How to Customize Your Snapchat My AI

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You tin alteration nan look of your Snapchat AI chatbot to your suit ain individual style.

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Snapchat's My AI is simply a chatbot that you tin chat pinch astir thing and it will respond successful a friends way. The champion portion is you tin customize its quality to lucifer your style.

Whether you want your AI companion to bespeak your personality aliases you conscionable want to research pinch different looks, it's easy to personalize your Snapchat AI. Here's really to alteration nan name, gender, outfit, and bio of your Snapchat My AI.

How to Customize Your Snapchat My AI

You tin alteration everything astir your Snapchat AI, including its name, gender, outfit, and bio, done its customization window. Let's first cheque retired really to entree nan customization window.

  1. Open Snapchat and pat nan Chat icon.
  2. Tap My AI.
  3. Tap My AI floor plan picture successful nan apical near corner.

Now that you're successful nan customization window, let's personalize your Snapchat AI.

How to Change My AI's Name and Gender connected Snapchat

To alteration your Snapchat My AI's name, pat connected My AI name, type successful a caller name, and property Save.

Similar to changing nan chatbot's name, it's very easy to change your ain Snapchat username.

You tin besides alteration your Snapchat AI's gender to lucifer your identity. To do this, pat the 3 horizontal dots successful nan apical correct area of nan surface and prime Avatar settings.

On nan Start customising screen, pat connected nan avatar you want. The first avatar is female and nan 2nd avatar is male. Once you've chosen your avatar, pat Save in nan apical correct corner.

How to Change My AI's Outfit and Bio

If you want to alteration nan outfit of Snapchat's My AI, pat Customize and past Outfit. Choose an outfit of your choice, and past pat nan Save button.

Lastly, you tin besides adhd a bio for My AI that matches your personality. To do this, pat My AI's bio and type successful a bio that matches your characteristic successful nan Bio field.

You tin besides pat Randomize bio fastener to make a random bio. Then, pat Save.

Add a Personal Touch to Snapchat's My AI

Snapchat's My AI has go a go-to spot to termination free time. You tin chat pinch it and inquire questions you mightiness hesitate to inquire your friends. You tin moreover customize it to your liking utilizing nan supra steps.


Q: How Do You Change nan Background of Your AI connected Snapchat?

You tin alteration your Snapchat AI's inheritance by accessing My AI, tapping its sanction astatine nan top, choosing Wallpaper, selecting Change Wallpaper, and choosing nan caller inheritance you want to use. There are galore chat wallpapers to take from.

Q: Is My AI a Real Person connected Snapchat?

No, My AI is not a existent personification connected Snapchat. It's a chatbot powered by OpenAI, which uses artificial intelligence to reply your questions.

Q: Is Snapchat AI Only for Apple?

No, Snapchat's My AI chatbot is disposable for each users connected some Android and iOS (iPhone) platforms. You tin usage nan chatbot by opening your Snapchat app, tapping nan connection icon, choosing My AI, and sending your connection to nan bot.

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