How to Give Old Games Access to the "My Pictures" Folder on Windows 11

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Some aged games require entree to nan My Pictures folder, but it can't do truthful connected Windows 11. Here's really to hole that.

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If you play older games connected Windows 11, you're bound to tally into immoderate compatibility issues. Sometimes nan crippled mightiness not activity astatine all, and different times, you'll tally into problems pinch nan crippled interfacing pinch modern Windows installs. One imaginable problem whitethorn originate if an aged crippled needs to entree nan My Pictures files connected Windows 11.

Let's look astatine really to hole this rumor and get your aged games decently reference nan My Pictures folder.

Why Can't Some Older Games Read nan "My Picture" Folder?

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The My Pictures files you tin find nether My Documents isn't really a existent folder, arsenic acold arsenic Windows is concerned. This My Pictures files is fundamentally a shortcut that points to nan existent My Pictures folder, located successful nan Users directory.

This is simply a compatibility measure, intended to let programs designed for older Windows versions to still work. Unfortunately, this tin create caller issues for older programs.

How to Give Read Access Rights for Older Games

screenshot of my pictures files modifying permission

The easiest measurement to alteration older games to publication nan My Pictures files is to assistance world publication permissions to this folder. This is simply a akin process to solving "Access Denied" files errors successful Windows.

Start by right-clicking nan My Pictures files and hitting Properties. Then unfastened nan Security tab and click Advanced.

screenshot of precocious information settings selecting principal

Hit Select a principal, which will unfastened yet different window. In this caller window, underneath Enter nan entity sanction to select, type successful Everyone and deed Check Names.

Once nan connection "Everyone" is underlined, deed OK. You'll beryllium returned to nan past model and person a fewer checkboxes to select. For our purposes, nan only 1 that matters is nan Read checkbox.

Ensure this is selected and past deed OK again. You tin now adjacent retired each of these information windows, footwear up your game, and spot if this hole has worked.

Should I Grant Read Access to Other User Folders?

screenshot of each nan personification folders highlighted successful windows 11

You should beryllium observant which folders you supply afloat publication authorities to. While it's improbable nan aged crippled you're trying to play will do thing untoward to your folders, it tin beryllium risky granting afloat publication authorities to thing connected your computer.

Certain games whitethorn effort to publication accusation from your My Documents files arsenic well, truthful it's worthy trying this hole connected that files if it's needed. Otherwise, usage this hole sparingly. It mightiness moreover beryllium a bully thought to region these entree authorities erstwhile you're done.

New Fixes for Old Games connected Windows

Windows 11 has been steadily getting amended astatine maintaining compatibility pinch older software, but it's nary astonishment that it can't screen each separator case.

With a fewer elemental information adjustments, you tin astatine slightest get your aged games reference nan folders they're expected to.


Q: How Do I Get Old Games to Work connected Windows 11?

There are a fewer ways to make your aged games activity pinch your Windows 11 operating system. One measurement is to tally your games successful Windows' compatibility mode. This lets you take nan Windows type you want to tally your crippled in. Second measurement is to usage an emulator that lets you play aged games connected your PC.

Q: Does Windows 11 Work With All Games?

Windows 11 is akin to Windows 10, truthful astir of your games compatible pinch Windows 10 should tally conscionable good connected your Windows 11 computer. If a crippled fails to activity connected your PC, you tin usage your PC's compatibility mode to make nan crippled tally successful an older type of Windows.

Q: Does Windows 11 Delete Games?

Windows 11 doesn't delete your games if you take to sphere your files erstwhile you upgrade from an earlier type of Windows. If you find a crippled missing, you tin ever reinstall it connected your upgraded system.

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