How to Get Started With the Blackmagic Camera App for iPhone

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The Blackmagic Camera app gives you much power complete your footage than nan built-in Camera app connected your iPhone. Here's really to usage it.

person utilizing Blackmagic Camera app connected an iPhone

Blackmagic Design gave nan world DaVinci Resolve, which galore group judge is nan world's astir powerful free video editing app. And now, nan institution has released different fantabulous app for filmmakers: The Blackmagic Camera iOS app.

The Blackmagic Camera app gives you power complete aggregate aspects and lets you create beautiful cinematic footage. For example, you tin change nan ISO and utilize nan histogram for amended lighting.

This little guideline will show you really to get started pinch nan Blackmagic Camera app connected your iPhone.

How to Record a Video successful nan Blackmagic Camera App

Of course, you're astir apt reference astir the Blackmagic Camera app because you want to grounds amended smartphone videos aliases you want to get started pinch vlogging connected your smartphone.

Either way, signaling a video successful nan Blackmagic Camera app is beautiful straightforward. Once you've changed each nan settings you'd for illustration for your changeable (more connected that below), simply pat nan reddish Record button. You'll spot this fastener whether your iPhone is successful image aliases scenery predisposition and it'll beryllium highlighted erstwhile you commencement recording.

Download: Blackmagic Camera (Free)

Saving Your Recorded Video to nan Photos App

Once you've recorded your video, you'll astir apt want to prevention it to nan built-in Photos app. First-time users mightiness find this measurement a small complicated. Fortunately, nan learning curve isn't excessively steep. Here's what you request to do:

  1. Head to nan Media tab from nan bottom.
  2. Tap nan 2nd icon adjacent to All Clips; it looks for illustration 2 rolls of movie and is adjacent to nan 3 lines pinch a downward-facing arrow.
  3. Choose nan clips you want to prevention to your Camera Roll and pat nan Share icon astatine nan top.
  4. Choose Save Video.

You should now spot nan footage saved successful your iPhone's Photos app.

Advanced Controls successful nan Blackmagic Camera App

Once you cognize really to grounds and prevention your videos, knowing immoderate of nan much analyzable aspects and devices successful nan app is simply a bully idea.

Lighting Adjustments

Lighting is nan astir important method facet of videography, and nan Blackmagic Camera iPhone app has respective adjuvant devices successful this respect. You tin set each of nan following:

  • ISO
  • Shutter velocity
  • White equilibrium
  • Tint
  • Exposure meters

When you edit your achromatic balance, you tin besides take from different preset settings based connected your conditions. For example, you person nan action to automatically set nan achromatic equilibrium for cloudy days. Your achromatic equilibrium will set accordingly erstwhile you pat connected immoderate of these settings.

You tin entree each of these settings by selecting nan Camera tab from nan bottommost and customizing each conception arsenic you consciousness is necessary. The lighting metre is nan +/- icon (located adjacent to nan camera icon) successful nan statement beneath these.

Shooting Modes

You whitethorn besides want to research pinch different shooting modes erstwhile utilizing nan Blackmagic Camera app connected your iPhone. You person 3 options to take from: Extreme, Cinematic, and Standard. Alternatively, you tin move these disconnected altogether if you'd prefer.

You'll request to pat nan camera icon adjacent to nan magnifying solid to entree these modes. You besides person nan prime to alteration which area of nan video you attraction on, which tin beryllium done by tapping nan Autofocus icon (the second-to-last icon successful nan 3rd statement while successful image orientation).

Likewise, you tin besides move betwixt your iPhone's lenses. Tap nan Lens action located correct beneath nan histogram successful image position to move to a different camera, including nan beforehand selfie camera connected your iPhone.

Histogram and Audio Tools

Histogram and audio metre successful Blackmagic Camera app

You astir apt cognize how to usage nan histogram successful Adobe Lightroom to return your photograph editing to nan adjacent level, but it's besides a useful instrumentality successful nan Blackmagic Camera app. The chart gives you an thought of nan lighting successful different areas of your footage, making it easier to set your ray settings if needed.

Close to nan histogram is an audio meter, which lets you show nan sound level successful your video. If you're going to talk to nan camera, it's a bully thought to enactment betwixt -10 and 0 dB (decibels).

The Blackmagic Camera app is an easy-to-use instrumentality for amended iPhone videos, pinch respective useful features to make your footage look high-end. Considering that it's free to usage and you person overmuch amended power complete your footage than nan built-in Camera app, it's good worthy trying if you want to up your YouTube aliases societal media game.

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