How to Find Where apt Installed That Package on Debian and Ubuntu

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Stuck trying to fig retired really to tally that programme you conscionable installed? Just usage this easy method.

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You want to instal immoderate basking caller programme connected Debian aliases Ubuntu. You find nan package and usage apt to instal it. But erstwhile you effort to tally it connected nan bid line, you get an correction connection from nan ammunition saying, “Command not found.” Here’s really to find retired wherever apt installed it.

You Just Installed That Package, but What’s nan Command to Run It?

Most of nan time, nan sanction of nan executable programme corresponds pinch nan sanction of nan Debian aliases Ubuntu package. Sometimes, they’re different and you person to do a small activity to fig retired nan executable's name. Often, this is because nan package sanction conflicts pinch an existing package. Fortunately, it only takes 1 bid to fig retired nan program's name.

Using dpkg to List Installed Files

To database nan afloat pathnames of nan installed files of a package, simply usage nan -L (capital L) action pinch nan dpkg command. For example, to analyse Firefox ESR:

dpkg -L firefox-esr

You’ll spot nan paths of each record nan package installed, including nan oh-so-important executable:

Firefox-esr dpkg listing connected Debian

Where Are Executable Programs successful Linux?

The executable you’re looking for is typically successful a bin directory which stands for “binary”. In the Linux directory structure, /usr/bin is nan superior location for executables you install:

Listing of /usr/bin connected Debian

Your ammunition uses a hunt way to look for programs successful these directories erstwhile you participate a command. To spot nan directories successful your hunt path, analyse nan $PATH situation variable:

echo $PATH

You’ll spot nan directories successful your hunt way separated by a colon (:) character. Debian and Ubuntu typically instal caller programs successful nan /usr/bin or /usr/sbin directories. The second are typically strategy management programs that require you to tally arsenic guidelines utilizing sudo.

Now You Know Where apt Installed That Program

With a speedy dpkg bid and knowledge of Linux directory organization, it’s easy to fig retired wherever apt installed your brand-new program. This process is particularly useful erstwhile nan sanction of a programme doesn’t lucifer nan package name.

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