How to Create Voiceovers With ChatGPT's Conversational Feature

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A sound is simply a unspeakable point to waste.

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Key Takeaways

  • To create a voiceover, download nan ChatGPT app and commencement a caller chat. Provide nan matter to beryllium publication by ChatGPT, either by penning it yourself aliases utilizing outer text. Then commencement signaling audio and activate conversational mode.
  • Record nan audio from your Android phone, but for iOS users, signaling nan audio from nan app straight mightiness not beryllium possible. However, alternatives for illustration utilizing a headphone adapter to link to a Mac aliases offboard recorder tin beryllium utilized.

ChatGPT Plus now has a conversational mode pinch immoderate of nan champion sound synthesis we've heard to date, truthful why discarded those slick voices chatting erstwhile you could usage them to create professional-sounding voiceovers for your videos, presentations, aliases podcasts?

How To Create a Voiceover With ChatGPT Plus

The new conversational feature is only disposable successful nan ChatGPT app for ChatGPT Plus subscribers connected iOS and Android astatine nan moment, truthful nan first point you'll request to do is download and instal nan app connected your phone. Once you've done that, commencement a caller chat by tapping nan New Chat button. If you don't spot it, you'll person to pat nan 3 horizontal lines (sometimes called a "hamburger" button) to unfastened nan app's main menu.

Once you're successful a caller chat thread, we want to supply ChatGPT pinch nan matter it has to read. How you create that matter is up to you, you tin constitute it yourself, return it from an existing source, aliases usage ChatGPT itself to create contented for you for illustration this.

The personification asks ChatGPT to constitute a communicative astir a geek who loves computers.

If you want to usage outer text, paste nan matter into nan chat and adhd an instruction that ChatGPT should do thing pinch nan matter for nan clip being.

There is simply a limit to really overmuch matter you tin paste into ChatGPT. So, depending connected your needs, you whitethorn person to do nan signaling successful chunks and edit them together later.

Now, we request to grounds nan audio from your phone. On Android, I had nary issues doing this. I utilized nan built-in surface recorder connected my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and it happily recorded nan soul audio from my phone. The surface recorder connected your Android telephone whitethorn disagree by brand, and of people you person a wealthiness of options successful nan Google Play Store to take from should nan app that's included pinch your telephone not beryllium up to nan task.

On my iPhone 13 Pro, thing I did worked to get nan built-in surface recorder aliases third-party apps to grounds nan audio from nan ChatGPT app, moreover though it will happily grounds audio from apps for illustration games. The aforesaid point happens if you effort to grounds audio from euphony aliases streaming apps, truthful I fishy nan audio has been blocked successful nan iOS type of nan app. That means, for now, that iOS users won't beryllium capable to usage ChatGPT's voices for voiceover purposes rather truthful easily, but you still person options. For example, you could usage a 3.5mm headphone adapter to link your iPhone to nan line-in larboard connected a Mac aliases offboard recorder for illustration nan Zoom H1 to seizure nan audio.

Now that you're recording, activate nan ChatGPT's conversational mode by tapping nan headphone icon astatine nan apical correct of nan app.

The ChatGPT headphone fastener astatine nan apical correct area of nan app.

Now, show ChatGPT to repetition nan matter you conscionable provided connection for word. It's important to building this correctly. For illustration if you inquire it to "read nan matter I provided retired loud" it will conscionable enactment confused, since it doesn't cognize its matter is being converted to sound. What worked consistently for maine was "repeat nan matter I provided earlier exactly" and past hold for ChatGPT to finish. Once it's publication retired everything you wanted it to, extremity your signaling and prevention it.

What to Do With Your Recording

Now that you person your signaling saved, there's a assortment of ways you tin usage it. Most group will want to import nan video record into nan video editing package of their choice, wherever you tin delete nan video portion and support nan audio for usage successful your project.

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