How to Fix 0x0000000f Blue Screen Error? Fix It Now

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Lots of users brushwood nan 0x0000000f bluish surface correction connected Windows 10/11. Are you besides troubled by nan error? This station from MiniTool Partition Wizard is worthy reading. It provides a afloat guideline for this issue.

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Some Windows users are seeing nan 0x0000000f bluish surface correction connected Windows 10/11. After gathering this error, their strategy abruptly crashed. The 0x0000000f BSOD correction is caused by corrupted aliases missing files aliases damaged hardware.

If you’re troubled by nan 0x0000000f bluish surface correction connected Windows 10/11, this article will thief you hole it. Since you cannot footwear your machine normally, you request to boot into Safe Mode.

Fix 1. Run nan Blue Screen Troubleshooter

As nan bluish surface of decease correction often happens connected Windows, Microsoft introduced a Windows Blue Screen Troubleshooter successful nan operating system. It tin thief you lick almost each extremity errors. To tally it, you tin travel nan steps below:

Step 1: Press nan Win + I cardinal to unfastened Settings.

Step 2: Click Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Blue Screen.

Step 3: Click Blue Screen and past click Run nan troubleshooter. Then this inferior will automatically observe nan bluish surface correction and hole it.

run nan Blue Screen troubleshooter

Once done, restart your computer. If you still spot nan 0x0000000f bluish surface error, location whitethorn beryllium a problem pinch your RAM. Continue to nan adjacent solution below.

Fix 2. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Some RAM issues whitethorn origin nan 0x0000000f bluish surface error. Therefore, you should effort to tally Windows Memory Diagnostic to lick nan problem. The steps are arsenic follows:

Step 1: Press nan Win + R cardinal to unfastened nan Run dialog box. Then type mdsched.exe successful it and property Enter.

Step 2: In nan pop-up box, click connected Restart now and cheque for problems (recommended) to cheque for nan problems and hole them.

run Windows Memory Diagnostic

If you want to upgrade RAM, you tin mention to this article: How to Upgrade aliases Replace nan RAM connected Your Computer

Corrupted strategy files tin trigger this 0x0000000f bluish surface error. You tin repair them by moving DISM and SFC tools. Here shows really to usage DISM and SFC successful Command Prompt.

Step 1: Type cmd successful nan Windows hunt bar. Then right-click connected Command Prompt and prime Run arsenic administrator.

Step 2: In nan Command Prompt window, type sfc /scannow and property Enter.

Step 3: When nan SFC instrumentality completes its task, type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and property Enter.

run DISM and SFC tools

Step 4: Wait patiently until nan process is 100% complete.

Fix 4. Clean Install Your Computer

If nan supra methods can’t lick nan problem, you tin effort to cleanable instal your PC to lick it. Read this station to cognize nan elaborate steps: How to Clean Install Windows 10 21H2 connected PC


Pay attraction that you request to backmost up them earlier you do. You tin usage a master clone disk instrumentality – MiniTool Partition Wizard to thief you backmost up data.

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Bottom Line

This station provides respective methods for nan 0x0000000f bluish surface error. You tin effort them 1 by 1 until nan problem gets solved. If you person immoderate problems, you tin time off them successful nan pursuing remark zone.

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