How to Disable RTT Calling on Android

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RTT Calling is simply a useful accessibility characteristic connected Android. But if you don't request it, here's really to move it off.

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Noticing an RTT fastener erstwhile you're connected a telephone connected your Android telephone but don't cognize what it's for, overmuch little why you'd request to usage it? Or did you move it connected and nary longer request it? Then it's astir apt safe to disable it. Let's return a look astatine really to move disconnected RTT Calling connected Android.

What Is RTT Calling Used For?

RTT (Real-Time Text) Calling is an accessibility characteristic that allows group pinch proceeding aliases vocal disabilities to pass via matter successful a telephone call. Different from a messaging app, RTT Calling displays each keystroke successful real-time until nan personification stops typing, displaying nan connection they want nan different person(s) to see.

This adds a quality constituent to nan speech that you cannot get from a emblematic messaging app, arsenic you spot each edit of a person's message. It gives nan connection a much friendly feeling, akin to a sound call.

If you aliases personification you cognize has difficulties pinch proceeding aliases speaking, you whitethorn want to get acquainted pinch how to usage RTT Calling connected Android, how to make RTT calls connected iOS, aliases both.

How to Turn Off RTT Calling connected Android

To move disconnected RTT Calling connected Android, we'll beryllium showing you really to do that connected a Pixel 7. Keep successful mind that nan process whitethorn disagree depending connected nan Android telephone you are using, but it will beryllium similar.

  1. To begin, unfastened nan Settings app, past find a conception branded Accessibility, Accessibility options, etc.
  2. Find and pat Real-time matter (RTT) (again, this whitethorn beryllium branded otherwise connected your Android device), past prime Not visible. This turns disconnected RTT Calling connected Android connected your end, truthful nan fastener will nary longer look successful your call.

Setting RTT to Not visible hides nan RTT Calling fastener connected your Android phone, but you will still person RTT calls from callers who person it activated connected their device.

RTT Calling Is an Essential Accessibility Feature connected Android

RTT Calling connected Android gives everyone nan expertise to person personable and friendly real-time conversations complete nan phone, moreover if a personification has proceeding aliases vocal disabilities. It's a characteristic we should each beryllium alert of successful lawsuit we request to usage it for personification we attraction about. But until then, consciousness free to support it turned disconnected connected your Android device.

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