How to Delete a Text Box in Microsoft Word Documents

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Managing matter boxes successful Microsoft Word tin beryllium a spot tricky astatine times. This extends to deleting matter boxes, arsenic well. You whitethorn extremity up conscionable deleting nan contented alternatively than nan existent box.

Here’s really to wholly delete nan matter container successful Word, and successful lawsuit of immoderate accidental deletions, quickly retrieve it.

How to Delete a Text Box

To delete a matter container successful Word, you’ll first request to prime it. This portion tin beryllium a spot tricky, arsenic you’ll request to click nan outer separator to prime nan matter container itself. If you click wrong nan matter box, you’ll prime nan matter instead. Deleting nan matter wrong nan matter container doesn’t region nan matter box.

First, click nan separator of nan matter container to prime it.

Next, property nan Delete key. Or, if your cardinal isn’t moving for immoderate reason, right-click and past take Cut from nan discourse menu.

Your matter container is now removed from nan Word document.

How to Delete Multiple Text Boxes astatine Once

If your Word archive has respective matter boxes and you’re wanting to get free of them, you don’t person to do them 1 astatine a time. You tin get free of them each astatine once.

First, you’ll request to prime nan matter boxes you want to delete. You prime them successful nan aforesaid measurement (by clicking nan outer separator of nan matter box), but this clip you’ll clasp nan Ctrl cardinal (Command connected Mac) while selecting them.

Now conscionable property nan Delete cardinal aliases right-click > Cut. The matter boxes will past vanish from nan document.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Text Boxes

If you removed a definite matter container by accident, you tin quickly retrieve it. To do so, click nan Undo icon successful nan top-left area of nan window.

Or, you tin usage nan Ctrl + Z (Command + Z connected Mac) keyboard shortcut. This undoes nan erstwhile action which, successful this case, was deleting nan matter box.

Text Box Tango

Precision is cardinal erstwhile dealing pinch matter boxes. When you’re trying to region 1 from your document, you request to beryllium judge you’re not conscionable removing nan text.

It’s besides reassuring to cognize that moreover if you gaffe up, Word’s forgiving quality offers an easy way for recovery.

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