How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures

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Telegram stores each your floor plan pictures, moreover erstwhile you alteration them. Here's really to get free of them.

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On astir messenger apps, changing your floor plan image gets free of your existent one. However, connected Telegram, this isn’t nan case. When you switch your floor plan image connected nan app, it remains, allowing group to spot it and immoderate different images you’ve used.

This is inconvenient if you person old, embarrassing pictures retired location for anyone to see. But there’s bully news. You tin delete immoderate Telegram floor plan pictures you want.

How to Delete Old Telegram Profile Pictures

Deleting your Telegram floor plan pictures is beautiful straightforward. We’ll show you really to do it connected Android and iOS devices.

Deleting Telegram Profile Pictures connected Android

To delete Telegram floor plan pictures connected your Android device, motorboat nan app, past do nan following:

  1. Tap nan three horizontal lines successful nan top-left.
  2. Tap connected your profile picture.
  3. Swipe near aliases pat correct connected your profile picture to spot your erstwhile ones.
  4. When you find 1 you want to delete, pat nan three vertical dots successful nan top-right, past prime Delete.
  5. Select Delete again.

You tin repetition nan process arsenic galore times arsenic you want. And speaking of concealing things, you tin hide your past seen position connected Telegram truthful others can’t position nan past clip you were online.

Deleting Telegram Profile Pictures connected iOS

Here’s really to get free of your aged floor plan pictures connected Telegram for iOS:

  1. Launch Telegram.
  2. Select Settings successful nan bottommost right.
  3. Tap your floor plan picture, past pat Edit successful nan top-right.
  4. Tap your floor plan image again, past swipe near to spot your erstwhile photos.
  5. To get free of a picture, pat nan bin icon successful nan bottommost right, past prime Remove.

And that’s each location is to it.

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Old Telegram Profile Photos

It’s ever a bully thought to do a floor plan cleanse aliases refresh, wherever you get free of aged things and adhd caller ones. You tin alteration your username, bio, and floor plan image connected Telegram. And arsenic an further step, you tin besides clear retired your aged floor plan pictures.

When you get free of them, you’ll nary longer person to interest astir anyone seeing your embarrassing aged photos erstwhile they position your profile.

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