How to Export Your Videos in DaVinci Resolve

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Harness nan afloat spectrum of options erstwhile exporting your videos successful DaVinci Resolve.

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Key Takeaways

  • Exporting your video successful DaVinci Resolve tin beryllium done by selecting different render options aliases utilizing nan Quick Export feature.
  • You tin customize your export settings successful position of format, framework rate, subtitles, colour space, and audio settings.
  • DaVinci Resolve offers a Quick Export action for simpler exports, including societal media presets and nonstop uploads to platforms for illustration YouTube.

You’ve conscionable vanished your last edit for your video successful DaVinci Resolve, and now it’s clip to export it. There are a mates of ways you tin spell astir doing this—by either selecting each abstracted render action aliases doing a elemental and speedy export. In this article, we’ll show you really to export your video utilizing some methods, truthful you tin take which measurement is champion for your project.

How to Export a Video successful DaVinci Resolve

When you are done editing and fresh to export your video, click connected nan Deliver tab connected nan bottommost toolbar.

DaVinci Resolve's Delivery tab unfastened pinch Rendering settings

From there, you person nan options of H.264, H.265, and ProRes on pinch respective different presets. Many times, simply choosing H.264 aliases H.265 will activity perfectly, unless you for illustration to customize nan settings to your individual specifications. Below that is wherever you title your video record and take nan location.

Let’s opportunity you person respective clips that you’ve edited pinch different framework rates. When exporting, DaVinci Resolve gives you nan action to render nan clips arsenic a azygous clip, which will person each nan clips to nan Timecode Calculated At frame complaint and prevention them arsenic 1 clip. But you besides person nan action to separately prevention nan clips pinch their original framework rates by selecting Individual Source Clips.

DaVinci Resolve's Rendering mounting options for Video

Under Render, location are 3 tabs that springiness you much power complete your export settings—the first 1 being Video. Within Video, you tin change nan Format and Frame Rate, and moreover move a scenery video into a vertical video astatine nan past moment. Additionally, you tin adhd Chapters from Markers placed connected your video during nan editing process.

DaVinci Resolve's Rendering Video options for exporting pinch subtitles

If you added subtitles to your video successful DaVinci Resolve, you’ll want to unfastened nan Subtitle Settings tab and prime Export Subtitle. From there, take if you want to export nan subtitles arsenic a abstracted record aliases pain it into your video.

DaVinci Resolve's rendering options for gamma tag

If you want to debar a gamma shift, which makes your video look darker aliases washed retired compared to nan original, DaVinci Resolve has a mounting to thief pinch that. Open nan Advanced Settings tab and spell down to Color Space Tag. Open nan drop-down paper and prime Rec.709. After that, unfastened nan drop-down paper for Gamma Tag and prime Rec.709-A.

DaVinci Resolve's rendering options for Audio

The Audio tab is wherever you will spell to change immoderate of nan settings for nan sound of your video. These see options for illustration Codec and Bit Rate Strategy. You tin besides take to not export audio if you want your video to person nary sound.

DaVinci Resolve's rendering options for Files

The File tab allows you to customize your record sanction a spot more, for illustration adding a File Suffix. It besides tells you your existent and after-rendered Disk Space, which tin decidedly travel successful handy. Additionally, you tin alteration nan Render Speed. Normally, you would time off it astatine Maximum, but if you find that you person insufficient bandwidth, dropping nan velocity down whitethorn thief your video person a cleaner export.

Rendering a vanished video connected DaVinci Resolve

After you’re happy pinch each your export settings, click connected Add to Render Queue. You’ll find your video fresh to beryllium exported successful nan precocious right-hand corner. If you person much videos to export from nan project, travel nan aforesaid guidelines arsenic above. When you’re fresh to export, click Render All.

If you request a much in-depth guideline for each of nan settings that DaVinci Resolve has for exporting, Blackmagic Design has an all-inclusive manual connected its support page nether nan Latest Support Notes.

How to Use Quick Export successful DaVinci Resolve

Although DaVinci Resolve allows you to take everything from format type to gamma tags, sometimes, you whitethorn want a simpler export option.

To find Quick Export, spell to File successful nan precocious toolbar and prime Quick Export. From there, you’ll find respective presets, including societal media options.

Finding speedy export connected DaVinci Resolve

If you take 1 of nan main options for illustration H.264 aliases ProRes and click Export, you’ll beryllium directed to find a spot to prevention it and past DaVinci Resolve will export your video from there.

Quick export options connected DaVinci Resolve-1

If you take 1 of nan different options, for illustration uploading your video straight to YouTube from Resolve, you’ll beryllium asked to motion successful to your relationship and past fixed nan action to Upload Directly. If you do, DaVinci Resolve will export your video and upload it to your chosen platform. Quick and convenient.

Understanding DaVinci Resolve’s Export Options

DaVinci Resolve has fixed its users galore options to take from erstwhile exporting their videos. This is conscionable 1 of nan reasons why it is simply a awesome package for some beginners and much knowledgeable video editors.

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