How to Fix the "Your Device Is Missing Important Security and Quality Fixes" Windows Update Error

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Windows Update Assistant is each you request successful astir cases.

Settings astir page connected a Windows PC.Jason Fitzpatrick / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • To hole your update issue, download and tally nan Windows Update Assistant, instal nan disposable updates, and reboot your PC.
  • Other methods to resoluteness nan problem see deleting your Windows Update cache, utilizing Windows Update troubleshooter, and repairing Windows' corrupted strategy files.

If you’ve encountered a “Your instrumentality is missing important information and value fixes” correction connected your Windows 10 computer's Windows Update surface (like I did), interest not, arsenic you tin usage Windows Update Assistant to hole your problem. There are different ways to resoluteness this issue, and we’ll show you really to use them.

1. Use Windows Update Assistant

The easiest measurement to fix your update error is to usage Windows Update Assistant. This charismatic Microsoft instrumentality downloads and installs nan latest strategy updates for you. After updating your PC to the latest Windows version pinch this tool, your early updates will activity conscionable fine.

To usage nan tool, caput to nan Windows Update Assistant web page. Here, click "Update Now" to download it.

'Update Now' highlighted connected nan Windows Update Assistant site.

Run nan downloaded instrumentality file, instal nan updates displayed successful nan tool, and restart your PC.

In nan future, you tin update your strategy from Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update arsenic accustomed without encountering nan supra error.

2. Clear Your Windows Update Cache

If your downloaded update files are corrupted, that tin origin issues updating your system. In this case, clear your Windows Update cache, and your rumor should beryllium resolved.

Windows will re-download immoderate required update files, truthful you don’t suffer thing permanently erstwhile you clear your update cache.

To start, motorboat nan Run dialog container by pressing Windows+R. Here, type nan pursuing bid and property Enter:


On nan "Services" window, find nan work named "Windows Update". Right-click it and take "Stop". You’re doing this because Windows won’t fto you delete your update files if this work is running. Keep nan "Services" model open, arsenic you’ll return to it shortly.

'Stop' highlighted for nan 'Windows Update' work connected nan 'Services' window.

Now, unfastened nan Run dialog container again, participate nan pursuing successful nan field, and property Enter:


You’ll spot your Windows Update cache folder. Here, select each disposable files by pressing Ctrl+A. Then, right-click a selected record and take "Delete". This deletes each your update cache files.

'Delete' highlighted successful nan right-click paper for nan Windows Update cache files.

Make judge to empty your Recycle Bin aft deleting nan supra files. Then, return to nan "Services" window, right-click "Windows Update", and prime "Start".

To now update your PC, caput into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and find and instal nan disposable updates.

3. Use nan Windows Update Troubleshooter

If your rumor persists, thing other whitethorn beryllium incorrect pinch Windows Update. In this case, usage your PC’s built-in Windows Update troubleshooter to automatically find and hole issues pinch your updates. Only a small relationship is required from your end.

To tally that tool, spell to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooters > Windows Update and click "Run nan Troubleshooter".

'Run nan Troubleshooter' highlighted for nan 'Windows Update' troubleshooter.

Wait for nan instrumentality to observe and resoluteness your update problems. This tin return anyplace from a fewer seconds to a fewer minutes, past restart your PC.

4. Fix Windows’ Corrupted System Files

If Windows’ halfway files are corrupted, that tin origin your various strategy features to malfunction, including Windows Update. In this case, usage your PC’s built-in SFC (System File Checker) instrumentality to find and repair each nan damaged strategy files connected your computer.

To usage nan tool, unfastened your PC’s Start Menu, find "Command Prompt", and prime "Run arsenic Administrator".

'Run arsenic Administrator' highlighted for Command Prompt successful nan Start Menu.

In nan "User Account Control" prompt, take "Yes".

On nan Command Prompt window, type nan pursuing bid and property Enter. This will download nan files needed to hole your corrupted files.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
The DISM bid connected a Command Prompt window.

Next up, tally nan pursuing bid to statesman uncovering and fixing your system’s damaged files:

sfc /scannow

Wait while nan bid does its job, past reboot your PC.

And that’s really you resoluteness nan “Your instrumentality is missing important information and value fixes” error.

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