How to Empty the Trash on Android

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Send those storage-hogging files to nan 🗑️

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Key Takeaways

  • Android doesn't person a cosmopolitan recycle bin, truthful you person to individually quiet nan trash successful apps for illustration Google Photos and Files by Google to free up storage.
  • In Google Photos, spell to Library > Trash > 3 dots > Empty Trash to permanently delete deleted photos and videos.
  • In Files by Google, spell to nan hamburger paper > Trash > prime each files > Delete to permanently region deleted files. Other methods to free up retention see clearing app cache and reducing retention usage successful apps for illustration WhatsApp and Dropbox.

Unlike a desktop computer's trash system, Android doesn't connection a cosmopolitan recycle bin that stores your deleted files. Instead, astir Android apps negociate their ain trash, which you person to individually quiet to free up your phone's storage. Here's really to do that.

In this guide, we'll screen really to quiet nan trash for Google Photos and Files by Google, which are 2 of nan celebrated assemblage and record head apps for this operating system. If you usage a different app, cheque nan "Recently Deleted" folder, "Trash," aliases akin places to find and remove your deleted files.

Clear nan Trash successful Google Photos

To clear your deleted photos and videos, first, motorboat nan Google Photos app connected your Android phone.

In Photos' bottommost bar, pat "Library."

Screenshot of nan bottommost barroom successful Google Photos, arrow pointing to Library

On nan "Library" screen, astatine nan top, pat "Trash."

Screenshot of Google Photos tools, arrow pointing astatine Trash

On nan "Trash" page, successful nan top-right corner, pat nan 3 dots.

Screenshot of Google Photos trash, screenshot pointing astatine nan paper icon

From nan three-dot menu, prime "Empty Trash."

Arrow pointing astatine Empty Trash

In nan prompt, take "Allow" to corroborate your choice.

Make judge you're okay pinch permanently losing each nan items successful your trash. You can't retrieve them erstwhile they're gone.

Arrow pointing astatine nan Allow button

And Google Photos will permanently delete everything from nan trash. You're each set.

Empty nan Trash successful Files by Google

If you use Files by Google arsenic your record head and you want to clear nan trash, first, motorboat nan Files by Google app connected your phone.

When nan app launches, successful nan top-left corner, pat nan hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Arrow pointing astatine nan Google Files paper button

In nan paper that opens, prime "Trash."

Arrow pointing astatine Google Files trash

On nan "Trash" page, your deleted files are displayed. Here, prime each your files by choosing "All Items." Then, astatine nan bottom, pat "Delete."


In nan punctual that opens, take "Delete."

You won't beryllium capable to retrieve your files erstwhile they're permanently deleted. Make judge you're okay pinch that.

Arrow pointing astatine nan delete button

And you're done. Files by Google will delete your trashed files for good.

Other Ways to Free Up an Android Phone's Storage

Emptying nan trash is 1 of nan galore ways to clear your Android phone's storage. You tin usage different methods to reclaim moreover much retention abstraction connected your phone. These see clearing nan app cache, (like Discord's cache files), reducing WhatsApp's retention usage, and removing Dropbox's cache.

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