How to Fix Microsoft Word When It Deletes Text by Itself

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Frustrated pinch Microsoft Word randomly deleting your text? Learn elemental troubleshooting steps to hole your documents.

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Is Microsoft Word deleting matter by itself arsenic you edit 1 of your documents? When this happens, you should cheque if there’s personification other moving connected nan aforesaid archive aliases if you’ve not accidentally enabled Word’s overtyping option.

However, location are much reasons why you could tally into this issue. We’ve compiled a database of solutions to thief you regain power of your documents.

1. Check if Anyone Else Is Editing nan Doc

There mightiness beryllium thing incorrect pinch Word, but personification other is removing nan text. If you’re collaborating pinch personification other connected nan Word document, they mightiness delete nan matter if they person editing permission.

Word will show nan "Other group are editing this document” connection erstwhile you unfastened nan document. If you’ve missed nan message, but nan matter keeps disappearing, you should check who has entree to your files.

2. Check Your Keyboard

Edit nan Insert cardinal functionality

If Word keeps deleting matter aft you’ve pressed nan Backspace aliases Delete key, chances are 1 of nan keys keeps getting stuck. In this case, mildly property and cheque if they activity arsenic usual.

If nan keys get stuck, you tin remap your keyboard and disable that cardinal aliases cleanable your keyboard.

3. Disable Word’s Overtype Feature

If Word deletes immoderate of nan matter arsenic you type, you might’ve accidentally turned connected nan overtype feature. Even if you didn’t spell done Word’s settings, you tin alteration and disable this characteristic by pressing Insert connected your keyboard.

Now, if you want to forestall this from happening again, you should return a look astatine Word’s editing options.

  1. Open Word, click connected nan File tab successful nan top-left corner, and past prime Options.
  2. From nan left-hand menu, click Advanced.
  3. Head to nan Editing options section.
  4. Uncheck nan Use nan Insert cardinal to power overtype mode and Use overtype mode options.
  5. Click OK to prevention nan caller settings.
    Disable Word overtype feature

Go backmost to editing your archive and cheque if Word is still deleting parts of nan matter by itself.

4. Remove Problematic Add-Ins

There’s a chance that Word deletes matter arsenic you type owed to a malfunctioning add-in. If you’ve installed aggregate Word add-ins to boost your productivity, it will beryllium time-consuming to cheque them individually.

To trial if 1 of nan installed add-ins is causing nan rumor astatine hand, you should commencement Word successful safe mode. This way, Word will motorboat without immoderate extensions and add-ins. On a Windows computer, property nan Windows cardinal + R to bring up a Run dialog. Type winword /safe and click OK.

Open Word successful Safe Mode

If nan rumor is now solved, you should uninstall nan problematic add-in.

  1. Head to File > Options.
  2. Open nan Add-ins paper and click connected COM Add-ins. Word will now show nan add-ins list.
  3. Uncheck nan add-in that you want to disable.
  4. Click OK.
    Disable MS Word Add-Ins

5. Remove Local Formatting

Formatting rules whitethorn interfere pinch really you tin edit matter successful Word and occasionally delete random pieces of text. In this case, you should region each formatting.

Before doing so, you should cognize that this will revert Word to its default settings and region settings specified arsenic matter alignment, font size, statement spacing, and truthful on. To region formatting rules, prime nan Home tab, and click nan Clear All Formatting button.

Clear each formatting successful a Word doc

Nevertheless, it whitethorn not beryllium nan champion solution if you’ve spent a batch of clip penning and editing your document. If you want to cheque much accusation astir formatting rules, property Shift + F1 to bring up nan Reveal Formatting panel.

6. Repair Microsoft 365

If Word isn’t nan only Microsoft 365 app that has stopped moving arsenic usual, you should repair Microsoft 365. On a Windows computer, property nan Windows cardinal + I to bring up nan settings menu. Then, spell to Apps > Installed apps.

Repair Microsoft 365 successful Windows 11

Click nan three-dot icon adjacent to Microsoft 365 and prime Modify. In nan popup window, prime Quick Repair and click Repair. If you’re still facing nan aforesaid rumor aft repairing Microsoft 365, spell done nan instructions again and prime Online Repair.

Stop Microsoft Word From Deleting Text

Having Word delete a document’s contented by itself tin beryllium very frustrating, particularly if you’re moving connected a ample document, and it’s difficult to support way of each change. The solutions supra should thief you hole nan issue, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a genuine transcript of Microsoft 365.

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