How to Enable & Use Windows Copilot, Microsoft's AI Companion

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Try nan AI adjunct for Windows 11.

How to Enable & Use Windows CopilotMicrosoft

Microsoft is bringing a caller AI adjunct (like Clippy) called Copilot that is designed to thief you make nan Windows PC easier to use. The AI adjunct is expected to activity conscionable for illustration Bing Chat, but it is still a caller characteristic that needs a batch of activity and integration pinch different apps. However, if you still want to effort retired Windows Copilot, here's really you tin get started.

Update your Windows to Get nan Copilot Feature

Windows Copilot is now disposable successful immoderate of nan latest versions of Windows 11. On your PC, spell to Settings > Windows Update > Click connected nan "Check for Updates" fastener and instal nan latest build of Windows 11.

You mightiness request to download and instal nan Dev aliases Canary type of Windows done nan Insider programme for nan latest update. However, these versions of Windows are a spot unstable and mightiness person a fewer bugs, truthful don't instal it connected a instrumentality you trust on.

Update your Windows to get nan Copilot feature

Once installed, you will beryllium prompted to restart nan PC. After restarting, you should spot nan Copilot icon correct adjacent to nan hunt bar. If not, you tin besides unfastened it by utilizing nan Windows+C shortcut.

If you still don't person nan feature, you besides tin opt-in to get nan latest updates arsenic soon arsenic they're disposable by going to Settings > Windows Update > Enable "Get nan latest updates arsenic soon arsenic they are available".

You tin besides effort to join nan Windows Insider program to download a preview type of Windows 11. By joining nan program, you will get instant entree to nan latest features for illustration Windows Copilot and more. To subordinate nan program, spell to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program > Get Started.

Join Windows Insider programme to get nan latest features

How to Use Windows Copilot

There are galore ways successful which you tin usage nan Copilot characteristic to make nan Windows acquisition moreover better. However, location are a fewer basal settings that you mightiness want to cheque out.

Show nan Windows Copilot Shortcut

If Windows Copilot is not showing connected your Taskbar by default spell to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Enable Copilot. You tin now motorboat Windows Copilot chat straight from nan taskbar aliases by utilizing nan Windows+C shortcut cardinal (For Microsoft Edge this shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+. [period]).

How to Connect Windows Copilot to Microsoft Edge

Windows Copilot tin activity straight pinch nan Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Bing, and nan Edge browser. You tin usage this characteristic to make your browsing acquisition moreover better. However, you will first request to springiness it entree to contented that is unfastened connected your browser.

Open Windows Copilot, and click connected nan three-dot menu.

Change Windows Copilot Settings and alteration it to spot Microsoft Edge content

Go to Settings and alteration "Let Copilot successful Windows usage Microsoft Edge content"

Enable Let Copilot successful Windows usage Microsoft Edge Content

You tin now usage Windows Copilot pinch Microsoft Edge. Try asking nan AI powered assistant to negociate your PC settings aliases shape your windows via threat assist.

Windows Copilot organizing tabs

Additional features will besides beryllium added later connected that will let Windows Copilot to interact pinch different apps. However, for now it is constricted to interacting pinch Windows settings and Microsoft Edge.

Enable Copilot Through Alternate Methods

Microsoft has made Copilot disposable connected galore Windows 11 systems, and you tin mostly usage it if you've downloaded nan astir caller update. However, nan characteristic is only enabled successful a prime number of markets, specified arsenic North America and parts of Asia and South America. If nan Windows Copilot action is still unavailable to you, moreover aft installing nan latest update you tin get, present is simply a workaround to entree nan AI characteristic connected your system.

Right-Click connected your desktop, prime New and create a Shortcut. Copy and paste nan pursuing location erstwhile asked.

Paste nan Windows Copilot shortcut location

Click Next and springiness nan shortcut a name. Once you person created nan shortcut, you tin usage it to entree Windows Copilot. Again, this shortcut will only activity if you person updated your Windows to nan latest type done nan Insider Program.

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