How to Find and Open the Mac Applications Folder

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Need to unfastened aliases negociate nan apps connected your Mac? Here’s really to find nan Applications files utilizing Finder.

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Your Mac tends to shop banal apps and third-party programs wrong a typical files called Applications. If you dislike utilizing nan Launchpad, nan Applications files is simply a awesome replacement for opening, deleting, and moving Mac apps.

On that note, present are immoderate ways to find and unfastened nan Mac Applications folder.

The modular attack to get to nan Applications files connected your Mac involves opening a caller Finder model and selecting Applications connected nan sidebar.

Applications files successful Finder.

If nan Applications files doesn't look wrong nan Finder sidebar, prime Finder > Settings (or Preferences successful macOS Monterey and older) connected nan paper bar. Then, move to nan Sidebar tab and cheque nan container adjacent to Applications.

Another measurement to bring up nan Applications files is to usage your Mac's paper bar. With your Mac's desktop selected, click Go > Applications connected nan paper bar. Or, property Command + Shift + A.

Opening Applications files via nan Mac paper bar.

The fastest measurement to unfastened nan Applications files successful macOS involves using Spotlight Search. To do this, property Command + Space bar (or nan Spotlight usability cardinal connected prime keyboard models) and type Applications. Then, prime Applications from nan hunt results.

Opening Applications files via Spotlight Search.

Do this a mates of times, and Spotlight will automatically spot nan Applications files astatine nan apical of nan results. You tin past unfastened it by pressing Enter instantly aft searching for it.

Spotlight is besides a awesome measurement to unfastened apps straight without visiting nan Applications files aliases nan Launchpad.

Using nan Mac's Applications Folder

Just for illustration nan Mac's Launchpad, you tin usage nan Applications files to unfastened immoderate app connected your Mac (excluding immoderate that thin to tally straight from nan Downloads folder). Some autochthonal apps (such arsenic Terminal and Disk Utility) are located nether a sub-folder branded Utilities.

In summation to launching programs, present are respective different actions you tin execute wrong nan Applications files (they aren't exhaustive):

  • Delete apps: Remove unwanted apps from your Mac.
  • Check information: Check specifications specified arsenic nan full size, benignant (Intel, Apple silicon, aliases universal), publisher, and truthful connected for an app; to do this, Control-click nan point and prime Get Info.
  • Move to nan Dock: Drag apps into nan Dock for faster access.
  • View package contents: View nan contents of an app; Control-click nan point and prime View Package Contents.

Keeps Your Apps Up to Date

Now that you cognize really to unfastened your Mac's Applications folder, you won't person immoderate problem managing and launching immoderate apps you need.

To guarantee you support having a soft acquisition pinch your Mac apps, make judge you regularly support them up to date.

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