How to Customize Your Text Using TypeCraft in Canva

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Elevate your imaginative projects pinch custom, warped matter utilizing nan TypeCraft app successful Canva.

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Canva has an abundance of options erstwhile it comes to matter customization. You tin commencement from scratch successful nan Text tab and find a font that complements your artwork. You tin besides browse done nan Font Combinations that Canva has curated for you.

Furthermore, successful Canva’s app selection, there’s TypeCraft—an action that allows you to genuinely personalize your matter successful immoderate measurement you want. Below is simply a guideline for really to find and usage nan TypeCraft app successful Canva.

What Is TypeCraft successful Canva?

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There are respective things you tin create successful Canva pinch zero effort, and adding TypeCraft to your creation is 1 of them.

TypeCraft is simply a third-party matter app created by Zeppelin Labs that tin beryllium recovered connected Canva. Its sole intent is to springiness creators nan opportunity to style their matter successful immoderate measurement they spot fresh for their designs. You tin mold your words into immoderate shape you want while keeping nan integrity of nan text.

For example, do you person an unfastened abstraction connected your creation wherever you want to spot a heading? You tin adhd your text, take your font, and past effortlessly warp it to lucifer nan unfastened space.

Where to Find TypeCraft

There are 2 ways you tin find nan TypeCraft app connected Canva—how you’ll unfastened nan app conscionable depends connected wherever you are successful your project.

If you are starting from scratch, meaning you haven’t opened the Canva Editor page yet, you’ll commencement connected Canva’s main page. On nan left-hand broadside of nan page, click connected Apps successful nan main menu. If location are nary options disposable to select, click connected nan three-lined icon and nan main paper should appear.

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In nan apps hunt bar, type TypeCraft and property Enter. Click connected nan TypeCraft app past prime Use successful New Design. From here, you tin either take nan type of creation you want to unfastened aliases adhd civilization dimensions.

TypeCraft app unfastened connected Canva

If you already person a creation unfastened that you want to usage TypeCraft on, you tin prime Use successful Existing Design.

Finding nan TypeCraft app connected Canva's editor page

You tin besides find nan app connected nan Editor page. Suppose you’re successful nan mediate of creating a flyer from a Canva template; simply unfastened nan Apps tab connected nan near broadside of nan surface and type TypeCraft successful nan hunt bar. Click connected nan app to unfastened it, and now you’re fresh to go.

How to Use TypeCraft successful Canva

Using TypeCraft is incredibly straightforward. Before applying customized matter to your design, you’ll person to create it first.

When nan TypeCraft app is open, you’ll spot respective categories to complete. First, type nan Text that you wish to adhd to your design. Keep successful mind that each statement of matter will request its ain TypeCraft application.

TypeCraft app unfastened connected editor page pinch acknowledgment for supporting america successful nan matter line

After typing successful your text, take your Font and Style. There are respective fonts to take from and each will look different if you adhd a style to it, truthful return your clip browsing. Once you’ve completed that, take your font Color.

TypeCraft matter earlier being customized

Editing nan matter style is nan astir time-consuming process of utilizing TypeCraft. To commencement customizing nan text, drawback a achromatic dot pinch your cursor and move it.

TypeCraft matter aft being customized

Each achromatic dot you spot will change nan matter based connected your movement, truthful moving slow is nan champion people of action here—especially if you person a circumstantial style you request it to beryllium for your design. If you don’t for illustration really nan matter is shaping up, you tin ever restart by clicking Reset Shape.

Customized TypeCraft matter added to creation connected Canva's editor page

When you’re happy pinch nan results, click Add Element to Design and set accordingly.

Use TypeCraft to Personalize Your Next Creative Project

Canva has included galore apps successful its immense level that tin thief you personalize your designs. Next clip you’re moving connected a imaginative project, effort TypeCraft to spot really warping matter tin springiness your artwork a unsocial impression.

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