How to Fix the “Disk Unknown Not Initialized” Issue on Windows

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Get this worrisome drive-related correction fixed pinch this Windows guide.

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Does Disk Management show nan connection "Disk Unknown, Not Initialized" erstwhile you link an outer drive, an SSD, an HDD, aliases a pen thrust to your computer? The rumor occurs chiefly owed to MBR corruption. However, incorrectly connecting nan thrust to your system, bad disk sectors, information corruption, and a failing difficult thrust tin besides trigger nan error.

If you want to resoluteness this rumor and successfully load nan data, present are a fewer fixes you should try.

1. Check for Connection Issues

USB cablegram plugged into a laptop's USB port

Check for imaginable relationship issues betwixt nan difficult thrust and your machine earlier investigating immoderate different causes. To start, unplug and re-plug nan difficult thrust into your laptop to destruct immoderate impermanent relationship problems.

In addition, make judge nan difficult drive's relationship cablegram is intact and location is nary visible harm to immoderate portion of it. Also, cleanable some ends of nan cablegram pinch a cloth to guarantee nary particulate aliases debris is stuck wrong them, preventing nan disk from initializing.

If nary of nan supra impermanent issues look to beryllium nan culprit, look for imaginable larboard issues.

2. Ensure Your USB Port Isn't Faulty

Close-up image of a Laptop’s USB ports

A faulty USB larboard tin besides forestall your strategy from detecting nan difficult drive, resulting successful nan rumor nether discussion. Hence, it's imperative to guarantee that nan USB larboard is functioning correctly. To corroborate that, conscionable switch ports, i.e., plug nan outer thrust into a different larboard than wherever it was connected before.

If nan outer thrust starts moving instantly aft switching ports, nan larboard it was connected to earlier is either incompatible pinch your thrust aliases has a problem. Thus, you should either support utilizing nan different USB larboard aliases use nan fixes covered successful our guideline connected how to hole USB larboard issues connected Windows to make nan faulty larboard activity again.

3. Scan and Resolve Hard Drive Issues

If location is nary relationship rumor and your USB larboard is functioning correctly, you should scan and hole record strategy issues pinch your difficult drive. Windows offers a inferior named CHKDSK, which assesses nan record strategy structure, addresses record sanction linkage issues, and looks for bad clusters, among different operations. Usually, moving this inferior fixes difficult thrust problems.

Before moving nan scan, unfastened nan File Explorer and find nan thrust missive marked arsenic disk unknown, not initialized. After you person that successful mind, travel these steps:

  1. In Windows Search, enter "cmd," right-click connected nan Command Prompt app, and prime Run arsenic administrator.
  2. Type nan pursuing bid successful Command Prompt and property Enter: Chkdsk <drive letter>: /r /f
Scanning nan Bad Disk Sectors Using nan CHKDSK Command successful Command Prompt

Ensure you participate nan correct thrust missive for nan scan to work.

4. Update nan Disk Drive Drivers

Having outdated drivers tin besides disrupt nan normal functioning of your disk drive, making it intolerable for it to initialize. To guarantee that's not nan origin of nan issue, you should update nan disk thrust drivers. Here are nan steps you request to take:

  1. Right-click connected nan Windows Start button and unfastened Device Manager.
  2. Expand nan Disk drives category.
  3. Right-click connected your desired thrust and click Update driver.
    updating nan disk thrust drivers successful nan instrumentality manager

5. Rebuild nan MBR

If nan supra fixes do not resoluteness nan issue, rebuild nan MBR, which is simply a footwear assemblage astatine nan opening of nan difficult drive. When it gets corrupted, you're apt to brushwood problems. You tin rebuild nan MBR successful respective ways, but utilizing a third-party app for illustration Minitool Partition Wizard is nan easiest. Here are nan steps you should follow:

  1. Go to MiniTool's charismatic website and download nan MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  2. Install nan package by moving nan setup record and pursuing nan on-screen instructions. You don't request to bargain nan premium edition; nan free type will do nan job.
  3. Once installed, hunt for "MiniTool Partition Wizard" successful Windows Search, and past tally nan app.
  4. Right-click connected nan problematic disk and prime Initialize to MBR Disk. Then, click Apply.
    Click connected Initialize to MBR Disk successful nan MiniTool Partition Wizard
  5. Right-click connected nan disk again, and past click Rebuild MBR. Then, click Apply once more.
    Click connected Rebuild MBR successful nan MiniTool Partition Wizard
  6. Right-click nan disk again and prime Create. Then, click OK.

6. Format nan Disk and Create a New Partition

If nan thrust that fails to initialize is quiet aliases contains nary basal data, you should format it. Then, you tin create a caller partition by converting its format to GPT and assigning nan caller volume. It is nan astir recommended method for resolving nan rumor and has worked for galore users. To execute that, travel these steps:

  1. In Windows Search, type "cmd," past right-click connected nan Command Prompt app and take Run arsenic administrator.
  2. In Command Prompt, type "diskpart" and property Enter.
  3. Then, type "list disk" and deed Enter. Then, you'll spot really galore drives you person connected your device.
  4. Depending connected which thrust you are having problems with, type "Disk 0" aliases "Disk 1" and deed Enter.
  5. Once nan disk is selected, type "clean" and property Enter to format it.
    run nan cleanable disk disk portion bid successful windows bid prompt
  6. Then, type "GPT" and property Enter to person nan disk to GPT format.
  7. To create a caller partition connected a formatted drive, type "create partition primary" and deed Enter.
  8. Then, type "format speedy fs=ntfs" and deed Enter to format nan volume.
    quick format ntfs usb thrust bid prompt
  9. Lastly, type "assign" and deed Enter to delegate nan thrust letter.

If nan outer thrust presenting nan correction nether chat contains basal data, you shouldn't format it, arsenic you'll suffer information this way. Before taking this route, support that successful mind.

Some data betterment tools let you to retrieve deleted files from formatted drives. If you request to format your outer difficult thrust containing important information arsenic a past resort, you tin usage these devices to retrieve your deleted data. However, they whitethorn not activity successful each situation.

Bring Your Disk Drive Back to Life

The "disk unknown, not initialized" correction successful Disk Management intends your thrust hasn't been recognized by your system. Hopefully, you now person a amended knowing of what causes nan correction nether chat and what you tin do astir it. Apply nan fixes covered supra to bring your disk thrust backmost to life.

If nan problem persists, a hardware rumor could beryllium preventing your thrust from working. To norm retired hardware problems, person it inspected by a technician.

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