How to Fix “The Service Did Not Respond” Error 1053 on Windows

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Get this frustrating Windows correction connection fixed pinch this guide.

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Windows has galore services that it needs for nan moving of OS features and task operation. Error 1053 is an rumor immoderate users study occurring erstwhile they effort to manually commencement required services via nan Services app. It tin besides hap erstwhile users commencement programs. The correction 1053 connection says, “The work did not respond to nan commencement aliases power petition successful a timely fashion.”

Windows can’t commencement immoderate work for which correction 1053 occurs. Consequently, Windows features, package packages, and tasks that request affected services won’t work. This is really you tin hole correction 1053 connected a Windows PC.

1. Repair Corrupted System Files With SFC and DISM Scans

The SFC scannow bid

It could beryllium nan lawsuit that immoderate corrupted strategy files required for a work cognition are causing correction 1053. To reside specified a possibility, tally System File Checker and Deployment Image Service Management bid scans.

Our guideline to repairing corrupt Windows files gives you nan afloat lowdown connected really to tally some nan SFC and DISM devices via nan Command Prompt.

2. Check for and Install Any Pending Windows Updates

Microsoft often rolls retired spot updates to hole Windows 11/10 bugs and issues. Although location isn’t a circumstantial Microsoft hotfix for correction 1053, installing disposable Windows cumulative aliases spot updates mightiness still resoluteness this rumor for immoderate users.

Our guideline to manually installing Windows updates includes instructions for really you tin use this imaginable solution.

The Check for updates fastener

3. Tweak nan Control Registry Key

Tweaking nan Control registry cardinal is 1 of nan astir wide user-confirmed imaginable fixes for correction 1053. Applying this imaginable hole sets a caller timeout worth for services, which extends nan consequence clip frame. This gives services much clip to respond. So, effort editing nan Control registry cardinal arsenic follows:

  1. To unfastened Registry Editor, property nan Windows logo + R keys simultaneously, input a regedit bid into Run, and click OK.
  2. Click wrong nan Registry Editor’s reside barroom and erase nan existent path.
  3. Bring up nan Control cardinal by inputting this way successful nan reside barroom and pressing Enter: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\
  4. Skip to measurement six if you tin spot a ServicesPipeTimeout DWORD successful nan Control key. If that DWORD isn't there, click nan Control cardinal pinch your correct rodent fastener and prime New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    The New and DWORD options
  5. Next, participate ServicesPipeTimeout successful nan DWORD matter box.
    The ServicesPipeTimeout DWORD
  6. Double-click ServicesPipeTimeout to bring up a model for editing that DWORD value.
  7. Then input 180000 into nan Value container and prime OK.
    The Edit DWORD model
  8. Click X astatine nan apical correct of nan Registry Editor window.
  9. Select Power and Restart connected your Windows Start menu.

4. Run Network Reset Commands

This imaginable solution could activity erstwhile correction 1053 occurs for network-related services. Clearing nan DNS cache and resetting nan Winsock catalog tin reside web configuration issues causing correction 1053.

Fortunately, it's very easy to reset nan Winsock catalog and flush nan DNS cache connected a Windows PC.

5. Take Ownership of Affected Software’s Installation Directory

If correction 1053 occurs erstwhile utilizing aliases starting software, nan affected programme mightiness not beryllium capable to execute a work because you don’t person ownership of it. To remedy that, effort taking ownership of nan software’s EXE (application) file.

To do so, cheque retired this article astir taking ownership of a folder successful Windows 11/10. The steps for taking ownership of a package package’s EXE record are nan aforesaid arsenic for a folder.

The Advanced Security Settings model

6. Reinstall nan Affected Software Packages

Reinstalling affected package is different imaginable hole for correction 1053 erstwhile it occurs erstwhile you effort to commencement a desktop app. Applying this imaginable solution will apt reside immoderate issues pinch nan package that could beryllium causing nan error. Uninstall nan affected desktop app pinch a suitable method successful this article astir removing package connected Windows.

The Uninstall action

Restart Windows earlier reinstalling nan software. Download nan newest type of nan aforesaid package from nan publisher’s website. Then unfastened nan files that includes your record downloads and double-click connected nan downloaded installer battalion to reinstall nan desktop app.

Get Error 1053 Sorted connected Your Windows PC

Error 1053 is an annoying work rumor that tin inhibit characteristic and package utilization connected Windows PCs. Many users person been capable to resoluteness correction 1053 by applying nan imaginable solutions covered here. Resolution 3 often works, but you mightiness person to effort immoderate of nan replacement imaginable fixes to reside different imaginable causes.

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