How to Hide Your Location During Calls on WhatsApp

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You tin now hide your IP reside during WhatsApp calls.

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For calls, WhatsApp has traditionally relied connected peer-to-peer nonstop connections. While fast, this type of relationship could expose your IP address. But WhatsApp has introduced a characteristic that lets you hide your IP reside during sound and video calls.

How to Protect Your Location During WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp has introduced a Protect IP Address successful Calls characteristic that, according to Meta, hides your IP reside by relaying your telephone done WhatsApp servers. It's worthy noting that this characteristic is only disposable connected nan latest versions of WhatsApp.

So, spell to nan App Store aliases Google Play Store, type WhatsApp successful nan hunt bar, and spot if location are immoderate updates available.

With your app up-to-date, here's really you tin hide your location erstwhile making calls connected WhatsApp:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and spell to Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy and scroll down till you reach Advanced. Tap this.
  3. Here, toggle nan Protect IP reside successful calls move on.

It's worthy noting that nan value of your telephone whitethorn alteration erstwhile you move this characteristic on. This is because peer-to-peer connections thin to beryllium faster.

The mounting is aimed astatine privacy-conscious users who whitethorn not want to uncover accusation that is associated pinch their IP address, specified arsenic their wide geographic region and their net work provider. Meta notes that moreover erstwhile relaying your calls done nan WhatsApp servers, your calls stay end-to-end encrypted.

If you're concerned astir who sees your accusation connected nan app, you tin besides perform a privateness checkup connected WhatsApp to heighten your privacy.

WhatsApp Lets You Keep Your Calls Secure

Protecting your privateness connected WhatsApp is now easier than ever. You tin simply toggle nan IP protection characteristic to let nan level to bounce your calls done its server. But support successful mind that hiding your location during calls connected WhatsApp whitethorn consequence successful a slower connection.

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