How to Find Out Which Kindle Model You Have: 4 Ways

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Can't retrieve which Kindle you own? Here's really to place your Kindle exemplary successful a fewer minutes.

A Kindle Macbook and iPhone

Over nan past fewer years, Amazon has released respective Kindle models, and while they each travel pinch caller features and advancements, keeping way of each exemplary tin get beautiful confusing.

Identifying your Kindle exemplary is important for galore reasons, including troubleshooting and accessing customer support, purchasing accessories for illustration cases and sleeves, and knowing your devices’ features and capabilities. But pinch truthful galore Kindles available, you mightiness not retrieve which 1 you have. Don't worry; location are plentifulness of ways to find out.

1. Check Your Kindle Settings

The easiest and astir straightforward measurement to find your Kindle exemplary is to cheque your instrumentality accusation successful your Kindle settings. Here’s really to do it:

  1. On your Kindle location screen, pat nan three-dot fastener connected nan apical right.
  2. Tap Settings from nan drop-down paper
  3. Select Device Options, and past pat Device Info.

A pop-up model will look wherever you tin find your Kindle model, generation, serial number, and existent firmware version.

2. Find Out Your Kindle Model connected Amazon’s Website

If you can’t entree aliases run your Kindle, different measurement to find retired your Kindle exemplary is done Amazon’s website. If your Kindle is registered to your Amazon account, you tin negociate your Kindle devices and immoderate contented acquired from Amazon pinch it. Just travel these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon and login to nan relationship linked to your Kindle
  2. Hove your rodent complete nan Account and Lists action and prime Content and Devices.
  3. Go to nan Devices tab.
  4. Under nan Amazon devices section, click Kindle to find a database of immoderate registered Kindle devices. Manage Devices Page

You tin click immoderate of nan registered devices to spot their names, models, and nan day nan instrumentality was registered to your account.

To spot nan serial number of your Kindle, simply click your instrumentality name. This will lead you to a instrumentality accusation page to position your serial number and negociate your Kindle.

Additionally, you tin usage definite distinguishing features to thief place your Kindle utilizing Amazon’s Kindle exemplary and features guide that tin besides thief you determine what Kindle instrumentality to buy if you request a caller one.

3. Use Amazon's Mobile App to Identify Your Kindle

Though you tin nary longer bargain Kindle books connected Amazon's mobile app, you tin still place your Kindle model. Here’s how:

  1. In nan Amazon app, caput to nan floor plan tab successful nan toolbar and pat Your Account.
  2. Scroll down to Account Settings and pat Content and Devices.
  3. Go to nan Devices tab. Under nan Amazon devices section, pat Kindle.

You'll spot a akin database of Kindle devices, and to spot much specifications astir your Kindle, for illustration nan serial number, simply pat nan Kindle sanction to caput to nan instrumentality summary page.

4. Identify Your Kindle With nan Serial Number

You tin besides fig retired your Kindle exemplary by utilizing nan serial number of your Kindle. You tin find your Kindle serial number connected your instrumentality by going to Settings > Device Options > Device Info.

However, if you can’t entree your Kindle aliases your instrumentality is inoperative, you tin besides find your serial number connected Amazon’s website aliases mobile app done nan relationship registered to your Kindle by pursuing nan steps above.

Once you person your serial number, you tin place your Kindle exemplary utilizing nan serial number prefix, comparing it to this list of each Kindle models and serial numbers.

Keep Track of Your Kindle Model

Being capable to place your Kindle exemplary is important arsenic it helps you to return advantage of each nan features disposable to you truthful you tin tailor a reference acquisition that champion suits your needs.

If you’ve gone done this guideline and you still can’t place your Kindle model, retrieve you tin ever interaction Amazon’s customer support for further assistance.

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