How to Hide Alcohol and Gambling Ads on YouTube

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Tired of seeing ads for brew and sports betting?

YouTube Premium app moving connected an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Justin Duino / How-to Geek

Did you cognize Google allows you to set nan types of ads you spot connected nan internet? If you don't want to spot immoderate intoxicant aliases gambling ads connected YouTube—and different types of ads, too—you tin opt-out. We'll show you really to do it.

Why americium I Seeing Alcohol and Gambling Ads connected YouTube?

As you mightiness already know, Google is responsible for delivering a ample chunk of nan ads you brushwood while browsing nan web, particularly connected nan company's ain product. If you're signed successful to a Google account, those ads are personalized to your browsing habits.

Google takes a bunch of things into information erstwhile personalizing ads. Some information, for illustration your property and gender, is gathered from your Google account. Additional info, for illustration your family income and marital status, is based connected assumptions fixed your activity connected Google services.

All of nan accusation Google uses to personalize ads for you tin beryllium accessed via Google's "My Ad Center" dashboard. We'll beryllium changing nan settings connected this page to spot less intoxicant and gambling ads connected YouTube, but it tin beryllium utilized for ads from Google that look crossed nan web.

Turn Off Alcohol and Gambling Ads connected YouTube

To get started, sojourn nan My Ad Center dashboard successful a web browser connected your computer, phone, aliases tablet. Make judge you're signed successful to your Google account.

At nan apical of nan page, you'll spot nan "Personalized Ads" setting. You tin toggle this disconnected to disable advertisement personalization completely. However, if you want immoderate power complete nan types of ads you see, it needs to beryllium toggled on.

ad personalization needs to beryllium on

Next, move to nan "Customize Ads" tab astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.

the customize ads tab connected my advertisement center

Select nan "Sensitive" tab.

the delicate tab connected nan customize ads page

You'll spot a database of topics that tin beryllium toggled connected aliases off. Turn disconnected "Alcohol," "Gambling," and thing other that catches your eye.

youtube advertisement personalization settings

Unfortunately, Google can't guarantee that you won't spot immoderate ads from nan categories you selected. However, you should decidedly spot little of them successful nan future. That's each location is to it! Hopefully, you'll now spot little of nan ads you find astir annoying connected YouTube.

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