How to Fix "No Permission to Enable: Voice Typing" in Gboard

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What to do erstwhile Gboard won't fto you usage sound typing.

Samsung Galaxy Keyboard.Justin Duino / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Grant Gboard entree to your phone's microphone to hole nan "No support to enable: Voice typing" error. Go to Settings > Apps > Gboard > Permissions > Microphone and alteration "Allow Only While Using nan App."
  • If that doesn't hole nan problem, clear your Gboard app cache from Settings > Apps > Gboard > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • You tin update your Gboard app to perchance resoluteness your problem. Do that by opening Play Store connected your phone, uncovering "Gboard," and tapping "Update."

You wanted to usage your sound to type pinch Gboard, but alternatively of launching nan sound typing feature, nan keyboard displayed a “No Permission to Enable: Voice typing” error. How do you hole this correction now? We’ve sewage a fewer easy ways to get astir this problem connected your Android phone.

Let Gboard Access Your Phone’s Microphone

I person myself tally into this problem, and I was capable to hole it by allowing Gboard to access my Android phone’s microphone. This is because sound typing needs nan mic successful bid to perceive your voice.

 Voice Typing' Gboard correction connected an Android phone.

We’ve performed nan pursuing steps connected a Samsung Galaxy phone. The steps will alteration somewhat depending connected your telephone model.

To commencement fixing nan issue, motorboat nan Settings app connected your telephone and spell to "Apps."

'Apps' highlighted successful Android's Settings app.

On nan "Apps" screen, find and pat nan app named "Gboard."

'Gboard' highlighted connected nan 'Apps' page successful Android Settings.

On Gboard's "App Info" page, prime "Permissions."

'Permissions' highlighted connected Gboard's 'App Info' page successful Android Settings.

Tap nan "Microphone" option.

'Microphone' highlighted connected Gboard's 'App Permissions' page successful Android Settings.

On nan "Microphone" page, prime "Allow Only While Using nan App."

'Allow Only While Using nan App' highlighted connected Gboard's permissions surface successful Android Settings.

This allows Gboard to usage your phone’s mic whenever you’ve opened nan keyboard connected your phone.

Clear Your Gboard App Cache

If your rumor persists, Gboard’s cached files whitethorn beryllium corrupted. In this case, you tin clear nan cached files to resoluteness nan issue. Note that you don’t suffer immoderate individual information erstwhile you do this, and your keyboard will rebuild these cache files arsenic you usage nan app.

On your phone, navigate to Settings > Apps > Gboard > Storage. Here, pat "Clear Cache."

'Clear Cache' highlighted connected Gboard's 'Storage' surface successful Android Settings.

Update Your Gboard App

The Gboard keyboard app updates automatically, but if you’ve abnormal automatic updates aliases nan app hasn’t updated for different reasons, nan outdated app whitethorn beryllium why you person issues utilizing nan sound typing feature.

In this case, update your app to nan latest version to hole your issue.

You tin do that by opening nan Play Store connected your phone, uncovering "Gboard," and tapping "Update" adjacent to nan app. If you don’t find nan "Update" option, your app is already up to date.

'Update' highlighted for Gboard successful Google Play Store connected an Android phone.

That's each location is to it! Thankfully, nan sound typing support rumor is not a awesome problem, and nan fixes are speedy and easy. You should beryllium good connected your measurement to typing pinch your voice.

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