How to Deactivate or Delete Your Telegram Account

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You tin delete your Telegram relationship permanently if you're nary longer utilizing nan messaging platform.

Telegram app opened connected smartphone

Telegram is simply a coagulated messaging app that is rich | pinch features. But if you're switching to a caller messaging app, it's champion to delete your Telegram relationship earlier you go.

Telegram doesn't connection a nonstop move you tin flick successful nan app's settings crossed each platforms. So, present are step-by-step guides showing you really to deactivate aliases delete your Telegram account.

How to Export Your Data Before Leaving Telegram

export telegram data

Telegram doesn't fto you temporarily unopen your Telegram account. Once deleted, you can't undo nan action and revive your relationship aliases publication your aged texts by conscionable logging backmost in.

Thankfully, Telegram offers an export action connected its desktop clients successful lawsuit location are immoderate conversations you'd for illustration to prevention for early reference.

To usage it, instal nan Telegram app connected your PC and motion in. Then travel these steps:

  1. Click nan three bars successful nan top-right area to uncover nan navigation paper and prime Settings.
    Telegram Settings Menu options
  2. Now, click connected Advanced and scroll each nan measurement down until you find nan Export Telegram Data option. Choose nan type of information you'd for illustration to export by clicking nan due checkboxes. You tin besides set nan size limit for files that spell into nan exported information and prime nan download format; this could beryllium JSON aliases HTML.
    Telegram Advanced Settings Menu options
  3. Click Export. Depending connected nan size of your data, Telegram will complete nan extraction successful a fewer minutes. Tap Show My Data to position nan file.
    Telegram Export Data dialog box

How to Delete Your Telegram Account connected nan iOS App

The action to delete your Telegram relationship permanently is only disposable connected nan iOS app and nan web version.

To delete your Telegram relationship permanently via nan iOS app connected your iPhone:

  1. On nan app, pat nan Settings icon astatine nan bottom-right.
  2. Next, spell to Privacy and Security.
  3. Scroll this paper until you scope nan Automatically Delete My Account section.
  4. Here, prime nan If Away For entry.
  5. Tap Delete Account Now.
  6. Scroll down connected nan pursuing paper and pat Delete My Account.

    If you want to clip nan deletion instead, pat Cancel astatine nan top-left and specify nan caller inactivity long aft which your relationship should self-destruct. You'll spot nan disposable options, starting from 1 month to 1 year. You'll person to stay inactive for nan specified play for nan auto-removal to return effect.

  7. Finally, pat Continue. Then Continue.
  8. Enter your telephone number successful nan provided section and pat Continue.
  9. Finally, pat Delete My Account to delete your Telegram relationship permanently.

Once done, this action deletes your Telegram relationship crossed each linked devices.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Across Platforms

Whether utilizing nan Android, desktop, aliases iOS app, utilizing nan Telegram website deletes your relationship sloppy of nan level you usage to entree Telegram.

To deactivate your Telegram relationship via this option:

  1. Head complete to nan My Telegram website.
  2. Enter your Telegram telephone number utilizing nan world number format, past click Next.
  3. A confirmation codification will beryllium sent to you via Telegram and not by SMS. Ensure that you tin entree your Telegram relationship to retrieve nan code.
    Telegram Confirmation codification sent
  4. Enter nan codification successful nan "Confirmation code" container and click Sign In.
    Telegram participate Confirmation Code
  5. On nan surface that follows, click nan Delete Account link. In nan disposable matter box, constitute your logic for leaving. Hit nan Delete My Account fastener erstwhile you're ready.
    Delete Telegram account
  6. Select nan reddish Yes, Delete My Account action successful nan prompt, and that's it. Telegram will delete your relationship and information permanently.

Can You Deactivate Your Telegram Account Temporarily?

You can't deactivate your Telegram relationship temporarily. The only prime you person is to time off your Telegram floor plan inactive. If it helps, you tin uninstall nan Telegram apps from your machine and phone.

However, support successful mind that leaving Telegram for a agelong clip will yet consequence successful nan imperishable auto-deletion of your account. To debar this, effort logging successful to nan app periodically earlier nan auto-deletion play (six months by default) elapses. If you don't want group to spot that you're online, you tin hide your past seen connected Telegram.

What Happens When You Delete Your Telegram Account

Before deleting your Telegram floor plan forever, it's champion to understand nan consequences of doing so.

When you delete your account, Telegram says it gets free of each of your chats and data. Your relationship is terminated permanently and your messages, arsenic good arsenic contacts, are deleted beyond retrieval.

As for nan channels and groups you built, they will proceed to usability usually moreover erstwhile you delete Telegram, and nan existing admins will clasp their privileges. In lawsuit you're nan sole admin, Telegram will randomly delegate an progressive personnel arsenic nan caller admin.

On apical of that, Telegram won't fto you group up a caller relationship pinch nan aforesaid telephone number again for astatine slightest a mates of days. Additionally, deleting an relationship that has been constricted owed to spam-related activity will not region nan ban.

Why You May Want to Delete Your Telegram Account

Even though Telegram boasts immoderate useful features, location are still respective reasons why you whitethorn want to deactivate your Telegram account. Here are conscionable a fewer reasons why you whitethorn want to delete Telegram...

1. Telegram Is No Longer nan Best App for You

With truthful galore instant messaging apps available, there's a chance Telegram is not nan champion messaging app for your needs anymore. Maybe there's a caller app successful town, and you want to displacement your conversations there, aliases you're worried astir Telegram features that whitethorn beryllium exposing your location.

2. Your Friends Are Leaving Telegram

Perhaps, immoderate of your friends aliases family members are nary longer connected Telegram. Hence, you're pursuing them distant from Telegram to caller pastures successful bid to enactment connected.

3. Telegram's Policies Worry You

Popular messaging apps often cognize a batch astir you. It's besides imaginable you are not comfortable pinch Telegram's unfastened policies and its wide scope of communities. Multiple reports declare Telegram is simply a hotbed for forbidden activity and hosts channels wherever users tin easy download caller movies aliases euphony tracks for free.

4. You Don't Trust Telegram

Telegram doesn't encrypt chats by default and its information exemplary has been criticized by some. In comparison, its competitor Signal is mostly viewed pinch much spot astir information and privacy.

Is It Time to Delete Telegram?

Telegram is simply a competent messaging level that's disposable crossed a big of platforms. However, if you've decided to discontinue Telegram, these methods will thief you delete your Telegram relationship and sphere your chat information locally connected your computer.

If you're still looking for a caller location for your integer conversations, location are a number of Telegram alternatives you tin try.

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