How to Find Active .Onion Dark Web Sites (And Why You Might Want To)

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Key Takeaways

  • To entree bulb sites connected nan Tor network, you request to usage nan Tor browser, which is preconfigured to link to nan web and protect your privacy.
  • There are typical Tor hunt engines and curated lists disposable to find progressive bulb sites, specified arsenic Real World Onion Sites, Dark.Fail,, Torch, Not Evil, Haystak, Onion Links, and The Hidden Wiki.
  • When browsing Tor and bulb sites, beryllium cautious arsenic location is perchance vulnerable and harmful content. Avoid clicking connected each bulb nexus and copying random bulb addresses to protect yourself from scams and phishing attacks.

The Tor web is simply a bid of interconnected nodes that let anonymous net use. Tor stands for "The Onion Router," while sites hosted connected nan work transportation nan ".onion" top-level domain suffix. Onion sites are inaccessible from your regular browser. They're portion of nan invisible internet, known arsenic nan heavy web. Or, much precisely, nan Tor darknet.

But if you cannot entree bulb sites utilizing your regular browser, really do you find progressive bulb sites? Read connected to find retired really to hunt for bulb sites connected nan Tor network—and really to enactment safe while doing so.

How Do You Access an Onion Site?

You tin only entree a .onion tract done Tor. To entree nan Tor network, you request nan Tor browser. The Tor browser is simply a modified Mozilla Firefox browser pinch galore integrated scripts and add-ons to protect your privateness while browsing bulb sites.

The Tor browser is preconfigured to link to nan network, and nan developers powerfully counsel not messing astir pinch nan browser settings unless you cognize what you are doing.

Adding to that, nan "know what you're doing" is different from a regular browser successful that altering nan Tor browser settings tin expose your backstage browsing information to outer sources.

Head to nan Tor Project tract and download nan Tor browser (one of many acheronian web browsers). Browse to nan download location, find nan Tor Browser folder, and prime Start Tor Browser. The browser instantly checks for updates. If location is an update, use it.

tor browser shortcut windows explorer

Other browsers focus connected privateness and anonymity. Also, is Tor what you need, aliases would a basal VPN do nan job? You tin usage Tor together pinch a VPN, but Tor doesn't urge it unless you cognize what you're doing.

A Quick Warning About Onion Sites

Onion sites, and darknets successful general, tin big immoderate horrifying content. A ample magnitude of it is fictional, but location is nary uncertainty you tin extremity up viewing perchance damaging and compromising worldly if you are not careful. Most of nan genuinely atrocious bits are locked distant down paywalls, proxies wrong proxies, and addresses you won't find printed anywhere.

Some would knock websites for penning astir specified things—and Tor for enabling them. Tor's Abuse FAQ provides a bully defense, noting that:

Criminals tin already do bad things. Since they're consenting to break laws, they already person tons of options disposable that supply amended privateness than Tor provides.

Law enforcement already knows these areas of nan web exist—if not connected Tor, they'd beryllium elsewhere. As nan FAQ besides notes, "Traditional constabulary techniques tin still beryllium very effective against Tor."

Read each explanation earlier you click immoderate links!

How to Find Active Onion Sites

Google Search indexes nan full internet, 1 page astatine a time. Web crawlers (also known arsenic a spider) are net bots that systematically trawl done net pages and scale nan content. Indexed contented is recovered utilizing a hunt engine.

The Tor darknet has akin indexing, though you won't find those sites done Google. At least, not directly.

No, you request a typical Tor hunt motor instead. Alternatively, galore sites curate lists of bulb sites, which you tin cheque retired below. There are besides bulb reside hunt engines, specified arsenic Ahmia, which let you to hunt nan Tor web for bulb addresses from your regular browser. But connection to nan wise: Tor hunt engines don't activity for illustration Google and won't return basal hunt terms.

1. Real World Onion Sites

real world bulb sites github location page

The Real World Onion Sites Github is simply a regularly updated and checked listing of progressive bulb sites, pinch links to heaps of different services. Unlike galore bulb hunt engines and different listings, Real World Onion Sites doesn't see links to nan darker broadside of nan acheronian web. Instead, it focuses connected directing folks to useful services for illustration nan BBC News bulb addresses, privacy-focused sites for illustration Privacy International, and different tech and news outlets.

