How to Fix the HP Laptop Screen Flickering Issue

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By Linda | Follow | Last Updated September 19, 2023

The surface flickering rumor whitethorn hap connected each PC, including nan HP laptops. This station from MiniTool Partition Wizard tells you why nan HP laptop surface flickering issue occurs and really to lick it.

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Why Is My HP Laptop Screen Flickering?

Is your HP show flickering? If so, nan imaginable reasons are arsenic follows:

  • Outdated aliases Corrupt Display Drivers: The graphics driver connected your laptop bridges nan operating strategy and nan screen. If these drivers are outdated aliases corrupt, nan surface can’t activity normally. Then, nan HP surface flickering rumor whitethorn occur.
  • Faulty Display Settings: If nan refresh rate, resolution, aliases colour extent settings aren’t ideal, nan HP laptop surface blinking connected and disconnected rumor whitethorn besides occur.
  • Incompatible Applications: Some graphics-intensive apps, malware, aliases incompatible package whitethorn interfere pinch nan display, causing nan HP laptop glitching screen.
  • Damaged Hardware: Your laptop surface is damaged and you tin spot evident cracks. Wires connecting your laptop surface to nan guidelines keyboard chassis go loose aliases damaged.

How to Fix nan HP Laptop Screen Flickering Issue

To hole nan HP laptop glitching screen, you tin effort nan pursuing methods.

Way 1. Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

First, you request to cheque whether location are cracks connected nan HP laptop screen.

Second, you request to cheque whether nan relationship betwixt nan laptop surface and nan motherboard is tight.

Third, little and raise your laptop surface many times to cheque if nan flicker is related to movement. If definite angles flicker while others don’t, chances are you’re dealing pinch faulty soul wiring.

If nan HP laptop surface blinking connected and disconnected rumor is caused by damaged hardware, you request to nonstop your laptop to professionals for repair. 

Way 2. Roll Back, Update, aliases Uninstall nan Display Driver

If nan HP show flickering rumor is not caused by damaged hardware, you tin effort fixing it yourself. Rolling back, updating, aliases uninstalling nan show driver is 1 of nan solutions. Here is nan guide:

Roll Back nan Driver:

  1. Open Device Manager using nan Windows Search bar.
  2. Expand Display adapters.
  3. Right-click connected nan graphics paper and take Properties.
  4. Select nan Driver tab, and past prime Roll Back Driver > Yes.
  5. Restart your device.

Update nan Driver:

  1. Under Display adapters, right-click connected nan graphics paper and take Update driver.
  2. On nan pop-up window, click Search automatically for drivers.

Uninstall nan Driver:

  1. Under Display adapters, right-click connected nan graphics paper and take Uninstall device.
  2. Reinstall nan PC and past nan driver will beryllium reinstalled automatically.

Way 3. Modify nan Refresh Rate

If you’re uncovering that your laptop surface flicker only occurs erstwhile you’ve linked your PC to an outer monitor, nan problem could beryllium nan refresh rates.In this case, you request to align your laptop’s and outer monitor’s refresh rates. Here is nan guide:

  1. Right-click connected nan blank area of nan PC surface and take Display settings.
  2. Under Multiple displays, prime Advanced show settings.
  3. Observe nan refresh rates nether nan show accusation for your laptop and outer monitor.
  4. Click Display adapter properties for either instrumentality to modify settings.

Way 4. Disable aliases Uninstall Incompatible Software

A known package that will origin nan HP surface flickering rumor is Windows Desktop Manager. You tin disable it done nan pursuing steps:

  1. Press nan Windows log cardinal + R to unfastened nan Run dialog.
  2. Type “services.msc” and property Enter to unfastened Services.
  3. Locate Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.
  4. Right-click connected it and prime Stop.
  5. Right-click Desktop Window Manager Session Manager again.
  6. Select Properties.
  7. Under nan General tab, modify nan start-up type to Disabled.
  8. Press OK.

Besides, if nan HP laptop surface flickering rumor occurs aft you instal nan software. You tin uninstall it and cheque whether nan rumor is solved.

Bottom Line

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