How to Extract a Still Image from a Live Photo on iPhone

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Want to extract a different infinitesimal from a unrecorded photo?

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Key Takeaways

  • Open nan Photos app and pat nan "Edit" fastener to prime a framework from a Live Photo. Set nan image arsenic nan "Key Photo" to correspond nan Live Photo.
  • To extract a still framework from a Live Photo, pat nan three-dot paper fastener and prime "Duplicate." Choose "Duplicate As Still Photo" to create a caller photograph based connected nan Key Photo.

If you've ever taken a Live Photo connected your iPhone, you've fundamentally created a short video clip attached to an image. If you don't for illustration nan resulting photograph (or want to drawback a different one), it's imaginable to extract a different photograph from nan video clip that you tin prevention aliases share. Here's how.

How to Select a Frame from a Live Photo

First, unfastened nan Photos app. Browse your photos until you find nan unrecorded photograph you'd for illustration to activity on. Tap it to position it successful detail. Then pat nan "Edit" fastener successful nan upper-right area of nan screen.

Tap nan

On nan Edit screen, pat nan "Live Photo" icon adjacent nan bottommost of nan screen. (The Live Photo icon looks for illustration 3 concentric circles.)

Tap nan Live button.

A filmstrip will look conscionable beneath nan photo. Drag your digit on nan filmstrip until you find nan image that you would for illustration to extract. You will beryllium making this nan "Key Photo"---the photograph that visually represents nan Live Photo erstwhile you position it successful nan Photos app.

Slide nan framework broadside to broadside to prime a caller image.

After you assistance your digit from nan movie strip, a bubble will popular up that says "Make Key Photo." Tap it.


The Key Photo will beryllium set. After that, click "Done" to time off nan Edit screen.


When you return to nan photo-detail screen, announcement that nan image has changed to nan 1 you selected.

To extract nan image while leaving nan original Live Photo intact, we are going to copy it. First, pat nan three-dot paper fastener successful nan upper-right corner, past pat "Duplicate."

Tap nan three-dot paper icon, past pat

A pop-up will look asking if you want to copy nan photograph arsenic a Live Photo aliases arsenic a still photo. Tap "Duplicate As Still Photo."


After that, a caller copy photograph of nan cardinal framework you picked will look successful your Photos room conscionable beside nan original Live Photo. From there, you tin process aliases stock it nevertheless you wish.

If you'd like, you tin besides return to your original Live Photo, pat "Edit" again, past "Revert" it backmost to its original cardinal frame. That will reconstruct nan Live Photo to its original settings.

Keep successful mind that nan solution of nan extracted photograph whitethorn not lucifer that of a emblematic still photograph connected nan iPhone. That's because you person conscionable extracted a still framework from a video, and Apple devices grounds video frames astatine a little solution than still photos. Still, it's a beautiful bully characteristic to have. Have fun!

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