How to Fix a “This device is disabled. (Code 22)” Error on Windows

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Does Windows 11 aliases Windows 10 show a “This instrumentality is disabled. (Code 22)” correction successful nan Device Manager utility? If so, nan instrumentality successful mobility whitethorn beryllium abnormal connected your PC. There are various reasons this happens, including some automatic and manual instrumentality deactivation. We’ll show you a fewer easy ways to re-enable your instrumentality and hole your issue.

The astir communal logic you get nan supra correction is that personification has manually disabled your device successful Device Manager. Another logic is that your Windows strategy was forced to disable your instrumentality for immoderate reason. Some insignificant reasons see a faulty larboard connected your machine, an incorrect strategy change, faulty instrumentality drivers, and more.

Re-Enable nan Disabled Device successful Device Manager

One easy measurement to hole a “This instrumentality is disabled. (Code 22)” correction is to manually re-enable your abnormal device successful Device Manager. Doing truthful re-activates your instrumentality connected your PC and allows your PC to pass pinch nan device.

  1. Open your PC’s Start menu, find Device Manager, and motorboat nan utility.
  2. Expand your device’s class and find your abnormal device.
  3. Right-click your instrumentality and take Enable device.

Windows will instantly re-activate your selected device, allowing you to activity pinch your instrumentality connected your PC.

Restart Your Windows 11 aliases Windows 10 PC

If re-enabling nan instrumentality from Device Manager didn’t hole your issue, restart your computer and spot if that resolves your problem. This is because your instrumentality whitethorn beryllium experiencing insignificant glitches, causing your attached devices not to work. You tin resoluteness those insignificant issues by rebooting your operating system.

  1. Open nan Start paper connected your Windows 11 aliases Windows 10 PC.
  2. Select nan Power icon successful nan menu.
  3. Choose Restart to move disconnected and backmost connected your computer.

Connect Your Device to Another Port aliases Slot connected Your Computer

If your instrumentality remains abnormal and unusable connected your PC, 1 hole you tin use is to unplug nan instrumentality from nan existent port aliases slot and plug it into a different larboard aliases slot connected your machine. This helps resoluteness nan rumor if a faulty larboard aliases slot caused it.

Simply unplug your instrumentality from nan larboard you’ve presently plugged it into. Then, plug nan instrumentality into different but nan aforesaid benignant of larboard connected your computer. You should past spot nan instrumentality connected your PC.

Roll Back Your Device’s Driver Update

If your instrumentality has started malfunctioning aft you installed a circumstantial driver update, that update mightiness beryllium faulty. Sometimes, instrumentality manufacturers extremity up pushing faulty drivers, causing various random issues connected consumers’ computers.

Luckily, Windows allows you to roll backmost nan driver updates you’ve installed connected your computer. This lets you get backmost to nan erstwhile authorities of your drivers.

  1. Open Device Manager by right-clicking your Start paper icon and choosing nan inferior name.
  2. Expand your instrumentality class successful nan utility.
  3. Right-click your instrumentality and take Properties.
  1. Access nan Driver tab successful Properties.
  2. Select nan Roll Back Driver option.
  1. When you’ve vanished uninstalling your driver updates, reboot your PC.

Bring Your Device Drivers to nan Latest Version

One logic you get a “This instrumentality is disabled. (Code 22)” correction is that your instrumentality drivers are outdated. Older drivers sometimes don’t activity good pinch modern Windows systems, causing galore problems.

You tin resoluteness that rumor by updating your device’s drivers to nan latest version.

  1. Launch your PC’s Device Manager utility.
  2. Expand your instrumentality category, right-click your device, and take Update driver.
  1. Select Search automatically for drivers connected nan pursuing page.
  1. Wait for Device Manager to find and instal nan latest drivers for your device.
  2. Restart your PC.

If that doesn’t hole your issue, you tin manually download and instal your device’s latest drivers connected your PC. Most instrumentality shaper websites connection nan driver download option, allowing you to drawback nan required drivers from extracurricular nan Windows environment.

Use System Restore to Fix Your Error Code 22

Sometimes, a instrumentality stops moving and becomes unusable because of a alteration made to your system. You aliases personification other whitethorn person incorrectly specified an action connected your PC, causing your instrumentality not to work.

You tin hole that by rolling backmost your changes utilizing Windows’ System Restore utility.

  1. Open nan Start menu, find Recovery, and prime that item.
  2. Choose Open System Restore connected nan pursuing page.
  1. Select Next connected nan utility’s first screen.
  2. Choose nan astir caller reconstruct constituent connected nan database and prime Next.
  1. Select Finish to commencement undoing your changes.

Remove and Reinstall Your Device’s Drivers

If your instrumentality still hasn’t started moving pinch your PC, your device’s installed drivers mightiness beryllium corrupted. Such drivers forestall your instrumentality from correctly communicating pinch your PC, causing galore issues.

You tin resoluteness that by uninstalling and reinstalling your device’s drivers.

  1. Open Device Manager connected your PC.
  2. Expand your instrumentality category, right-click your device, and take Uninstall device.
  3. Enable nan Attempt to region nan driver for this device action and take OK.
  1. Let Device Manager decorativeness removing your device.
  2. Reboot your PC, and Windows will automatically instal nan correct drivers for your device.

Reset Your BIOS Settings

Your BIOS settings impact nan devices you’ve connected to your computer. If you’ve precocious changed your BIOS settings, and you deliberation that has caused your instrumentality problem, reset your BIOS to nan mill settings.

You tin cheque retired our guideline connected how to reset your BIOS settings to study really to bring your settings to nan default values. Once you’ve done that, move connected your PC, and your rumor will apt beryllium fixed.

Replace Your Hardware Device

If your instrumentality still remains disabled, nan rumor whitethorn beryllium pinch your device. Your instrumentality whitethorn beryllium defective aliases damaged, not being capable to decently activity pinch your computer. In this case, your champion solution is to sojourn your instrumentality maker’s charismatic shop and troubleshoot nan problem.

You whitethorn person to hole your device’s rumor aliases switch your faulty instrumentality pinch a caller one.

Forcing Windows to Enable nan Disabled Device connected Your PC

Windows’ “This instrumentality is disabled. (Code 22)” correction occurs for various reasons. The connection tells you that your instrumentality is disabled, but it doesn’t show you why. Luckily, you don’t person to scratch your caput for excessively agelong arsenic our guideline supra shows you a fewer easy ways to hole your problem.

Once you’ve resolved your issue, your instrumentality will show up connected your PC, and you tin usage that instrumentality for your tasks. Enjoy!

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