How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in 6 Popular Web Browsers

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While keyboard shortcuts are handy, they mightiness not fresh your workflow. Fortunately, you tin customise them successful apps. Here's really to successful astir web browsers.

A keyboard and net icons

All web browsers person default hotkeys pinch which you tin activate options and features. Some browsers moreover see settings for creating civilization hotkeys, but others don’t.

Even if your browser doesn’t person built-in options for customizing hotkeys, you tin astir apt adhd an hold to it that enables you to do so. This is really you tin customize keyboard shortcuts successful Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts successful Chrome and Edge

Neither Google Chrome nor Edge person hotkey customization settings beyond creating keyboard shortcuts for activating extensions. So, you’ll request to adhd extensions for customizing hotkeys to those browsers. AutoControl is simply a broad Chrome and Edge add-on pinch which you tin group up civilization hotkeys for galore browser actions.

Click nan Get aliases Add to Chrome buttons connected nan AutoControl pages linked beneath to instal that add-on. Note that this hold besides has a Native Component you’ll request to instal erstwhile prompted. Press nan Install Native Component fastener to complete nan hold installation. Another point to statement is that this hold has Windows level strategy requirements.

To create a civilization hotkey, click nan Extensions paper fastener and nan AutoControl add-on. That will bring up an AutoControl tab from which you tin group up civilization hotkeys. Click successful nan near Trigger container and property a hotkey for an action, specified arsenic Ctrl + X for example. Then click nan Choose an action container to prime an action for nan hotkey to trigger.

The action settings successful AutoControl

Now spell up and effort retired your caller civilization keyboard shortcut. Pressing nan keyboard shortcut you’ve conscionable created will activate immoderate action you selected to delegate to it.

AutoControl includes Basic Actions and Advanced Actions tabs. The Basic Actions tab includes galore browsing and tab options, for which Chrome and Edge already person default hotkeys. On nan Advanced Tab, you tin prime window, tab, bookmark, menu, and moreover strategy actions for hotkeys. Click nan mobility marks beside nan actions for explanations astir what they do.

An action explaination successful AutoControl

For example, you tin create keyboard shortcuts for opening websites successful your bookmarks. To do so, property nan Choose an action fastener to prime Advanced Actions > Bookmark Actions.

Then click Open bookmarks to bring up a container from which you tin prime a webpage. Click wrong nan Choose a bookmark box and an arrow beside your bookmarked files to prime a website for nan hotkey to open.

Open bookmark hotkey settings

You tin easy modify nan hotkey by clicking nan Action paper and selecting a different option. Press nan trigger buttons and double-click Delete Element to alteration nan hotkey. Click nan apical of nan hotkey’s container to delegate a name.

Download: AutoControl for Google Chrome | Edge (Free)

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts successful Firefox

Firefox is different celebrated web browser that doesn’t person immoderate built-in settings for customizing hotkeys. Nor is AutoControl disposable for that browser, but you tin still customize Firefox’s hotkeys pinch nan Shortkeys add-on (also disposable for Chrome, Opera, and Edge). To instal this extension, click Add to Firefox connected nan Shortkeys download page linked below.

To position nan Shortkeys Options tab successful Firefox, property nan Extensions button. Click nan Cog icon beside nan Shortkeys add-on and prime Manage Extension; past click nan three-dot ellipses fastener and prime Options.

To create a caller hotkey, property nan Add shortcut button; click wrong nan Shortcut container and property a hotkey. Select an action action for nan hotkey connected nan Behavior drop-down paper and click Save Shortcuts.

The Shortkeys hold

Alternatively, you tin group caller hotkeys pinch this hold by pressing nan Tools for add-ons fastener connected Firefox’s Add-ons Manager tab and selecting Manage Extension Shortcuts. Click nan Show 51 more fastener for nan Shorkeys add-on listed.

Then you tin click successful nan Type a shortcut boxes location to group civilization hotkeys for each actions disposable connected nan extension’s Behavior drop-down menu.

The Show 51 More fastener

Download: Shortkeys for Firefox | Chrome | Edge | Opera (Free)

How to Customize Opera’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Opera is simply a browser that has built-in settings for customizing its hotkeys. You tin alteration nan existing keyboard shortcuts pinch those options. This is really you tin customize Opera’s hotkeys:

  1. Press Alt + P to bring up Opera’s Settings tab.
  2. Click Advanced astatine nan bottommost of Opera’s Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down and click nan Configure shortcuts action adjacent nan bottommost of nan Settings tab.
    The Configure shortcuts option
  4. Move your cursor complete a listed hotkey to customize and click Type a shortcut.
    The hotkey customization settings successful Opera
  5. Press nan keys for nan civilization keyboard shortcut.

That will group a 2nd hotkey for nan action you added it to. The original default hotkey will besides still work. However, you tin delete nan default hotkey by hovering nan cursor complete it and clicking X.

There are besides browser actions listed there, for which nary Opera hotkeys presently exist. For example, nan toggle shut up action doesn’t person a hotkey. So, you tin besides create caller keyboard shortcuts for immoderate Opera actions that don’t person default hotkeys.

How to Customize Vivaldi’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Vivaldi is 1 of nan astir customizable web browsers. So, it’s nary astonishment that you tin customize Vivaldi’s hotkeys without immoderate extension. You tin customize Vivaldi’s keyboard shortcuts pinch that browser’s settings arsenic follows:

  1. Press Ctrl + F12 to entree Vivaldi’s Settings window.
  2. Click nan Keyboard tab.
  3. Then click Windows, View, Tab, aliases Page to position shortcut settings for those categories.
    The Keyboard tab successful Vivaldi
  4. Click wrong nan container for an action and property a keyboard shortcut to delegate to it.

Vivaldi’s Keyboard tab includes galore quiet boxes for browser actions that don’t person default hotkeys. It looks for illustration location are much quiet boxes for caller action keyboard shortcuts than ones that see default keys. So, you tin group up a batch of caller action hotkeys for Vivaldi.

If you want to delete a hotkey successful Vivaldi, click wrong its container and property nan Backspace keyboard cardinal to region it. Or click nan X Clear shortcuts fastener beside its container to erase each hotkeys for an action. You tin besides reconstruct each Vivaldi’s default keyboard shortcuts by pressing nan Restore Default Keys button.

How to Customize Brave’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Brave is nan latest web browser pinch built-in options for customizing its hotkeys. A 2023 summertime update added keyboard settings to Brave. This is really you tin customize Brave’s hotkeys:

  1. Open Brave and input brave://settings/ into that browser’s URL bar.
  2. Click System on nan near of Brave’s Settings tab.
  3. Then prime nan Shortcuts option.
    The Shortcuts navigation action successful Brave
  4. Click nan Add fastener for a Brave browser action.
    Brave's keyboard shortcut settings
  5. Press a cardinal operation for your civilization hotkey.
  6. Then click Save to delegate nan cardinal operation to nan action.
    The Save civilization hotkey action

There isn’t immoderate measurement you tin modify an existing hotkey successful Brave. So, you’ll request to delete immoderate hotkey you want to alteration and recreate it. To erase a keyboard shortcut, move your cursor complete it and click nan button.

Configure Browser Hotkeys to Suit Your Preferences

Customizing keyboard shortcuts successful Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, aliases Firefox pinch extensions aliases built-in settings will alteration you to reconfigure those browsers’ hotkeys to suit your preferences.

Strangely, nan 3 biggest Windows browsers don’t see default hotkey customization settings. Some Chrome, Edge, and Firefox users whitethorn beryllium tempted to move to Opera, Brave, aliases Vivaldi for nan hotkey customization settings those browsers provide.

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