How to Flush DNS on Windows 10

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Key Takeaways

  • The DNS cache stores accusation that translates domain names into IP addresses, redeeming clip erstwhile you link to websites.
  • Flushing your PC's DNS cache tin thief hole net relationship issues caused by corrupted, outdated, aliases poisoned cache.
  • To flush your DNS Cache, tally "ipconfig /flushdns" successful Command Prompt aliases PowerShell, aliases conscionable restart your PC.

A problem pinch your PC's DNS cache tin consequence successful problem connecting to nan internet. If you've tried nan accustomed tricks like clearing your browser cache and cookies, flushing Windows 10's DNS whitethorn hole your problem.

What Does nan DNS Cache Do?

A Domain Network System (DNS) server is what translates acquainted domain names for illustration into nan IP addresses computers usage to link pinch each other. When a programme tries to link to a domain sanction for illustration aliases, your machine queries a DNS server connected nan net to get nan corresponding numerical IP address. To prevention time, Windows 10 stores a transcript of nan accusation it gets from DNS servers locally connected your PC. This is called nan DNS cache.

Your PC's DNS cache tin prevention time, but if thing goes incorrect pinch it, it tin origin relationship errors. The DNS cache tin go corrupted, wherever nan accusation relating IP addresses to domain names is mislaid owed to a glitch. The cache tin besides go outdated, meaning that either nan domain sanction aliases nan IP reside of nan tract you're trying to scope has changed since nan cache was past updated. The DNS cache tin besides beryllium poisoned, wherever it is given incorrect accusation by DNS servers. DNS cache poisoning tin beryllium accidental, but it tin besides beryllium utilized maliciously to bargain login credentials aliases different delicate data.

The DNS cache affects each net postulation connected your PC, truthful if you're having problem pinch only 1 programme aliases a azygous website, nan problem astir apt isn't your DNS cache. If you can't scope a circumstantial website, you tin usage a instrumentality for illustration IsItDownRightNow to cheque nan website's status. If a azygous exertion isn't capable to link to nan internet, effort checking your firewall settings.

Flushing Your DNS Cache

The DNS cache is not stored arsenic a record connected your PC, it is stored successful strategy memory. System representation gets cleared each clip your machine powers off, which is portion of nan logic why restarting your machine fixes truthful galore problems. It besides intends nan simplest measurement to flush your DNS cache is to restart your PC.

If you want to manually flush your DNS cache connected Windows 10, you tin usage Command Prompt aliases Windows PowerShell. Some commands must beryllium "Run arsenic administrator," but it doesn't matter successful this case.

To motorboat Command Prompt, click nan commencement button, type "cmd" aliases "command prompt" into nan hunt barroom connected nan Start menu, and past deed Enter.

Running Command Prompt from nan Start Menu.

Alternatively, you tin usage Windows PowerShell. Click nan Start button, type "powershell" into nan hunt barroom successful nan Start menu, and deed Enter.


With either Command Prompt aliases Windows PowerShell opened, participate nan pursuing command:

ipconfig /flushdns

If nan DNS cache was flushed, you should spot nan "Successfully flushed nan DNS Resolver Cache" message. You tin now adjacent nan window.

If you're utilizing PowerShell 5 (which is still default connected Windows 10) your Window will beryllium bluish alternatively of black.

The DNS Cache has been flushed successfully successful PowerShell.

You tin now trial nan websites aliases exertion you were having problems with. Is it working? If you're still experiencing problems, you'll person to effort other net relationship troubleshooting steps.

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