How to Fix “The Set of Folders Cannot Be Opened” Error in Outlook on Windows

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Get this overseas Outlook correction fixed connected Windows pinch our guide.

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Do you brushwood nan correction "the group of folders cannot beryllium opened" erstwhile launching Outlook? The starring origin down this correction is nan interference from Outlook add-ins. Other imaginable causes see issues pinch your email profile, corruption of your Outlook profile, aliases corrupted OST and information files.

Likewise, utilizing an incompatible type of Outlook aliases nan aforesaid email reside successful aggregate message apps whitethorn besides consequence successful an error. Here are immoderate fixes you should use to resoluteness nan issue.

1. Perform Some Preliminary Checks

Before moving connected to immoderate superior troubleshooting, execute nan pursuing preliminary checks first, arsenic they whitethorn resoluteness nan correction correct away:

  • Close different unfastened email clients, particularly nan Mail app that comes built into Windows.
  • Run Outlook arsenic administrator. Right-click connected nan Outlook customer and deed Run arsenic administrator.
    Run Outlook arsenic an Administrator successful Windows
  • Ensure you person nan compatible type of Outlook (x32 aliases x64) installed connected your device.
  • Update aliases repair Outlook to guarantee a corrupt aliases outdated installation has not caused nan error.

If nan basal checks and fixes do not resoluteness nan error, it's clip to move connected to superior troubleshooting.

2. Check for Add-In Interference

The add-in interference is nan starring origin of Outlook not launching and presenting nan "the group of folders cannot beryllium opened" error, arsenic reported by galore users connected various online forums. Running Outlook successful Safe mode is nan champion measurement to corroborate that since it launches nan app without add-ins and different elements.

Press Win + R, type "Outlook.exe /safe" and deed Enter to motorboat Outlook successful safe mode.

Run Outlook successful Safe Mode by Running a Command successful Windows

If nan app launches without an error, nan add-in interference must person been nan culprit. Therefore, enactment successful safe mode and move disconnected immoderate interfering add-ins. Here's how:

  1. Go to nan File tab and prime Options.
    Select Options successful nan File Tab of Outlook
  2. Go to nan Add-ins tab successful nan near menu.
  3. Select "COM Add-ins" from nan Manage menu, past click Go.
    Click connected nan Go Button After Selecting nan COM Add-ins Option From nan Manage Dropdown Menu successful Outlook
  4. Uncheck nan boxes down immoderate add-ins you don't request and disable them.

3. Check for Issues With nan OST File

The mislocated OST record aliases its corruption tin besides lead to nan error. Therefore, guarantee nan record is astatine its original location and recreate it to destruct nan anticipation of record corruption. Here's how:

  1. Open nan Control Panel.
  2. Click connected nan View by dropdown paper and prime Large icons.
  3. Go to Mail (Microsoft Outlook).
    Go to Mail Option successful nan Windows Control Panel
  4. Click nan Data Files... button.
  5. Select nan OST record location and click Open File Location...
    Click nan Open File Location Button After Selecting nan OST File successful nan Data Files Tab
  6. Right-click nan record successful nan File Explorer and prime Properties. If nan record type is OST, nan record is successful nan correct place, and nary action is needed.
    Ensure nan File Type Is OST by Going to Properties successful nan Windows File Explorer

To guarantee that nan OST record is not corrupt, transcript it to a safe location extracurricular nan Outlook installation folder. Then, right-click and delete nan main OST file.

After that, restart Outlook, and it will automatically recreate nan OST record and download nan information from nan Exchange Server. If you determine to spell this route, stay connected to nan internet.

4. Check for Issues With Your Outlook Profile

Outlook uses nan Outlook floor plan to shop accusation astir your email accounts, information files, and different customer settings. Profile corruption tin forestall Outlook from loading nan basal information astatine motorboat and tin coming nan "set of folders cannot beryllium opened" error. To norm retired floor plan corruption arsenic nan origin of nan problem, travel these steps:

  1. Open nan Control Panel.
  2. Click connected nan View by dropdown paper and prime Large icons.
  3. Go to Mail (Microsoft Outlook).
  4. Click nan Show Profiles button.
  5. Click connected nan Add button.
    Click connected nan Add Button successful nan Show Profiles Menu successful Mail Microsoft Outlook Settings successful nan Windows Control Panel
  6. Follow nan instructions connected nan surface to create your caller profile.
  7. Launch a caller Outlook profile.

If Outlook launches successfully, a corrupt floor plan could beryllium to blame. So, proceed to usage nan caller floor plan aft adding your account. If switching profiles does not help, spell to nan adjacent step.

5. Look for Issues With nan Navigation Pane

Misconfigured navigation pane settings aliases corrupted XML files, which shop nan navigation pane settings, tin besides forestall Outlook from opening and presenting nan error. To destruct this possibility, you should reset nan navigation pane successful Outlook that will reset nan configuration to its default settings. Press Win + R, type "outlook.exe /resetnavpane" and deed Enter.

Run a Command to Reset nan Navigation Pane successful Outlook

After that, relaunch Outlook. If resetting nan navigation pane doesn't work, you should delete nan XML record manually. To do this, property Win + R, type "%localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook" and deed Enter. After that, delete immoderate XML files you find successful this folder.

Then, restart Outlook from scratch, and it will recreate nan XML record pinch default settings. There's a bully chance that it will resoluteness nan issue.

6. Repair nan Outlook PST Files

PST files shop information astir contacts, calendars, events, and messages. If nan correction model indicates that Outlook could not unfastened nan PST file, past nan record could beryllium corrupt, which could beryllium why Outlook presents nan error. Therefore, you tin hole it by repairing nan files. To repair nan corrupted information files, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Navigate to nan Outlook installation folder, which is located present by default: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  2. Locate nan ScanPST.exe record and tally it.
  3. Click Browse, paste nan way from nan correction model into nan Inbox Repair tool, and click Start.
    Click Start After Pasting nan Path From nan Error Window into nan Inbox Repair Tool
  4. Then, click nan Repair button to complete nan repair.

If you can't find nan Outlook files successful nan way mentioned above, spot our guide connected repairing nan PST file for nan nonstop path.

7. Run nan Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

If nary of nan supra fixes resolves nan error, tally nan Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, Microsoft's recommended instrumentality for fixing issues pinch Microsoft Office products.

Here's really to download and usage nan tool:

  1. Download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant from nan Microsoft website.
  2. Unzip nan record you conscionable downloaded.
  3. Run nan SaraSetup file to instal nan software.
  4. Upon installation, motorboat nan instrumentality and click nan "I agree" button.
  5. Select Outlook from nan database of applications and click Next.
    Click Next After Selecting Outlook From nan List of Apps successful nan Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant Window
  6. Then, travel nan on-screen instructions to transportation retired nan repair.

If immoderate underlying problem pinch nan Outlook customer contributed to this issue, moving this instrumentality will astir apt resoluteness nan issue.

Run Outlook connected Windows Without a Hitch

Running into irritating errors erstwhile launching nan Outlook customer tin inhibit our productivity. Hopefully, you now amended understand what causes nan "the group of folders cannot beryllium opened" error. In addition, by cautiously applying nan fixes listed above, you should beryllium capable to hole nan correction and motorboat Outlook successfully.

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