How to Fix the "HP Software Framework Is Not Installed" Error in Windows

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If you ain an HP laptop aliases desktop computer, you whitethorn person encountered nan "HP Software Framework is not installed aliases not running" error. This correction often appears erstwhile utilizing your usability (Fn) keys to execute tasks for illustration adjusting nan volume, nan brightness, aliases putting nan machine to sleep.

When this connection pops up, nan title mightiness beryllium "HP Hotkey Support" aliases "HP Hotkey UWP Service". Both mention to drivers that travel pre-installed connected HP computers and alteration nan usage of hotkeys. Here's really you tin hole nan HP Software Framework error.

What Are Hotkeys?

There are galore Windows keyboard shortcuts that tin make your life easier erstwhile you walk a batch of clip successful beforehand of your screen, particularly if you don't for illustration utilizing your mouse. Shortcuts prevention clip and summation productivity, and hotkeys are nary exception.

When paired pinch nan Fn key, hotkeys are shortcuts that let you to execute typical functions without going into nan settings.

For example, you mightiness usage Fn + F6 to summation brightness, Fn + F10 to shut up your microphone, and Fn + F4 to move betwixt outer displays. These keys usually show a symbol, word, aliases number to item their typical function.

Hotkey functions and locations alteration connected different device/keyboard models, truthful cheque your personification manual if you’re not judge what your hotkeys do. You tin moreover use package to create your ain hotkeys.

hp package model correction message

Normally, hotkey drivers are pre-installed and tally automatically connected startup, but sometimes they will unexpectedly discontinue moving and request to beryllium re-installed. This is what causes nan HP Software Framework correction that you spot above.

This whitethorn hap erstwhile you update drivers aliases instal caller programs, aliases during automatic Windows Updates. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. You don't moreover person to uninstall nan aged driver first.

1. Install nan HP Support Assistant

When nan correction connection pops up, you're prompted to instal nan HP Software Framework from nan nexus provided. Unfortunately, this nexus doesn’t work. The bully news is nan HP Support Assistant will activity successful its place.

Head to nan HP Support Assistant page. Click nan Download HP Support Assistant fastener to install.

hp support adjunct website

Once nan record is installed, restart your computer, and your hotkeys should beryllium functional again.

2. Install nan HP Hotkey Support Driver

If your hotkeys still aren’t operating properly, look for circumstantial driver files connected nan HP Website: HP Hotkey Service and HP Hotkey Service UWP.

To find nan correct driver for your computer, you’ll request to find nan nonstop exemplary of your device. If nan exemplary number isn’t printed connected your casing anywhere, you tin easy find it successful your strategy information.

Search for System Information from nan Start paper and unfastened nan matching result. From this caller window, find your exemplary number adjacent to System Model.

Screenshot of System Info

Once you’ve recovered your computer’s exemplary number, spell to nan HP Support Website to find nan driver you need. Scroll down to Identify your product and participate your exemplary number. Then click connected nan Software, Drivers, and Firmware tab. This will bring up a database of drivers compatible pinch your device.

Click connected Software-Solutions. Look for HP Hotkey Support and click Download. Follow nan on-screen instructions to instal nan software.

Screenshot of HP Driver List

When nan record installation is complete, restart your computer, and your hotkeys should beryllium moving again.

Is There Any Reason Why I Shouldn’t Download Hotkey Support?

Some users deliberation of nan HP Support Assistant and nan Hotkey Support package arsenic bloatware aliases unnecessary package bundled pinch their machine and whitethorn want to get free of it. HP advises against uninstalling these drivers, arsenic your strategy whitethorn not activity decently if you do.

If you consciousness nan HP support package slows your instrumentality down, you tin take to forestall it from opening connected startup. That way, it is still disposable if you request it.

Here’s really you tin alteration nan startup settings:

  1. Type Services into nan Windows hunt barroom and unfastened nan matching result.
  2. Locate and right-click HP Hotkey UWP Service.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Under nan Startup type dropdown menu, prime Disabled.
  5. Click OK.

If you’ve abnormal Hotkey Support but later wish to move it backmost on, simply travel steps 1 and two, past right-click HP Hotkey UWP Service and click Start.

3. Install Windows Updates

Windows updates are a valuable container of tricks that hole galore things successful a azygous go; they hole up your Windows bugs, present caller information patches, and instal driver aliases app updates that mightiness person been pending for a while. In your case, nan past portion is important here.

These updates sometimes see patch-ups aliases fixes for package that, if near not updated for a agelong time, tin different origin problems successful nan workings of your PC. Windows updates are an fantabulous imaginable hole for HP package errors connected your Windows PC. Here’s really you tin get started:

  1. Open nan Windows Settings by pressing nan Win + I shortcut.
  2. Head to Windows Updates and click connected Check for updates.
windows update

Depending connected really agelong it has been since you past updated Windows, your updates will beryllium downloaded and installed successful a fewer minutes. Now, springiness your PC a restart for nan changes to return effect.

On nan adjacent boot-up, nan "HP Software Framework Is Not Installed Error" will beryllium fixed from your PC. Note that if you couldn't update your Windows PC pinch nan supra method, location are a slew of different ways to update Windows manually.

4. Call HP Support

If nary of nan methods person worked truthful far, past arsenic a past edifice you tin besides scope retired to HP's customer support wherever dedicated professionals tin guideline you better, based connected your unsocial business and machine model.

Since nan "HP Software Framework" correction is truthful communal for many, nan folks astatine HP mightiness beryllium capable to thief you pinch a slew of imaginable solutions applicable to your transcript of Windows.

An Easy Fix for HP Hotkey Error Messages

If your hotkeys person abruptly stopped working, aliases if you’re seeing nan HP Hotkey Support aliases HP Hotkey UWP Service errors, downloading nan due drivers should get your hotkeys backmost up and moving successful conscionable a fewer minutes. Now you tin usage your existing hotkeys and create your ain to boost productivity.

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