2. Dark.Fail

dark neglect bulb tract listing

Dark.Fail is 1 of nan champion ways to find progressive and—most importantly—legitimate bulb links. The anonymous journalist down nan relationship has go a focal constituent for nan acheronian web, ensuring that only morganatic links characteristic connected Dark.Fail, removing sites pinch questionable motives that move to phishing aliases different scams, and more.


ahmia acheronian web hunt tool is simply a clearnet website you tin usage to hunt nan Tor web for bulb links, but it has an bulb address, too. It's 1 of nan champion acheronian web hunt devices presently available, quickly delivering links to bulb addresses containing your hunt terms.

As pinch immoderate Tor web hunt engine, you will ever person mixed results. The very quality of nan web intends that not each reside is searchable, and acheronian web contented isn't indexed nicely and neatly for illustration nan clearnet.

Still, you tin usage Ahmia to find useful bulb links, past transcript them into nan Tor browser for somewhat easier access. Ahmia filters retired immoderate contented containing kid abuse, but you will still find links to different big content, truthful beryllium careful. MakeUseOf is not responsible for immoderate contented you tally into while searching retired progressive bulb links!

4. Torch

tor torch facebook search

Torch is simply a well-known Tor hunt engine. However, it doesn't activity arsenic a regular hunt engine. For instance, utilizing Torch to hunt for "Facebook" doesn't return nan Facebook bulb tract (which you tin find here). Rather, it returns a database of posts looking for proposal connected really to hack Facebook accounts, wherever to bargain stolen Facebook accounts, and truthful on.

Comparatively, if you usage Google to hunt for Facebook, you extremity up connected nan societal media site, arsenic you'd expect. Torch illustrates precisely why searching for bulb sites doesn't ever present nan results you expect.

5. Not Evil

not evil tor web hunt engine

If TORCH doesn't thief you find what you want, effort Not Evil. Not Evil useful much for illustration a regular net hunt and is nan successor to TorSearch (another Tor hunt engine) and nan Evil Wiki (another listing site).

For instance, a hunt for "Facebook" returns nan charismatic Facebook bulb site. A hunt for "Proton" returns nan charismatic Proton Mail bulb site, and truthful on.

6. Haystak

Screenshot of Haystak bulb site

Haystak claims to scale complete 1.5 cardinal pages from nan acheronian web while filtering retired vulnerable hunt results. However, for illustration different bulb hunt engines, your hunt results are constricted and require rather circumstantial phrasing to find what you're looking for. As pinch nan erstwhile example, searching for "Facebook" doesn't return nan Facebook bulb address, but heaps of different bulb sites that whitethorn person referenced it.

Screenshot of OnionLinks

Onion Links is akin to The Hidden Wiki, successful that it is simply a jumping-off constituent for those caller to nan acheronian web. It features a agelong database of imaginable bulb sites and services you tin visit, covering almost each taxable you'd typically subordinate pinch nan acheronian web.

However, conscionable for illustration The Hidden Wiki, see nan links hosted location suspicious. While everything looks supra board, location is nary knowing if you're heading to a phishing site, fresh to bargain your credentials, crypto, aliases otherwise.

8. The Hidden Wiki

tor hidden wiki 2021 homepage

Although The Hidden Wiki is simply a wide jumping-off constituent for new darknet visitors, we've relegated it to nan bottommost of our list. It's often listed arsenic 1 of nan best darkweb sites to visit, but you should return nan links connected location pinch a pinch of salt. Many of nan bulb sites listed location are fake, scams, aliases otherwise.

The Hidden Wiki contains links for cryptocurrency wallet services, unafraid messaging services, domain hosting services, darknet marketplaces, darknet versions of celebrated societal networks, various chans (like 4chan, but connected Tor), and overmuch more. It besides has a agelong database of non-English connection sites too.

Be Safe When Browsing Tor and Onion Sites

Most darknet users will show you nan aforesaid thing: do not judge everything you hear.

A immense magnitude of story and infamy surrounds nan Tor darknet. For nan astir part, it isn't true. And if it is true, you don't want to cognize astir it, spot it, and particularly not click immoderate nexus that takes you adjacent it.

Whatever "it" whitethorn be.

It's important to retrieve that each progressive bulb tract nexus you click could return you to a phishing site. As location is small by measurement of protection against scams, phishing, and different dangers, don't spell astir clicking each bulb nexus you spot and copying and pasting each bulb reside you see. It could extremity badly!

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