How to Design a YouTube End Card in Canva

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Canva offers a batch of creation options and templates to thief YouTubers, but extremity cards are 1 of nan astir adjuvant things for nan YouTube algorithm. Using Canva, you tin make a well-designed extremity surface for free. It’s not a analyzable process, and nan results will heighten your YouTube videos and support your viewers coming back.

What Should a YouTube End Card Include?

Jubilee YouTube extremity card.

There are 5 interactive elements YouTubers tin adhd to their extremity cards; videos, playlists, a subscribe button, transmission promotion, and outer links (links are only disposable to channels successful YouTube’s Partner Program).

These elements are added connected YouTube alternatively than during your creation process successful Canva. However, you should scheme what to see truthful you tin creation nan paper appropriately.

Your YouTube extremity paper should see your channel’s name. Even though nan spectator conscionable watched your video, it’s bully to springiness a last ocular reminder. This helps nan sanction stick, truthful they tin easy hunt for it later.

It’s communal to see a transmission photo. This could beryllium nan image utilized successful your YouTube channel’s thumbnail, but for a amended personification of your channel, it’s bully to usage a image of yourself aliases whoever is nan look of nan YouTube videos. You tin create a stand-out headshot successful Canva to usage connected your YouTube channel.

Engaging matter and videos are commonly seen successful astir outro cards. This is nan last connection to springiness a spectator and nan last clip to push different videos from your transmission while they’re still watching. There’s truthful overmuch you could adhd to your YouTube extremity cards, but Canva makes it a swift process.

How to Design a YouTube End Card successful Canva

Canva has templates for almost thing you tin deliberation of, truthful you’d beryllium correct successful reasoning location are templates for YouTube outro cards too. Of course, you tin usage a template aliases create a creation from scratch. Neither action is amended than nan other, and it’s awesome to person nan choice.

Step 1: Find a Template aliases Create a Custom Design

From nan Canva homepage, type “YouTube End Screen” aliases akin into nan hunt barroom to find suitable templates. Even though nan templates are each for YouTube cards, you’ll spot really overmuch they alteration successful layout and design.

YouTube extremity paper templates connected Canva.

Alternatively, you tin create your ain civilization design. A YouTube extremity card’s dimensions are 1920 x 1080 px. To create this, prime Create New Design > Custom Size from Canva’s homepage, and type 1080 into nan Height container and 1920 into nan Width box.

Canva homepage civilization size design

Then prime Create caller design to unfastened Canva’s editor page.

Step 2: Design Your YouTube End Card

Even if you’re designing from scratch, you tin usage nan YouTube outro templates for inspiration for your design. Or if you’re editing an existing template, you tin operation and lucifer elements from different templates, too. Here are a fewer creation aspects to attraction on.

Brand Colors

YouTube extremity paper creation successful Canva

To commencement your design, usage nan marque colors associated pinch your YouTube transmission successful your extremity card. If you’re a Canva Pro user, you tin use Canva’s marque kit hub to prevention clip pinch this.

Your Parting Message

Text connected YouTube extremity paper successful Canva

Decide connected nan matter you want and nan connection you’ll time off your viewers with. It’s communal to opportunity “Thanks for watching” aliases “Check retired much videos” if you adhd videos to your card. Some group for illustration a telephone to action (CTA) for illustration “Subscribe” aliases “Follow us” pinch links to different societal media.

You shouldn’t usage excessively overmuch text. The extremity paper only plays for a maximum of 20 seconds and excessively overmuch matter will beryllium frustrating for your viewers.

Imagery and Video Placeholders

Canva image placeholders for YouTube card

As antecedently mentioned, it’s communal to spot a transmission photograph aliases headshot connected your extremity card, arsenic good arsenic placeholders wherever 1 aliases 2 videos tin beryllium for viewers to click on.

You tin straight adhd your image photograph successful Canva; upload your image successful nan Uploads tab and resistance and driblet it to your canvas.

For video placeholders, it’s emblematic to usage a clear, neutral-colored rectangle successful nan spot aliases places you want your videos to sit. If you don’t want thing truthful obvious, you tin alternatively time off immoderate antagonistic abstraction pinch your design’s background.

Visual Elements and Animation

A YouTube extremity paper doesn’t person to beryllium static—you tin adhd animated elements. It’s easy to animate successful Canva, and immoderate existing Canva elements already show animated features.

These finer specifications will return your YouTube extremity cards from generic to engaging.

Step 3: Save Your YouTube Card

Canva video redeeming options.

Once you’re vanished pinch nan creation of your card, it’s clip to export it truthful you tin adhd it to your videos.

Since you tin adhd different extremity cards to different videos, it’s not a bad thought to create 1 aliases 2 different designs successful nan aforesaid style. It will prevention clip and springiness you a consistent, yet refreshed, look connected your videos. As an example, you mightiness person 1 extremity paper focused connected sharing different videos and different focused connected promoting your Instagram relationship aliases website (for YouTube Partners).

If you’ve added animated features to your extremity paper successful Canva, guarantee to export it arsenic an MP4 aliases GIF file. If everything is static, it should beryllium saved arsenic a PNG aliases JPG.

To prevention your Canva project, spell to Share > Download, take your format, and deed Download. If you enjoyed making your ain YouTube extremity paper successful Canva, you tin publish your Canva templates to share pinch others.

Step 4: Upload Your End Card to YouTube

How to adhd an extremity surface connected YouTube

Once you’ve designed and saved your YouTube outro screen, it’s clip to adhd it to your videos. Although you tin adhd a YouTube extremity surface to immoderate video that's already connected your channel, to adhd nan Canva-designed extremity screen, you must edit it into nan extremity of your video earlier adding YouTube's extremity surface elements to it.

See our guideline connected how to adhd YouTube extremity screens to your videos. It’s an easy process; conscionable move nan elements connected apical of your Canva template's placeholders.

If you determine to alteration aliases region your extremity screens successful nan future, you tin remove YouTube extremity screens rather easily. But to region nan Canva template from an existing YouTube video, you'll person to edit nan uploaded YouTube video, which tin beryllium time-consuming.

Use Canva to Create Your YouTube End Cards

Creating YouTube extremity cards successful Canva is simply a breeze pinch truthful galore graphics to take from. You tin adhd placeholders, engaging text, and eye-catching animations to make a lasting belief connected your viewers. YouTube extremity cards are a awesome measurement to adhd other calls to action and see SEO for caller viewers to find your videos.

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