How to Disable Specific Keys on Your Keyboard in Windows 10

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Want to disable those keys connected your Windows 10 keyboard that you ne'er use? Here's really you tin disable them for good.

So, you person a cardinal connected your Windows keyboard that you deliberation is nary longer of immoderate usage to you, but astatine times, you still extremity up hitting it mistakenly.

Or, possibly nan cardinal is simply stuck successful nan keyboard and is nary longer functional. A elemental measurement astir specified keyboard cardinal issues is to disable nan peculiar cardinal altogether. Don't worry, though, arsenic it won't beryllium permanent; You tin ever move it connected whenever you request nan cardinal again.

Here, we've covered nan easiest methods to disable immoderate circumstantial keyboard cardinal without immoderate hassles. Let's get started correct away...

1. Use nan KeyTweak App

There are galore ways to disable your Windows keyboard. However, if you only want to get free of circumstantial keys, you'll request to trust connected special devices for your Windows.

KeyTweak is 1 specified free tool, and it lets you disable immoderate circumstantial cardinal of your Windows keyboard. All you person to do is prime a peculiar cardinal and past spell up pinch disabling it.

Follow nan steps beneath to get started:

  1. Download and motorboat KeyTweak.
  2. Select nan cardinal that you want to disable.
  3. Under nan Keyboard Controls section, prime Disable Key.
  4. Click connected Apply.
disabling circumstantial keys pinch keytweak

You'll past beryllium asked to restart your Windows computer to bring nan changes into effect. When you reboot your PC again, you'll spot that nan circumstantial cardinal has been abnormal connected your Windows. On apical of this, nan instrumentality tin besides thief you remap your keyboard keys, readjust your settings, and more. So nan instrumentality comes useful successful much than 1 way.

Download: KeyTweak (Windows)

Enabling nan Keyboard Key Again

If astatine a later time, however, you determine you now want to alteration each nan abnormal keys, each you person to do is unfastened nan app again and click connected Restore All Defaults. Do a speedy reboot aft this, and each of your keys will beryllium moving again.

2. Use AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is simply a free scripting connection utilized to automate repetitive tasks connected Windows 10. You tin besides usage it to disable a peculiar keyboard cardinal connected your Windows.

First, spell complete nan database of supported keys from nan charismatic AutoHotkey website. If nan cardinal that you want to disable is supported, download and instal AutoHotkey, and past travel nan steps below:

  1. Open immoderate good Text editor and type nan key's reference sanction followed by ::return (yes, that is 2 colons). You'll find nan reference sanction from nan supra link. Here, for simplicity, we'll disable nan Caps Lock key.
  2. Save this book (using nan .ahk extension) successful an easy accessible location—perhaps connected your desktop.
  3. Double-click connected this recently created script.

This will motorboat nan AutoHotKey script, and nan circumstantial cardinal will beryllium disabled.

autohotkey book successful notepad

If you request to usage this cardinal again successful nan future, you'll conscionable person to extremity nan AutoHotkey book from nan strategy tray below, and your settings will return to normal. To do that, right-click connected nan H icon connected your taskbar, and prime Suspend Hotkeys.

suspending hotkeys

Download: AutoHotkey (Free)

Disable Windows 10 Keyboard Keys Like a Pro

And that's really you move disconnected a circumstantial keyboard cardinal connected your Windows PC. This is each we person for keyboards successful this short guide.

However, this surely isn't everything. There are plentifulness of cool things you tin do pinch your keyboard connected a PC. So make judge you don't extremity exploring.

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