How to Delete Safari From Your iPhone

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Safari is 1 of those apps that can't beryllium permanently removed, but that doesn't mean you're retired of options.

iPhone showing options to region Safari app

Key Takeaways

  • Remove Safari from your iPhone's Home Screen by long-pressing nan app icon and choosing "Remove App." It will beryllium hidden successful nan App Library, but you tin entree it by simply searching for Safari.
  • Block Safari wholly by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, alteration it, and past toggle disconnected Safari nether Allowed Apps.
  • When you disable Safari, web ;links will beryllium redirected incorrectly. To lick this, switch Safari pinch an replacement and make it your default browser successful Settings. Remember, you can't permanently delete Safari from your iPhone.

Safari is 1 of those pre-installed Apple apps that can't beryllium permanently removed from your iPhone. However, you still person 2 options if you really wish to "delete" it.

You tin region nan app from your Home Screen truthful it's buried successful nan App Library aliases usage Content and Privacy Restrictions to artifact nan app. So, let's look astatine really to "delete" Safari from your iPhone. If you're an iPad user, consciousness free to travel nan aforesaid steps.

How to Remove Safari From Your iPhone's Home Screen

The first method will suit you champion if you still want to usage Safari occasionally but don't for illustration its app icon taking up abstraction connected your Home Screen. To region Safari from your sight, travel these steps:

  1. On nan Home Screen, long-press nan Safari app icon.
  2. Tap Remove App from nan discourse menu.
  3. Choose Remove from Home Screen erstwhile you get a pop-up.

Safari will now vanish from your iPhone's Home Screen. It's now hidden successful nan App Library. So, if you do wish to usage Safari again, simply swipe near connected your past Home Screen page to scope nan App Library. Type Safari successful nan Search section to bring it up.

To proceed decluttering your Home Screen of banal iPhone apps, here's a list of pre-installed iPhone apps you tin and can't delete.

How to Block Safari connected Your iPhone Using Screen Time

The 2nd method will fresh your needs much if you don't want to usage Safari astatine all. This will region Safari from some your iPhone's Home Screen and App Library, arsenic good arsenic forestall your iPhone from opening Safari astatine immoderate constituent successful nan future.

Follow these steps to disable Safari connected your iPhone:

  1. Close nan Safari app connected your iPhone if it's unfastened aliases moving successful nan background.
  2. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Toggle connected Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Tap Allowed Apps, participate your Screen Time passcode if prompted, and toggle disconnected Safari.

If you don't cognize your Screen Time passcode, you tin reset it successful Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode > Forgot Passcode. Enter your Apple ID, password, and a caller Screen Time passcode. But if you didn't group up your Apple ID pinch nan Screen Time passcode, your only action is to factory reset your iPhone, which will erase each information connected your iPhone, including that passcode.

Once you've successfully blocked Safari utilizing Screen Time, you won't beryllium capable to find and usage Safari until you repetition nan settings supra and toggle connected Safari again.

However, aft you disable Safari utilizing this method, you mightiness announcement that immoderate website links you want to unfastened are each redirected to a wrong, random app. For example, I recovered that my iPhone kept attempting to unfastened article links successful recreation apps, which can't load webpages astatine all.

To lick this, you request to download different browser app from nan App Store. There are galore privacy-focused smartphone browsers worthy checking retired if you aren't satisfied pinch Safari's offering. Once you instal your desired browser, change your iPhone's default browser to make judge web links unfastened successful it alternatively than a random app.

Getting Rid of Safari From Your iPhone

Although Safari is nan default browser connected Apple devices, there's nary logic not to opt for replacement browsers if you for illustration a different browsing experience. But if you don't usage Safari, there's nary measurement to delete it moreover if you want to free up immoderate abstraction connected your iPhone.

At nan moment, nan only 2 methods to "delete" Safari from your iPhone are removing it from your Home Screen truthful that it's retired of show and successful nan App Library aliases disabling it utilizing your Screen Time settings.

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