How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Loading

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Have your Facebook app notifications stopped working? If so, it's highly frustrating arsenic you won't cognize what's going connected pinch your friends connected nan platform. There are galore reasons nan Facebook app for iPhone and Android won't present your notifications. You tin tweak a fewer options present and location connected your telephone and successful nan app to get your Facebook notifications back.

Here are various solutions to hole your Facebook notifications not moving connected Android and iOS.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first logic why you mightiness not person Facebook notifications is simply a mediocre net connection. Maybe you are retired of scope of your Wi-Fi awesome aliases nan net is down.

Open Settings connected your smartphone and spell to Wi-Fi. Choose a web that you usually link to. Once connected, a bluish tick will look adjacent to nan name. If nan net isn't working, you tin spot No Network Available. On Android, unfastened Settings and hunt for Wi-Fi, then prime nan first option.

The steps for checking your net relationship connected Android will alteration depending connected your Android type and instrumentality model.

You tin check nan Wi-Fi velocity utilizing a free website to corroborate its functionality. Try restarting your router to hole immoderate net problems. If that doesn’t work, interaction your net work supplier to find a solution.

You tin besides move from Wi-Fi to mobile information and found an net connection. Make judge to person an progressive information plan. Once your net relationship is stable, you will beryllium capable to person Facebook notifications.

2. Disable Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode

Your phone's notifications settings mightiness beryllium a logic why you aren’t receiving alerts. Do Not Disturb mode aliases Airplane mode mightiness beryllium enabled.

Disable some modes connected your iOS aliases Android phone. For iPhone X and above, swipe down from nan correct extremity of nan screen. For iPhone 8 Plus and little models, you request to swipe up from nan bottom. If there's a matter saying On in your Focus toggle, pat connected it to disable it. Also, disable Airplane Mode if enabled by tapping nan Airplane icon.

On Android, swipe down your surface from nan apical and pat to disable Flight / Airplane, Focus, and Do Not Disturb modes. You'll cognize they are enabled if colored.

3. Check Notification Permissions for Facebook

Another logic you whitethorn not beryllium receiving alerts is that you mightiness not person granted nan required permissions aft logging into Facebook nan first time. To let Facebook to nonstop notifications connected your iOS device:

  1. Go to Settings and navigate to Facebook.
  2. Check Notifications to corroborate whether they are disconnected aliases not.
  3. Toggle connected Allow Notifications to move them backmost on.

You tin besides move connected Time Sensitive Notifications connected your iPhone for urgent content.

For an Android device, travel these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and prime Apps.
  2. Search Facebook and pat Notifications.
  3. Toggle nan Show notifications fastener to move connected Facebook notifications.

4. Check Notifications Settings connected Facebook

Your Facebook relationship besides has a Notifications conception that could beryllium responsible for nan alerts not loading. You tin alteration nan settings and lick nan issue.

On your iOS device, travel these steps:

  1. Open your Facebook app and prime Menu from nan bottommost correct of nan screen.
  2. Scroll down and pat Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Preferences and past pat Notifications. This conception contains each your permissions and really to person alerts from nan app.
  4. If nan Mute Push Notifications toggle is enabled, pat and disable it. You will person a connection pop-up that notifications are nary longer muted.

On Android, travel these steps to alteration Facebook notifications:

  1. Tap your floor plan image successful nan apical right.
  2. Scroll down and pat Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Under Preferences section, pat Notifications.
  4. On nan adjacent page, scroll down to nan Where You Receive Notifications conception and pat Push.
  5. Ensure nan Mute Push Notifications action is turned disconnected while nan remainder are turned on.

If you're not receiving Facebook notifications because you've abnormal nan app from sending them successful your phone's Settings app, you'll spot a Turn On Push Notifications action alternatively erstwhile you pat Push. Tap Turn On Push Notifications, and connected nan adjacent page, let Facebook to nonstop notifications.

The Facebook app will load each nan pending alerts arsenic soon arsenic you refresh.

5. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your telephone tin importantly amended nan capacity of your instrumentality arsenic nan representation is cleared.

Once your telephone restarts, hold for each nan apps to load decently earlier scrolling aliases swiping. Connect to a web that you usually use. Once connected, unfastened nan Facebook app and refresh nan notifications.

All Facebook notifications should look connected your phone.

6. Clear nan Facebook App Cache

Sometimes, apps go buggy erstwhile location are cache issues. Clearing nan stored files usually fixes this.

To clear your Facebook cache connected your iOS device:

  1. Open Settings and spell to General.
  2. Tap connected iPhone Storage to cheque nan existent retention consumption.
  3. Scroll down until you spot Facebook and unfastened it.
  4. Select Offload App to clear nan unnecessary files.
  5. Reinstall nan app again.

If you person an Android device, travel these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and prime Apps.
  2. Then, hunt for Facebook and spell to Storage.
  3. Tap Clear cache.

7. Update nan Facebook App connected iOS aliases Android

Sometimes, older app versions whitethorn incorporate glitches and bugs that are fixed successful nan newer versions. If you are utilizing an older Facebook version, it could origin notifications not to load properly.

Go to your Play Store aliases App Store and hunt for Facebook. If an update is due, you will spot an Update button. If not, that intends nan Facebook app is already up-to-date.

8. Update Your Android aliases iPhone

Phone updates are not conscionable artillery drainers that return up retention connected your phone. There are galore reasons why you request to update your iPhone aliases Android device. From bug fixes to faster processing, updates travel pinch galore perks.

To update your iPhone, spell to Settings, unfastened General, and pat connected Software Update. If there's a download available, pat Download and install. Your instrumentality will download and instal immoderate disposable updates and petition a Restart.

To update your Android device, spell to your instrumentality Settings. Scroll down to Software update and pat Download and install. If a package update is available, you'll beryllium fixed nan action to Update your phone.

The fixes successful your phone's strategy tin thief hole Facebook notifications that aren’t loading.

9. Reinstall Facebook connected Your Smartphone

If thing seems to work, effort reinstalling nan app. Delete Facebook from your phone. When you reinstall Facebook, nan caller commencement whitethorn resoluteness nan problem of notifications not loading.

Fix Your Facebook Notifications With Simple Steps

If you are not receiving Facebook alerts, it doesn't mean that your societal circle has abandoned you. In fact, location tin beryllium a problem pinch nan device, internet, aliases software.

We elaborated connected nan astir applicable methods to lick notification-related problems connected nan Facebook app. Make judge to person an progressive net connection. Also, update your instrumentality and nan app to nan latest versions.

You should commencement receiving notifications by trying nan methods listed above. If not, it tin beryllium a responsibility connected Facebook's end. In that case, interaction nan Facebook Help Center for further help.

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