How to Enable Cookies in Any Mac Browser

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Is your browser blocking cookies erstwhile you don't want it to?

MacBook Air showing a cooky connected nan screen

Key Takeaways

  • Enabling cookies successful your Mac's browser is important for galore websites to usability decently and shop important information.
  • Safari users tin alteration cookies by going to Safari settings, navigating to nan Advanced tab, and unchecking nan Block each cookies box.
  • Other browsers for illustration Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge besides connection options to alteration cookies successful their privateness settings, allowing for customization and good power complete cooky preferences.

Websites often shop mini matter files connected your Mac. While these files, AKA cookies, could raise privateness concerns, galore sites will not usability decently without them. So, whether you usage Safari, Chrome, aliases Firefox, here's really to alteration cookies successful your Mac's browser.


While Safari's locator prevention instrumentality is often champion near on, not allowing immoderate cookies tin beryllium problematic. Many websites trust connected cookies to shop important accusation relating to preferences and relationship details, and blocking them tin create a antagonistic personification acquisition and make immoderate pages slow aliases wholly nonfunctional.

You tin alteration cookies successful Safari utilizing these steps:

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Mouse up to nan paper bar, click Safari, and take Settings.
    Safari paper pinch Settings highlighted
  3. Head to nan Advanced tab successful nan window.
  4. Uncheck nan Block each cookies box.
    Safari Advanced settings panel

You tin besides click nan Manage Website Data fastener successful nan Privacy conception of Safari settings to either region individual cookies you don't want stored connected your Mac aliases clear retired each nan cookies connected Safari. The instrumentality has a hunt function, truthful you tin easy find files related to a peculiar website and delete them if necessary.

Google Chrome

If you usage Chrome alternatively of Safari arsenic nan default browser connected your Mac, travel these steps to alteration cookies:

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Click Chrome successful nan paper barroom and take Settings.
  3. Select Privacy and security successful nan near sidebar.
  4. Click Third-party cookies connected nan right.
    Privacy and information sheet of Chrome's settings
  5. Select either Allow third-party cookies aliases Block third-party cookies successful Incognito.
    Google Chrome cookies settings connected macOS

If you scroll down to nan bottommost of nan aforesaid menu, you'll spot nan action to let circumstantial sites to usage third-party cookies for greater control. Before you change immoderate settings, you whitethorn want to spot our guideline connected Chrome's cookies policy.

Mozilla Firefox

If you're personification who uses Firefox alternatively of Chrome, you tin alteration third-party cookies successful a akin measurement by pursuing these elemental steps:

  1. Launch Firefox and click Firefox successful nan paper bar.
  2. Select Settings from nan dropdown to unfastened up Firefox's settings.
  3. Click Privacy & Security successful nan near sidebar.
  4. Switch to Standard protection aliases create a Custom configuration that doesn't artifact each cookies.
    Firefox Privacy & Security settings

Firefox besides has a instrumentality for blocking aliases allowing cookies from definite websites. You'll find these settings erstwhile you click nan Manage Exceptions fastener nether nan Cookies and Site Data conception successful nan aforesaid menu.

Microsoft Edge

Thanks to nan move to Chromium, Microsoft Edge has gained fame successful caller years. And if you're personification who uses it, here's what you request to do connected your Mac to alteration cookies connected Microsoft Edge:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click Microsoft Edge successful nan paper barroom and take Settings.
  3. Go to Cookies and Site Permissions successful nan broadside menu.
  4. Select Manage and delete cookies and tract data connected nan right.
  5. Toggle connected Allow sites to prevention and publication cooky information (recommended)
    Microsoft Edge cookies settings connected macOS

Further down nan page, you'll find a Block and Allow database wherever you tin adhd circumstantial sites for finer control.

Allow Third-Party Cookies successful Less Common macOS Browsers

As you tin see, you'll mostly find your cookies settings wrong your browser's privateness settings. If you still can't find nan due mounting successful your browser, you whitethorn request to cheque nan developer's website for much information.

Cookies Are Necessary for Browsing nan Web

Cookies aren't needfully harmful. While galore purpose to stitchery individual accusation and way you crossed nan internet, others are important to helping websites activity arsenic intended. In fact, cookies thief prevention your preferences, truthful you don't person to adhd them each clip you visit.

In astir cases, you tin let third-party cookies without immoderate superior information risks. Most browsers connection intuitive options wrong their privateness settings that fto you quickly change and customize your preferences.

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