How to Edit Your Photos Using the VSCO Studio Desktop App

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VSCO has a photograph editing app for your computer. Here's really to usage it and make amended adjustments.

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VSCO released VSCO Studio connected desktop for a action of users successful 2023, and you tin usage nan app to make respective adjustments to your images. In this guide, you’ll study really to edit your photos utilizing nan VSCO Studio machine app.

The Initial Requirements for Using nan VSCO Desktop App

To usage VSCO Studio connected your desktop, you’ll request a VSCO Pro subscription. VSCO Pro costs $59.99 per twelvemonth if you’d alternatively salary annually and $12.99 per period for those who’d for illustration a month-to-month membership. A seven-day free proceedings is disposable if you want to trial VSCO Pro.

You tin motion up for VSCO Pro via some nan VSCO website and done nan app connected your smartphone. However, you tin only taxable your costs specifications from nan website connected your machine if you unrecorded successful nan US. Everyone other will request to download nan app.

Download: VSCO for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

After signing up for VSCO Pro, you tin entree nan VSCO Studio desktop app. If you scheme connected utilizing VSCO arsenic your main photograph editing app, it’s worthy comparing VSCO Pro pinch Lightroom Classic.

What Kinds of Photo Files Can You Edit successful nan VSCO Desktop App?

You tin easy edit JPEG files successful nan VSCO desktop app without excessively overmuch difficulty. But unfortunately, things aren’t truthful easy for different formats.

As of November 2023, nan VSCO desktop app doesn’t let you to edit RAW. So, you’ll request to activity an replacement if you’d for illustration to activity pinch these kinds of files.

How to Import a Photo to VSCO for Desktop

To motion into your VSCO account, you’ll request to usage nan VSCO website. Once you’re in, travel nan instructions outlined below.

  1. Click connected nan Studio tab, which you’ll find connected nan left-hand side.
    Select nan Studio tab successful nan VSCO app
  2. Tap nan + button.
    Select nan Plus Icon successful nan VSCO Desktop App
  3. Pick nan file(s) that you’d for illustration to import from your machine aliases outer difficult drive. Depending connected nan wide record size, nan images mightiness return immoderate clip to upload.

VSCO tin beryllium advantageous successful situations wherever capturing successful JPEG is better. With that successful mind, it’s worthy reference astir when you should sprout and edit successful JPEG alternatively of RAW.

How to Edit Photos successful nan VSCO Desktop App

The editing features successful VSCO for desktop aren’t arsenic precocious arsenic Lightroom and different premium photograph editing apps. Nonetheless, you tin still usage a mates of different features to change your images. We’ll place these successful much item below.

Applying a Preset

Many group usage VSCO because nan presets disposable are awesome for posting connected societal media and blogs. And because you’re a VSCO Pro member, you’ll person entree to respective presets successful nan desktop app. These presets screen respective categories, specified arsenic film, and different genres (e.g. portraits).

Follow these steps to use a preset to your image successful nan VSCO Studio desktop app.

  1. Tap the first icon beneath nan 3 dots connected nan right-hand side.
    Choose nan Preset Tab successful nan VSCO Desktop App
  2. Scroll done nan different presets and prime nan 1 you want to use to your images.
  3. Change nan settings associated pinch your preset. Some will only let you to change nan strength. Others, meanwhile, fto you move Character and Warmth sliders arsenic well.
    The Preset Sliders successful nan VSCO Desktop App

Note that erstwhile applying nan presets, nan app tin sometimes return a fewer seconds for your changes to look connected nan image. So, if you don’t instantly spot anything, hold a bit, and nan problem should lick itself.

In summation to picking nan correct editing software, you should besides take nan correct instrumentality for awesome photos. Consider looking astatine the champion DSLR cameras if you want a starting point.

Using nan Sliders successful VSCO Studio for Desktop

Besides applying presets, you’ll besides person entree to respective accommodation sliders successful nan VSCO desktop app. Many of these are nan aforesaid that you’ll find if you’ve utilized Lightroom aliases Capture One before. A cardinal difference, however, is that nan sliders successful nan VSCO Studio app for desktop scope from -6 to +6.

Here’s really to usage nan VSCO sliders connected your computer.

  1. Go to the icon beneath Presets. It looks for illustration 2 vertical sliders.
    Select nan Sliders Icon successful VSCO
  2. Move nan sliders until you’re happy pinch nan extremity result. If you person a unsmooth estimate of what you want to change, you tin type nan number into nan slider instead.

Changing nan Dimensions of Your Photo

If you want to station your pictures connected societal media, you whitethorn request to set nan dimensions of your edited photos earlier exporting and sharing them. Adjusting nan size of your images successful nan VSCO Studio app is very simple:

  1. Click connected the cropping icon successful nan right-hand toolbar.
    Choose nan VSCO Cropping Icon
  2. If you want to take a pre-adjusted ratio, spell to Aspect Ratio and prime your preference. Alternatively, move nan corners of your image until you’re happy pinch nan result.

Besides cropping your image free-form, you tin besides harvest nan photograph pinch nan aforesaid dimensions successful which you imported it. Tap Original astatine nan bottommost of your screen.

How to Reset All of Your Edits

One peculiar annoyance astir nan VSCO Studio app for desktop is that it tin sometimes consciousness rather unintuitive. For example, if you property Ctrl + Z to undo your astir caller edit, you’ll unfastened a webpage that you antecedently closed successful your browser.

If you aren’t happy pinch nan edits that you’ve made, you tin still easy reset these. Press \ and return astatine nan aforesaid time, and your pictures should readjust themselves.

Exporting Your Image From VSCO

Once you’ve vanished editing your photograph successful nan VSCO Studio app for desktop, you tin easy export nan image to your difficult thrust aliases computer. Follow nan steps beneath to do that.

  1. Tap nan Export icon.
    VSCO Export Tab connected nan Desktop App
  2. A pop-up model will look and inquire if you want to station to VSCO and not conscionable download it to your computer. If you only want to download connected your computer, pat Download afloat size and prime Save.
    Opt to Save a Photo successful nan VSCO Desktop App
  3. Allow downloads from your browser if you haven’t already erstwhile nan adjacent model appears.
  4. Access nan downloaded image successful your Downloads folder. You tin past move it to wherever you’d for illustration to prevention it.

When you prevention your pictures from VSCO, they’ll beryllium successful .jpg format.

Everything You Need to Know About Editing successful VSCO connected Your Computer

VSCO Studio for desktop is different measurement to usage nan celebrated mobile app. You tin easy use aggregate presets, on pinch adjusting basal sliders. On apical of that, it’s easy to stock your pictures connected societal media—thanks to nan resizing feature.

It’s worthy trying VSCO Studio retired pinch your free trial. If you don’t for illustration it, you tin ever cancel anterior to getting billed.

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