How to Find Files You Downloaded on Android

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Where did that record you downloaded go? Here's really to find it connected Android.

Google Photos app successful an app files connected nan Pixel Fold. Jason Montoya / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Android devices person a preinstalled record head app called "Files" aliases "My Files" wherever downloaded files are saved successful nan "Downloads" folder.
  • To find downloaded files, unfastened nan record head app and pat nan hamburger paper icon to entree nan broadside menu, past prime "Downloads" from nan list.
  • Alternatively, utilizing nan "Files by Google" app, unfastened nan app connected your Android device, spell to nan "Browse" tab, and pat "Downloads" to position each downloaded documents and files.

It tin beryllium frustrating not to beryllium capable to find your downloaded files. This tin hap connected Android devices, too, which person record systems for illustration immoderate different operating system. Here's really to find downloaded files connected Android.

Every Android instrumentality has immoderate benignant of record head app preinstalled. On Google Pixel phones, it's simply called "Files," and there's besides nan "Files by Google" app, which anyone tin download. Samsung Galaxy phones telephone it "My Files."

Anything you download will beryllium saved to nan aptly named "Downloads" files connected your device. To begin, unfastened nan record head connected your Android telephone aliases tablet. In this example, we're utilizing nan Google Pixel's "Files" app, but nan aforesaid basal steps will use to astir record managers.

An arrow pointing astatine nan files app connected nan location screen

The adjacent measurement is to find nan "Downloads" folder. In this case, we request to pat nan hamburger paper icon successful nan top-left area to unfastened nan broadside menu.

An arrow pointing astatine nan paper icon

Select nan "Downloads" action from nan list.

Highlighting nan downloads folder

All of your downloaded files tin beryllium recovered successful this folder.

The process is moreover easier if you're utilizing nan "Files by Google" app. First, unfastened nan app connected your Android instrumentality and Make judge you're connected nan "Browse" tab.

Select nan browse tab successful Files by Google

Tap nan "Downloads" action and past you'll spot each of your downloaded documents and files.

Highlighting nan Downloads folder

That's it! In nan immense mostly of cases, thing you download from a web browser for illustration Google Chrome will beryllium saved to your Android phone's aliases tablet's "Downloads" folder. The steps whitethorn beryllium different depending connected your record manager, but it's usually imaginable to hunt for files arsenic well. You tin effort searching for "Downloads" to bring it up.

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