How to Fix the “We Encountered an Error” Oculus App Installation Issue in Windows 11/10

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Errors are ne'er fun, truthful we'll thief you get past nan “We Encountered an Error” connection connected nan Oculus App.

The Quest 2 headset remote

The Oculus Windows app is basal package for Rift users who must link their virtual reality headsets to PCs. It’s besides important for Quest 2 users who want to utilize apps and play games from nan Rift storefront wrong their VR headsets.

However, immoderate users can’t instal nan Oculus Windows app because of an correction connection that says, “Sorry, we encountered an correction during installation.” Users can’t utilize Rift headsets without that package installed. Quest 2 users can’t play Rift PC VR games because of this issue. This is really you tin hole nan “we encountered an error” Oculus app installation issue.

1. Disconnect Your Quest 2/Rift Headset From Your PC Before Installing Oculus

Some users person said they resolved nan “we encountered an error” installation rumor by disconnecting their VR headsets earlier moving nan Oculus installer. So, make judge your Rift aliases Quest 2 headset isn’t connected to your PC. Then effort installing nan Oculus package without nan VR headset connected to your PC.

2. Run nan Oculus Installer File With Administrative Rights

The Run arsenic administrator action

Some Windows programs require admin support for installation. So, effort moving nan Oculus installer record arsenic an administrator to springiness it afloat strategy access. You tin do that by right-clicking nan OculusSetup.exe record and selecting Run arsenic administrator.

3. Deselect nan Use Proxy Server Checkbox

The Use a proxy server checkbox

Disabling proxy servers is different hole a fewer Oculus app users corroborate tin hole nan “we encountered an error” installation issue. You tin deselect nan Use a proxy server checkbox wrong Internet Properties. Our guide to disabling proxy settings successful Windows includes step-by-step instructions for really you tin deselect that setting.

4. Temporarily Disable Microsoft Defender (or Third-Party Antivirus)

Real-time antivirus scanning tin origin nan “we encountered an error” rumor to occur. Temporarily disabling antivirus protection connected your PC will guarantee it can’t artifact nan Oculus package installation. This how-to-turn-off Windows Defender article includes instructions for disabling nan Microsoft Defender antivirus.

The Real-time protection action

If you utilize third-party antivirus software, move disconnected that app’s antivirus shield. Right-click a strategy tray icon for nan antivirus package and prime an action that will move disconnected its real-time antivirus shield (preferably for nary longer than 30-60 minutes). Then effort installing Oculus pinch your antivirus protection turned off.

5. Turn Off nan Windows Firewall

The Turn disconnected Windows Defender Firewall action

The Windows firewall tin disrupt nan Oculus server relationship required for nan package installation. So, temporarily disable nan Microsoft Defender Firewall earlier installing nan Oculus app. Check retired this how-to move disconnected Microsoft Defender Firewall guide for instructions astir really to do so. Then person different spell astatine installing nan Oculus package pinch nan firewall disabled.

6. Install .NET Framework 4.6.1

It has besides been confirmed by Oculus users that installing .NET Framework 4.6.1 tin hole nan “we encountered an error” installation issue. This is really you tin instal .NET Framework 4.6.1:

  1. Open this Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 webpage.
  2. Click nan Download action for .NET Framework 4.6.1.
    The Download fastener for .NET Framework 4.6.1
  3. Bring up nan directory containing nan downloaded .NET Framework setup file.
  4. Double-click nan NDP461-KB3102438-Web.exe record to bring up nan setup window.
  5. Select to instal .NET Framework 4.6.1 if you request to.

The setup wizard will opportunity if .NET Framework 4.6.1 aliases later is installed connected your PC. If you don’t request to instal that framework, effort applying nan solution beneath aliases others specified here.

7. Remove Leftovers From a Previous Oculus App Installation

If you’re trying to reinstall nan Oculus app aft uninstalling it, removing leftover debris from nan erstwhile installation mightiness resoluteness this issue. This intends manually deleting Oculus folders near down from nan erstwhile installation. You tin erase leftover Oculus folders arsenic follows:

  1. Simultaneously property nan Windows logo + X keys and prime to unfastened Run from nan Power User menu.
  2. Input %appdata% wrong Run and click OK.
  3. Right-click immoderate Oculus subfolder successful nan Roaming directory and prime Delete.
    An Oculus files and nan Delete action
  4. Repeat nan erstwhile measurement to delete immoderate Oculus subfolders near down astatine these files locations:
C:\Users\<User Folder>\AppData\LocalLow
C:\Users\<User Folder>\AppData\Local
C:\Users\<User Folder>\AppData

You tin besides utilize a third-party uninstaller inferior for illustration IObitUninstaller to clear distant leftover Oculus folders and registry keys. When you’ve eradicated each leftover Oculus subfolders, unfastened this Meta download page. Then click Download Software to get nan latest Windows Oculus app for your VR headset and effort installing it.

Install nan Oculus Windows Software

Many users person resolved nan “we encountered an error” Oculus app installation rumor by applying those imaginable solutions. So, there’s a bully chance 1 will hole nan Oculus app not installing connected your Windows PC. Then you get backmost to playing each your favourite Rift PC VR games again.

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