How to Disable the Touchscreen on a Chromebook

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If you only usage your Chromebook's touchscreen occasionally and want to move it off, here's really to do it.

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There is nary nonstop measurement to move nan touchscreen connected aliases disconnected connected a Chromebook. However, you tin activity astir this limitation by enabling 1 of nan Chrome flags, which are experimental features developers tin trial and usage to heighten nan browser's functionality. With that emblem enabled, you tin alteration aliases disable nan touchscreen utilizing a keyboard shortcut.

If you seldom usage your Chromebook's touchscreen aliases simply want to move it off, here's really you tin do that.

How to Disable nan Touchscreen connected a Chromebook

You request to alteration a circumstantial Chrome emblem to move nan touchscreen connected aliases off. While turning connected nan flag, you whitethorn request to restart Chrome and, successful immoderate cases, your Chromebook too. Therefore, prevention immoderate unsaved activity successful nan browser aliases your instrumentality earlier moving on.

Once you person saved your work, travel nan steps beneath to alteration nan flag:

  1. Launch Google Chrome connected your Chromebook.
  2. Type chrome://flags into Chrome's hunt URL barroom and property Enter.
    Enter nan Chrome flags URL successful nan Chrome Browser
  3. Type "debugging keyboard shortcuts" successful nan Search flags box, past property Enter.
  4. Select Enabled from nan dropdown paper adjacent to #ash-debug-shortcuts.
    Enable nan debugging keyboard shortcuts Chrome flag
  5. If prompted to restart Chrome aliases your Chromebook device, travel nan popup. Even if nan Chromebook doesn't punctual you to restart, do truthful to guarantee nan alteration takes effect.
    Restart your chromebook to fto changes return effect

Once you person enabled nan #ash-debug-shortcuts flag, you tin usage nan Search + Shift + T keyboard shortcut to alteration aliases disable nan touchscreen. The Search cardinal connected astir Chromebooks is located astatine nan nonstop location arsenic nan Caps Lock cardinal connected Windows devices. However, connected immoderate devices, it whitethorn reside successful a different location.

Similar to this, you tin usage galore other Chromebook shortcuts to boost your productivity significantly.

Easily Disable nan Touchscreen connected Your Chromebook

The touchscreen makes it easy to usage aliases maneuver your device. However, location are times erstwhile you want to move it disconnected completely. Hopefully, you person a amended knowing of really to move nan touchscreen connected aliases disconnected connected your device. So usage nan keyboard shortcut to toggle nan touch surface connected and disconnected easily.

Learning Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts will travel successful useful since you'll mostly activity pinch Google Chrome connected your Chromebook.

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