linux environment.

VirtualBox is open-source, free, and easy to install. We’ll show you really to instal VirtualBox and usage it to tally impermanent operating systems connected your Chromebook.

Enable Linux Development Environment

Connect your Chromebook to nan net and travel nan steps below. Jump to nan adjacent conception if you already person nan Linux improvement situation group up connected your Chromebook.

  1. Open nan Settings app, grow nan Advanced drop-down conception connected nan sidebar, and prime Developers.
  2. Select nan Turn on fastener adjacent to “Linux improvement environment.”
  1. Select Next to proceed.
  1. Enter a username successful nan dialog box, take a preferred disk size for nan Linux environment, and prime Install. You tin set nan disk size later successful your Chromebook’s settings.

Wait while your Chromebook downloads and sets up nan Linux virtual machine. The cognition takes 10-30 minutes, depending connected your Chromebook exemplary and net speed.

You mightiness get a punctual to update your Chromebook if its operating strategy is out-of-date.

Select nan Open Settings fastener (or caput to Settings > About ChromeOS) and prime Check for updates aliases Restart.

Your Chromebook should automatically unfastened a Terminal model erstwhile it successfully configures nan Linux environment. Proceed to nan adjacent conception to instal VirtualBox for Linux type connected your Chromebook.

Install VirtualBox connected Your Chromebook

Since VirtualBox doesn’t support ChromeOS, installing nan Linux type successful your Chromebook’s Linux situation is nan only workaround. It’s a straightforward process that takes little than 5 minutes.

  1. Download nan latest type of nan package from VirtualBox’s website. Chromebooks person nan Debian 11 (Bullseye) Linux environment. Hence, take nan Debian 11 aliases Debian 10 package connected nan VirtualBox download page.
  1. Save nan setup record successful nan Linux files files connected your Chromebook.
  1. Open nan Linux files files successful nan Files app, right-click nan VirtualBox setup file, and prime Install pinch Linux.
  1. Select Install to commencement nan installation.

Check nan installation advancement successful nan bottommost area of your Chromebook’s display.

  1. Open your Chromebook’s launcher (press nan Search key) and cheque nan Linux apps files for Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Install Virtual Machines connected Your Chromebook Using VirtualBox

VirtualBox lets you create virtual machines that tally Windows, Linux, Solaris, macOS, Unix—see all VirtualBox-supported OS. We’ll usage VirtualBox to instal a Windows 8.1 virtual instrumentality connected our trial Chromebook for this tutorial. The steps and procedures mightiness alteration per operating system.

  1. Launch VirtualBox and prime New connected nan toolbar.

Alternatively, prime Machine connected nan paper barroom and take New.

  1. Give nan virtual instrumentality a descriptive sanction successful nan Name dialog box.
  2. Next, unfastened nan ISO Image drop-down paper and navigate to nan location of nan installation media/file.
  1. Select nan installation record and pat Open.
  1. Select Next to proceed.
  1. Configure nan impermanent OS by adding a username, password, and hostname. Also, participate a merchandise cardinal for nan impermanent OS if you person one. Select Next to move to nan hardware configuration phase.
  1. Here’s wherever you allocate RAM and CPU to nan impermanent operating system. The much hardware you delegate nan impermanent OS, nan amended its performance.

Contact nan impermanent OS developer aliases cheque their website if you’re unsure astir OS system/hardware requirements. For instance, if you’re installing Windows 11, you’ll find its system requirements connected Microsoft’s website.

  1. Set nan virtual difficult disk (VHD) size and prime Next.
  1. Review nan configuration for nan impermanent OS and prime Finish to commencement nan installation.
  1. VirtualBox should automatically powerfulness up nan impermanent OS erstwhile setup is complete. If it doesn’t, double-click nan virtual instrumentality to powerfulness it on. Alternatively, prime nan instrumentality connected nan sidebar and pat Start.

Pro Tip: You tin tally Windows applications successful ChromeOS without installing a impermanent OS aliases virtual machine. Emulators aliases “compatibility furniture apps” for illustration Wine aliases CrossOver fto you instal Windows-based apps connected Chromebooks. Refer to our tutorial connected installing/running Windows apps connected Chromebooks for instructions.

Run Multiple OS connected Your Chromebook

Installing VirtualBox connected Chromebooks is simply a straightforward process. Running impermanent operating systems successful VirtualBox is moreover easier. Although nan virtualization package useful champion connected computers pinch powerful processors, it’s unchangeable connected fund Chromebooks pinch mid-range hardware.

Ensure you allocate capable hardware (RAM, storage, processor core, etc.) to nan impermanent operating system. If your Chromebook runs slow erstwhile utilizing VirtualBox, closing unneeded applications aliases browser tabs tin thief velocity things up.

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