How to Disable Taskbar Icon Grouping on Windows 11

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Add a operation of aged Windows creation into nan caller by disabling taskbar icon groups connected Windows 11.

The Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft first introduced icon grouping connected nan Windows taskbar successful Windows 10. Certain users dislike this functionality and want to alteration their taskbars to behave for illustration nan aged tab system.

What if you for illustration nan icons, but don't for illustration really they group together? Let's person a look astatine really to disable taskbar icon grouping successful Windows 11.

What Is Taskbar Icon Grouping?

screenshot of aggregate record explorer windows unfastened successful task barroom

Icon grouping is erstwhile Windows 11 combines aggregate windows of a azygous programme together. For example, having aggregate File Explorer windows unfastened will show arsenic 1 File Explorer icon pinch aggregate tabs down it.

This results successful a cleaner and little cluttered taskbar, but 1 that gives you importantly little information. Some users restore nan aged taskbar labels connected Windows, but this takes up much abstraction connected your taskbar than nan icons do.

How to Disable Taskbar Icon Grouping

screenshot of windhawk main screen

The quickest measurement to disable this usability is to usage a programme called Windhawk. Windhawk carries a number of quality-of-life modifications for Windows 11.

To start, caput complete to the Windhawk website and download nan program. Install it and tally it afterward.

screenshot of disable grouping connected taskbar successful windhawk

Click connected nan Explore button, and hunt for Disable grouping connected nan taskbar. Go into Details and deed nan Install button. After a fewer seconds, it'll beryllium enabled, but you whitethorn request to restart Windows File Explorer aliases your wide strategy to spot nan difference.

You tin besides modify really nan modification behaves by clicking Details and past Settings. You tin alteration aliases disable features for illustration keeping nan icons together, aliases to abstracted nan pinned apps from nan remainder of nan unfastened windows.

Exploring nan Other Taskbar Mods connected Windhawk

screenshot of taskbar hunt successful windhawk

Windhawk has a scope of different modifications for different aspects of Windows 11. If you hunt conscionable taskbar into Windhawk, you'll spot a fewer different options.

Since you're already modifying your taskbar, it can't wounded to look into these. Features that aren't usually supported by Windows, specified arsenic middle-clicking to adjacent a taskbar window, tin beryllium recovered here, and are arsenic elemental to instal arsenic nan above.

Achieve Supreme Taskbar Flexibility With Windhawk

When it comes to tweaking your taskbar, nan default Windows options tin sometimes beryllium lacking. While galore modifications connected Windhawk tin beryllium awesome changes, astir that subordinate to nan taskbar are insignificant aliases subtle changes. Regardless, these mini alterations tin greatly heighten nan personification experience.


Q: Can I Move nan Taskbar Icons successful Windows 11?

Yes, you tin move nan taskbar icons to nan near connected your Windows 11 PC by heading into Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors and choosing Left from nan Taskbar alignment drop-down menu. Your taskbar has now moved to nan left.

Q: How Do I Customize My Taskbar successful Windows 11?

You tin customize your taskbar successful Windows 11 by right-clicking your taskbar, choosing Taskbar settings, and tweaking various options displayed connected your screen. These options fto you alteration your taskbar's functionality and appearance.

Q: How Do I Fix My Taskbar successful Windows 11?

You tin resolve issues pinch your Windows 11 taskbar by restarting nan Windows Explorer process. You tin do that by opening Task Manager, right-clicking "Windows Explorer," and choosing "Restart."

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