How to Fund Your Steam Wallet and Buy Games

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Adding money to your Steam wallet lets you shop costs which you tin past usage connected games.

A man holding a paper and making a costs connected Steam connected a MacBook

Adding costs to your Steam wallet mightiness beryllium to beryllium a small tricky if you’re caller to nan platform, but we’ll show you really to do truthful and past bargain games.

There are galore benefits to owning an progressive Steam account. At nan forefront of these is that you tin ain games without going to a beingness crippled store.

1. Add a Debit aliases Credit Card to Your Steam Account

Debit aliases in installments cards are nan superior measurement you should bargain games connected Steam. It’s easy to artifact them extracurricular of Steam; you tin spot a fixed magnitude connected them to fund for your gaming, and they connection galore much advantages.

Here’s really to adhd a paper to your Steam account:

  1. Launch Steam, motion in, and click your username successful nan top-right area of nan window.
    User paper connected steam pinch Account specifications highlighted
  2. Choose Account details connected nan menu.
  3. Select Add a costs method to this account from nan Store $ Purchase History section.
    Store & Purchase History conception successful Steam preferences
  4. In nan resulting window, prime your paper type (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, aliases JCB). Steam only supports nan options there, and, by default, it's connected Visa.
    Adding a paper arsenic a costs method connected Steam
  5. Enter your paper number, expiration date, and information codification (CVV).
  6. Scroll little to nan Billing Information conception and adhd your details. Make judge to adhd nan specifications attached to that card—even if it’s different from your existent sanction and address.
  7. Click Continue to finish.

If you tally into immoderate errors while adding your card, re-confirm nan paper number, expiration date, CVV, and billing information. If it persists, make judge you person astatine slightest $1 connected nan paper you want to add.

2. Add Steam Funds With a Card aliases PayPal

Adding costs to your wallet is nan superior and default measurement to make payments connected Steam. Even aft adding a costs method, Steam will effort to debit your wallet first erstwhile making crippled purchases.

Additionally, you tin usage PayPal to money your Steam account. So, if you don’t want to aliases can’t usage your debit/credit card, you tin still make purchases connected Steam.

Here’s really to money your account:

  1. Launch Steam and click your sanction successful nan top-right corner.
  2. Click Account details and navigate to nan Store & Purchase History section.
  3. Choose + Add costs to your Steam wallet.
  4. Steam will coming a paper of costs you tin add. The minimum is $5, and nan maximum is $100 (at a azygous time).
  5. Select Add funds connected nan tier you want.
    Adding costs to your Steam wallet menu
  6. A reappraisal model will look wherever you tin alteration your costs method.
    Add costs reappraisal model connected Steam
  7. Optional: Use PayPal to salary by clicking Change successful Payment method and clicking PayPal successful nan dropdown menu.
    Payment method dropdown paper connected Steam
  8. Tick nan Steam Subscriber Agreement container and click Purchase.

If credit/debit cards aliases PayPal don’t activity for you connected Steam, effort buying Steam gift cards connected third-party websites. After you get them, redeem nan Steam wallet codes to money your account.

3. Buy Games and Check Out connected Steam

Now you person immoderate money successful your wallet, nan last astir important portion of each of this is buying a game. Follow nan steps beneath to bargain a crippled connected Steam:

  1. When you motorboat Steam, click Store successful nan near portion of nan overhead menu.
    Steam's Store page
  2. Use nan hunt barroom connected nan correct broadside of nan model to look up nan games you want. Steam has a vast, well-cataloged room of games. It’s 1 of nan reasons we urge Steam for each gamers.
  3. When you find thing you like, click it to unfastened its shop page. Scroll down to spot its disposable value points and packages
    Crusader Kings III Steam shop page
  4. Click Add to Cart erstwhile you find thing successful your budget.
  5. Choose Purchase for myself connected nan resulting page.
  6. Select your costs method from nan dropdown paper erstwhile prompted and click Continue.
  7. Agree to Steam’s Subscriber Agreement and click Purchase to complete nan process.
    Purchase crippled Steam reappraisal page

After nan costs is complete, Steam will adhd nan crippled to your library. You’ll find each your games erstwhile you click Library successful nan overhead menu.

Leave Your Digital Games Payments to Steam

Valve has made Steam a family gaming sanction crossed nan industry. By backing your Steam wallet, you tin person costs on-hand whenever you want to make a Steam purchase.

You should find beautiful overmuch immoderate crippled you request connected Steam, and its unafraid costs strategy makes it an perfect prime for each gamers.

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