How to Fix the "lsass.exe Unable to Locate Component" Error in Windows

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Get this unusual correction connection fixed pinch this Windows guide.

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The "lsass.exe - Unable to Locate Component" correction intends that Windows cannot find aliases load a record that it needs to tally nan lsass.exe process. This process is important for managing information policies and personification authentication connected your device.

The record that is missing aliases corrupted could beryllium a strategy record aliases a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file. The lsass.exe process depends connected these files to usability properly. In this guide, we will show you really to troubleshoot nan lsass.exe incapable to find constituent correction successful Windows for good.

1. Perform an SFC Scan

SFC Command Preview

As we mentioned above, nan "lsass.exe incapable to find component" correction tin hap owed to nan corruption aliases absence of a circumstantial record that nan lsass.exe process relies upon.

Such issues tin beryllium fixed by performing a strategy scan using nan System File Checker (SFC), which is developed by Microsoft to cheque nan strategy for inconsistencies and corruption errors.

If a problem is identified, nan SFC inferior will hole it without requiring immoderate important input from your side. If nan problem was being caused by a corruption issue, this should hole it. In lawsuit you are utilizing a third-party information programme connected your computer, we besides urge that you tally a afloat strategy scan utilizing your antivirus and cheque if that makes immoderate difference.

2. Replace nan oleaut32.dll File

As per aggregate reports, this peculiar rumor tin besides popular up because nan oleaut32.dll record required to motorboat nan exertion is missing. You tin hole this by replacing nan record pinch a patient 1 from a reliable source.

To do this, you will request to create a bootable installation CD aliases USB drive that has nan aforesaid type of Windows arsenic your device. This way, you tin get a verified and patient transcript of nan record from nan installation media. You will besides debar immoderate errors aliases conflicts that mightiness hap if you effort to switch nan record while Windows is running. We do, however, urge creating a backup of your strategy earlier moving forward, conscionable to beryllium safe.

Once you person created a bootable thrust and a backup, travel these steps to proceed:

  1. Insert nan bootable installation CD aliases USB thrust into your machine and execute a reboot.
  2. During nan footwear process, you whitethorn request to entree nan BIOS aliases UEFI firmware settings to alteration nan footwear bid and prioritize booting from nan CD aliases USB drive. The champion measurement to do this is by referring to your machine manual aliases looking for instructions online connected nan manufacturer’s website.
  3. Follow nan on-screen instructions to proceed and erstwhile your machine boots from nan bootable installation CD aliases USB drive, property R to beryllium presented pinch nan Windows Recovery Control options.
  4. Choose your preferred installation.
  5. Now, entree nan Command Prompt pinch administrator privileges and execute nan bid below. This will alteration nan directory to wherever nan oleaut32.dll record is located: cd c:\windows\system32
  6. Now, execute this bid to rename nan existing record to oleaut32.old: ren oleaut32.dll oleaut32.old
  7. Next, transcript files from nan installation media to your instrumentality utilizing nan pursuing command. You whitethorn request to alteration nan thrust missive d: to lucifer your installation media. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​copy d:\windows\system32\oleaut32.dll c:\windows\system32
  8. Finally, type "exit" successful nan Command Prompt and adjacent nan utility.
  9. Once done, region nan bootable installation CD aliases USB and restart your computer. Upon reboot, you tin now cheque if nan problem is fixed.

3. Perform a System Restore

Restore Points successful System Restore


You tin besides reconstruct your strategy to a constituent wherever nan correction nether information was not present.

This tin beryllium done using nan System Restore feature, which useful by creating reconstruct points connected your computer, usually earlier performing immoderate captious operations. When you take a reconstruct point, your strategy will spell backmost to nan authorities it was erstwhile nan reconstruct constituent was created, resolving nan correction successful nan process.

4. Install nan Latest Updates

If you person pending updates disposable successful nan system, we besides propose taking your clip to instal them. This is because Microsoft regularly releases updates that see bug fixes for known issues, and erstwhile you update your Windows strategy to nan latest version, you mightiness resoluteness nan problem you are facing successful nary time.

If this does not help, you tin perform an in-place upgrade, which will reinstall Windows while keeping your files and applications intact. You will request a Windows installation media (USB aliases DVD) to execute nan repair installation.

The lsass.exe Error connected Windows, Resolved

Isass.exe correction tin beryllium frustrating, but nan steps supra should beryllium capable to reconstruct your instrumentality to normal and debar further issues. However, if nary of nan solutions activity for you, it is champion to interaction nan charismatic Microsoft support squad and study nan problem to them.

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