How to Disconnect Your iPhone From a Mac: 8 Ways

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Here are each nan different ways to disconnect an iPhone and a Mac, covering Bluetooth, AirDrop, iCloud, and more.

MacBook Pro and iPhone connected a table

The Apple ecosystem is 1 of nan superior reasons why Apple devices person a bully estimation successful nan industry. It allows your iPhone and Mac to seamlessly pass pinch each other, allowing you to stock your media, return advantage of Continuity features, and more.

While it whitethorn sound appealing to some, you whitethorn not want to support your iPhone connected to your Mac. This guideline will show you various ways to disconnect your iPhone from a Mac.

1. How to Disconnect Your iPhone From Mac successful Finder

If you want to extremity your iPhone from showing up successful Finder connected a Mac, simply disconnecting it from nan USB cablegram should suffice. But if that doesn't help, you've astir apt configured Finder to observe nan iOS instrumentality complete Wi-Fi.

To afloat eject your iPhone from Mac, commencement by selecting your iPhone successful Finder's sidebar. Then, scroll down to nan Options conception and uncheck nan container adjacent to Show this iPhone erstwhile connected Wi-Fi.

iPhone options erstwhile connected to Mac successful Finder

If you don't ain nan Mac, you tin take to revoke nan permissions you initially gave erstwhile connecting your iPhone to it. To do that, unfastened your iPhone's Settings app and spell to General > Transfer aliases Reset iPhone > Reset. Follow that by tapping Reset Location & Privacy.

2. How to Disconnect Your iPhone's Hotspot From a Mac

Your iPhone's Personal Hotspot feature allows your Mac speedy entree to nan net without different Wi-Fi network. But if you want to disconnect from it, clicking your iPhone connected nan Mac's Wi-Fi paper aliases picking a different hotspot altogether should do nan trick.

Personal Hotspot successful nan Wi-Fi paper connected Mac

Additionally, you whitethorn want to extremity nan Mac from asking you to link to your iPhone each nan time. To do that, unfastened nan Apple paper and spell to System Settings > Wi-Fi. Then, uncheck nan container adjacent to Ask to subordinate hotspots. You tin still subordinate it via nan Wi-Fi menu.

You tin besides forbid devices (such arsenic a Mac you don't own) from joining your iPhone's Personal Hotspot. On your iPhone, caput complete to Settings > Personal Hotspot and move disconnected nan move adjacent to Allow Others to Join.

3. How to Disconnect AirDrop Between an iPhone and Mac

If you want to extremity your iPhone from showing up arsenic an AirDrop location connected your Mac, you must disable AirDrop connected your iOS device. To do that, unfastened your iPhone's Settings app, spell to General > AirDrop, and prime Receiving Off. However, that'll besides extremity nan iPhone from receiving files via AirDrop from different devices.

Conversely, you tin extremity your Mac from appearing successful AirDrop connected your iPhone. Simply unfastened nan Finder app, prime AirDrop connected nan sidebar, and group Allow maine to beryllium discovered by to No One.

Finder successful macOS showing AirDrop surface pinch find action group to No One

If 1 of nan devices doesn't beryllium to you, mounting AirDrop to Contacts Only connected your iPhone aliases Mac and removing immoderate interaction info related to nan different instrumentality from nan Contacts app should extremity it from appearing successful AirDrop.

4. How to Unsync Your iPhone From Mac via iCloud

If you want to extremity your Mac from syncing features and information specified arsenic photos, contacts, and almanac events pinch your iPhone and different Apple devices, unfastened nan Apple paper and spell to System Settings > Apple ID > iCloud. Follow that by selecting nan services you don't want, specified arsenic Photos, Contacts, and Calendar, and disabling nan Sync this Mac option.

iCloud Photos pinch Sync this Mac action successful System Settings connected Mac

Or, you tin extremity your iPhone from syncing information to your Mac (and different devices linked to your Apple ID). To do that, unfastened nan Settings app, spell to Apple ID > iCloud, prime nan work you want to move off, and move disconnected nan toggle adjacent to Sync this iPhone.

5. How to Disconnect Handoff Between an iPhone and Mac

Handoff tin beryllium incredibly useful erstwhile you want to continue your activity from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. But those changeless ocular cues connected nan Dock tin beryllium a distraction.

If you want to disable Handoff connected your Mac, spell to System Settings > General > AirDrop & Handoff and disable nan toggle adjacent to Allow Handoff betwixt this Mac and your iCloud devices. However, support successful mind that turning disconnected Handoff besides disables Universal Clipboard betwixt your iPhone and Mac.

AirDrop & Handoff options nether General settings successful macOS

If you still want to usage Handoff connected nan Mac but conscionable want to extremity prompts from your iPhone, unfastened nan iOS device's Settings app and spell to General > AirPlay & Handoff. Follow that by disabling nan move adjacent to Handoff.

6. How to Stop Getting iPhone Text Messages connected a Mac

By default, your Mac receives some matter and iMessage replies intended for your connected iPhone. If you want to extremity that, unfastened nan Messages app connected your Mac, spell to Settings > Messages from nan paper bar, move to nan iMessage tab, and uncheck nan boxes adjacent to immoderate telephone numbers.

You tin besides disable immoderate email reside (such arsenic nan 1 related to your Apple ID).

iMessage surface successful Messages settings connected Mac

Alternatively, you tin forestall your Mac from sending and receiving matter messages via your iPhone. Go to Settings > Messages > SMS Forwarding and move disconnected nan toggle adjacent to nan Mac.

7. How to Disconnect Incoming iPhone Calls connected a Mac

Does your Mac support bugging you astir incoming telephone and FaceTime calls from your iPhone? To forestall that, unfastened nan FaceTime app and spell to FaceTime > Settings from nan paper bar. Then, move to nan General tab and uncheck nan Calls From iPhone option.

FaceTime Settings connected Mac

Or, you tin configure your iPhone to extremity it from transmitting incoming calls to your Mac. Open nan Settings app and pat Phone > Calls connected Other Devices. Follow by disabling nan move adjacent to nan Mac.

8. How to Remove an iPhone From nan Apple ID connected a Mac

Your iPhone and Mac will stay ever linked arsenic agelong arsenic they usage nan aforesaid Apple ID. If you want to unlink your iPhone from a Mac completely, you must sign retired of nan Apple ID connected astatine slightest 1 device.

You tin find nan action to do that nether System Settings > [Your Name] connected a Mac aliases nether Settings > [Your Name] connected an iPhone.

If you don't person your iPhone pinch you astatine nan moment, you tin disconnect it from your Apple ID utilizing your Mac. Under System Settings > [Your Name], scroll down, prime your iPhone, and click Remove from Account.

iCloud Connected Device Info from Apple ID settings connected Mac

Similarly, you tin region a Mac utilizing your iPhone by heading complete to Settings > [Your Name]. Then, prime nan macOS instrumentality and pat Remove from Account.

You've Disconnected Your iPhone From Just About Everything

The methods described supra will thief you disconnect your iPhone from your Mac. If you do extremity up removing either instrumentality from your Apple ID, you whitethorn want to travel up by mounting it up pinch a wholly caller iCloud account. This way, it prevents your iPhone from syncing pinch your Mac.

However, we urge keeping your iPhone connected to your Mac and turning disconnected only nan services that are bothering you while still enjoying nan benefits of nan Apple ecosystem.

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